Sun Stories -The Case of the Missing Panties

I was working at the salon one night. We had a waiting room full of girls. (My life sucks) We have this one really great sun bed called the Max 10. It has blue lights all over it, and it is in a room right off the main room behind a pair of white double doors. That would be room 4. It’s an impressive sight when you first walk into the salon.

There was a pretty dark-haired girl in there getting tan. When she was finished she came out and sat in one of the chairs to wait for her friend to come out from her session.

I’m standing behind the counter and she turns to me and says: ” I think I lost my underwear in there.”


“Are you sure you had your underwear on when you went in there?” was my only reply.

“I’m pretty sure.”

(You’re either sure or not about your undies on a daily basis)

“Well I’m going to go in there and prep and sanitize that bed, and if I find a pair I’ll let you know.”


I go in with my spray gun, cloth and a fresh towel. Everybody in the waiting room can see me and has heard this exchange. Obviously there is some giggling. I look around the room which houses the Max 10. I look in the little chest of drawers. I look under it. I look behind it. I look on each side of the bed. I look at the back of both doors and there is nothing on anything on the hooks. I look under the little ottoman in there, and behind it. I lower the hood of the bed and look back behind it. Nothing. There is no pair of panties in this room anywhere.

I tell her I don’t see any underwear anywhere in the room, and invite her to search again for herself. She does and can’t find anything either. “It’s a good thing I didn’t wear a skirt today.” she says.

The crowd is loving it.

“Is it?” I say, and the room explodes with laughter. The girl laughs too, and is a good sport about this little mishap. It all seems like a strange mystery. How can you lose your underwear in an 8 x 6 room?

Several weeks later I was doing what I call my Sunday routine. I windex all of the mirrors in the salon and dust all of the hoods of the beds. That’s where you close the bed by lowering the hood and then dust off the top. A lot of dust gathers up there if you don’t stay on top of it.

(I’m the only employee doing it!)

I was cleaning the hood of the 5600 bed in room 3. (right next door to the Max 10 in room 4) By the way, none of the walls go to the ceiling for ventilation purposes. There is about 10 inches to a foot of space there. I lower the hood on the bed to dust it off, and there is a pink pair of women’s panties in the back of the hood and a spent packet of tanning lotion.

How did a pair of panties get from room 4 into room 3? They would have literally had to been tossed over, or shot over the wall and into the other room. I don’t know what people do in the rooms and frankly, I don’t want to know. But when I tan I always hang my underwear on one of the hooks on the door or lay them on the little table in the room. What happened in room 4 that night? Does that girl slingshot her undergarments off like she’s shooting a rubber band when she tans??

The bed has an air conditioner and fans in it. But I know for a fact that the fans in the Max 10 do not have the power to lift a pair of women’s underwear aloft and sail them over the wall into the adjacent room.

It’s bizarre and funny, because although I’ve found all sorts of things left behind in the rooms while cleaning them, I’ve never seen anything like this before.

I told my partner Achilles about how I solved the mystery. I was really proud of myself, and I got a funny story out of it. His only response was : “Did you sniff ’em?”

I threw them in the trash.


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