June – Runs with Scissors – Midtown Fall Festival Too!

Another tale of one man’s journey navigating his way through the dating scene in Philadelphia.

So technically, I said I’d probably not go out with June again. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Is it a 2nd date? It kinda is. I can’t wiggle out of that. I may regret it, but I want what I want and it’ll make for good prose. As you may have read in my last chapter, (Valerie – Date 4) My buddy Johnny wasn’t coming down because he had stuff to do.  We thought it was going to rain but it didn’t, and I really wanted to go to the Midtown Street Festival!

I set it up the date the night before with June. Who I know likes to drink and even though she’s no box of chocolates, she’s fun to be with. So a few days before my morning date with Valerie, I told June about the street festival and how I’d like to go and I’d like her to join me after 2pm if she was available. She agreed and it was on.

I get there, and text her, and within a few minutes we’re together. We hug and agree that we should get a drink. She says, “I’ll get the first round.” ( I am nearly aroused by that statement based on how things have been going on these dates lately.) So I am back at the festival. It’s in full swing now. I ran into a couple of people, but not my friend with the baby son. How funny would it be if he saw me with Valerie at 1pm and June at 3pm?

The drinks were flowing and the festival was great. June is fun to be wit, but again, I’m not feeling the energy. The amazing light is not there. I’m glad that I’m doing all of this and I’m meeting some new people, but the quest will continue. We stopped on Chestnut in front of a whiskey and jazz bar called Time.  There is a good band playing and we’re chatting with some folks around us. I was telling June about a new opportunity in which I’m about to embark. I am telling her about how part of the package is a membership to the Pyramid Club. The Pyramid Club is a private members only club on the 51st floor of the BNY Mellon Center at 18th and Market. It has amazing views and is a great place to take clients. I’m telling her all about it and the last time I was there. A co-worker at my last job had tickets to a New Years Party there, and gave them to me because she was going to something else that night. I reached out to one of the most beautiful women I know to go with me as arm candy. Her name is Sarika. She is Indian and incredibly beautiful and smart. But she is a vacuous, mean-spirited wench that women hate. All of my female friends have warned me about her and my opinion has always been: “She hasn’t done anything to me, so…” But she is trouble. I invited her and she agreed. Normally I hate New Years and any shitshow that involves amateur night, greatest hits drunk people. But it was a nice event and I wanted to look good bringing her with me, and being seen with a beautiful woman. The pictures would have been fabulous. But apparently there was some “confusion” and she “thought” it was some sort of event I could bring a bunch of people to, and she invited some asshole she’s been seeing. I’ve heard all of the stories in regard to this “relationship.” I think he’s enjoying the sex and novelty of being with her but it’s not a match. His family will never accept her. As smart as she is, she’s socially awkward and kind of nerd. Which normally I would find hot. A pretty girl who likes Sci Fi? It should work but it doesn’t. I’ll expand on her when I write her chapter, but I got pissed that she wanted to bring a date to my $80 a plate event. She’s smart, and I was thinking everything that everyone has said about her is true. She’s awful.

So I’m telling June this story and to another two ladies we were hanging with. I finish the story, and within five minutes, this beautiful woman walks by and June says; “I like your jacket” and I look over and it’s Sarika! It was such an uncanny moment that I could never have imagined. June had just gone to the truck next to us to get us drinks and Sarika starts talking to me. I’m half in the bag and she’s says: “What happened New Years?” I just tell her I was in a bad place and it was all a misunderstanding because I’ve had 8 drinks and she looks great as usual. I can’t disrespect June no matter what I feel or where I am in the day. It was a surreal moment. Of all people to show up at that moment. I wish I had been talking about lottery numbers or my last girlfriend and maybe I would summon them all up. June passes me my drink and is on the other side of the table with the other girls. Sarika asks me if  I tried to contact her because she has a new number, and I tell her I haven’t. (which I loved saying)  She asks if she can give me her new number so we can catch up and like the idiot I am, I relinquish my phone. It was weird because even before the story that summoned up this siren, I thought of Sarika earlier that same day, when I went on Facebook. You know how now they show that you have memories with certain people on that day a year ago? Well it came up that I was at a fashion show with Sarika a year ago and it made me think of her. I thought she had moved to another city for her work and Philly was rid of this witch. But no. She’s still here to wreak more havoc and crush the spirits of the people around her. But my mind went one place. This work. Any contact with her will feed this story. And at this moment, my art takes precedence over everything.

I tell her I’m glad we’re cool and that we’ll catch up before the end of the month. I will meet with her, but I will write about her and be truthful about who Sarika really is.  So she moves on and goes back to whoever the hell she’s hanging out with currently at some other table. I explain it away to June and the other girls and they laugh at the mad irony of this moment. I did notice that after that incident June stuck really close to me. She said I should have kissed her in front of Sarika, and I would have done that had I been into her. Which sadly I’m not, and Sarika wouldn’t have given a shit, and would have probably texted me later saying: ” Who was that woman you were with?” Not in jealousy but in: “What were you doing with that old lady?” Like I said, Sarika is a rotten person. And technically sometimes so am I.

June had cooked up a bunch of food the night before, and had to go to some event that night so she had to get her back home. We said goodbye to the girls we had been chatting with, and walked back down through the festival, drinking our way through it of course.

She lives in Washington Square West. It’s a beautiful neighborhood, and she lives on a really great street. We get to her house and we’re out front saying our goodbyes. We’re hugging and kissing. Actually we’re making out. There is some physical activity but it’s her street and I don’t want to disgust her neighbors. However I did enjoy it. I think in that moment, that all of these women may all have a place in my life right now. None of them are “the one” but their sum total keeps me amused and busy. For some reason I find that interesting.

Anyway, I can drink. I can handle myself when it comes to the bottle. I’ve only been sipping IPA’s all afternoon and it would take a lot more than that to bang me up. But, I’m saying goodbye and I’m backing up, and I lose my footing when I step onto this ring of cobblestones that border this tree out front of her house. I fall backward. There is this little metal fence about two feet high around the tree. I destroy that wire fence as gravity takes me back to earth. I don’t technically fall, more like sit back on the fence, crush it, and slide down the tree into the flowerbed around it. June runs down and helps me get up. I look like a stupid drunk. But I swear I’m not. I know what you’re thinking… yea, you are, but I really did just lose my footing and tripped backwards. I’m back on my feet, thanks to June, and we’re trying to bend the little fence back into shape, but it’s ruined. We’re laughing and I dust myself off and assure her I’m not a fall down drunk and I’m really okay. She says: ” You need to text me when you get home safe.”

I walk down to the corner and summon an UBER. I normally wear jeans that are a 32 waist, but they were in the laundry and I had on a dark blue pair of 34 waist jeans. So I have to wear a belt. But the belt I pulled out of my closet, was a really old weathered belt I’ve owned for over 15 years. Well, when I get to the corner I realize that my pants are really loose, because in the fall I have blown out the old buckle on the belt. It’s still attached to the belt but it has released from its connecting piece. So my drawers are super loose and I have to hold them up like some homeless bum. But a very well dressed bum with a lovely french scarf and blazer. I grasp my pants and get into the UBER. I get home in one piece and text her that I’m fine, and everything is good, and that I had a great time with her.

I’m up or maybe 2 hours and realize I am exhausted from all of the walking and drinking of the day and go to bed. I slept for at least 10 hours. When I awakened to go work at the spa I was completely refreshed. I worked the day and felt great. I met with my friend Johnny after 4pm and he and I went to our usual go to: McGincheys. (Which is our beloved home) It’s a filthy dive that has $2.60 wines and $4 bud bottles that Johnny loves. We exchange stories and I tell him all about my weekend and he says he envies my life. We drink, and smoke cigarettes (Yes one of the few bars you can still smoke in here in Philly!) we take turns playing songs on the jukebox and it is the perfect end to an adventurous weekend. He’s a good friend and a decent man despite his love of vice. I tell him what June is like and he says he would love a girl like that. I know June would be wild if I would crack the seal on that one. He says based on what I’ve said I should probably have a good time with her and take her to places like McGlinchey’s. I think he’s right. He says she may even be down for a threesome. We laugh and order another round.


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