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I met Dina at a publication I first worked for when I came back to Philly from New York. It actually was to be the last year I would work there before moving on to something else. She was working as an intern in the marketing department. She worked with this woman named Mildred that was always sort of an ogre. Sadly I refer to Mildred as “Dick Repellant.”

I have known Dina since she was 21 years old. She is now 27. So the friendship has sustained itself. I meet a lot of crazy people, but there are some good ones in there, so I poach them.

Dina is a very cute little Jewish girl. She’s stands only 4’11” tall. She is smart as a whip and a delight to be around. She comes from a good family as well. She has a twin brother that looks nothing like her. He is tall and muscular and dumb as a post. I mean that in a nice way. She’s said it herself. It’s like she is small and cute, and smart, and he is all big and brawny. You’d never peg them as relatives.

When I met her she was like Mildred’s little slave. I’d see this little girl pushing these giant carts of boxes filled with swag and marketing supplies around the halls of the building. I knew that she wouldn’t stick around long.

She was too smart for that lame gig.

She eventually moved on to work for a start-up down in Old City. Funny thing was, I had also moved on to a start-up that had an office two blocks away! Two years later when I moved on to a different publication, I worked in an office building in center city on JFK Blvd. She worked in a high-rise as a broker two blocks away.

She recently moved to the city and so did her parents. She is now married and lives on my street just four blocks away. Her parents love the city, and now that her dad is semi retired, they bought a house two blocks away. We can’t escape each other!

I would sometimes meet her for drinks with Mildred. I tried to like Mildred but she just has a difficult personality. I’ll write about her at some point. Dina and I both agree we’d rather hang out with each other without Mildred, because she is kind of a pain in the ass.

I would take Dina to a lot of events I would get invited out to. Her husband is a really nice, smart guy that has a great job. He likes to stay at home and watch sports on TV. So he doesn’t mind if I borrow his wife for food and drinks on occasion. I like a man who is secure in himself and doesn’t get jealous. I have always been that way. Besides I’m not after Dina.

Some time has gone by…

I met with Dina today for lunch at one of my favorite spots.  Misconduct on JFK Blvd. She now works with her father and they have their own brokerage business. He does mostly stock investments and she handles financial planning. I think maybe I’ll give her some of my money to invest in January. I trust her. I once spoke to her father about brokerage years ago on the phone.

Well, today after lunch he came to the restaurant and I finally got to shake the man’s hand. He invited me to come over sometime. I would love that. They had to get to an appointment so we said goodbye. Dina is going on a cruise this weekend, and then to a wedding. So I’ll catch up with her in a few weeks. Hopefully now that she is back in the city I’ll be seeing her more and we’ll get some more stories.

The bill came and Dina had already paid it! I love her!


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