Bibi – 2015 – Matinee Madness

Another tale of one man’s journey through the dating scene in Philadelphia, searching for true love.

I met Bibi through Keila. Bibi’s unfortunately one of the “fleas and ticks” I told you about. This woman is 38 years old. I don’t remember what she does for a living. I had lunch with her once at El Vez on 13th and Sansom. It’s a Steven Starr Mexican restaurant. Good location and very popular. She seemed nice.

She said her mother moved to Canada and became hindu. So that’s why Bibi has the name she does. She looks western european but was given an Indian name at birth. Doesn’t make sense and isn’t a match. So we know mom must be a little nuts. Why would you do some stupid shit like that to your kid. Growing up is hard enough without having some kind of fucked up name. My dad once told me he wanted to name me Wolfgang. That would be pretty bad ass to have as an adult but not as a kid. Hey Wolfie!

So I ask her out to the movies.

We go to see the Amy Winehouse biopic, “Amy.” Now, I didn’t know much about Amy Winehouse or her music, but I heard the picture was good. I know Bibi wanted to see it. I will tell you, it is a sad story. Here was a beautifully gifted singer who was consumed by alcohol, drugs and the industry itself. The music industry has eaten so many of its own young. This is a grim portrait of the fall of a great singer.

I am a film guy. I love watching movies. I always have since I was a kid. I am a real stickler for following the rules when you go out to the movie theater. Get there on time. Preferably early, before the coming attractions. Your cell phone must be set on silent and be put away unless you are a fucking brain surgeon on call. No talking. These are all just basic common sense things about good manners in a public place.

So I’m watching this heartbreaking film about this poor lost soul with the deadly voice. (You’re not some teenager, who is sitting in some theater watching some wacky comedy. (Still not acceptable) I look over and Bibi is looking at her phone and texting people. You don’t have a husband or any kids. Who is so fucking important that they have to do that shit in the theater during the movie? I was mortified and enraged that this 38-year-old woman has such bad manners. If you’re that old and that dumb at that age, it’s over. You’ll never get any better. If you haven’t figured out what is right and what is wrong, it’s pretty clear why you are alone at nearly 40. It’s rude to me, the people around you, and to the people who made this film.

What an asshole.

So after the film we walked outside and she went to her bike. Yea. She rides around on her bike. She says, “So, what do you want to do now?”

“I’m going to go home and you’re going to do whatever you have to do.” I replied. Then I started walking home.

I never asked her out or ever spoke to her again. Unfortunately,  I have had the displeasure of running into her on occasion. But she’s always with Keila and I’m at some gathering or event. I’m civil, but she gets nothing else from me.


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12 thoughts on “Bibi – 2015 – Matinee Madness”

  1. Haha, “No soup for you Bibi.” I also despise talking and cell phone usage in the theatre. It’s so rude. I will admit I have looked at mine to make sure the babysitter wasn’t trying to reach me. That’s it! Nothing else ever! What about the people that play games on their phone during a movie. What is the point! Stay at home people 🙂!

    1. Horrors!I am totally with you on this, ifonlymommy! I get why you checked yours as a mother. That’s a real thing, but I love that you get that we need to be respectful to those around us and the film itself. Thak you for your words and for following me journey!

  2. bibi sounds like the sort of person id be similarly horrified with. i think comparing most humans to parasites is a little harsh. also thats not the worst name in the world.

    other than that, condolances. it sounds like you would have had a much nicer time watching a tragic film without a date that night. now to contradict part of what i just said and point out that comparing the music industry (in my book) to parasites is totally fair– although if theres a parasite that also makes it burn when you pee, thats more like it. i dunno, i think the closest i ever got that (thankfully) was a mild uti. and ive never put out an album.

    1. Codeeinfig, I love your comment! I would have enjoyed watching that film alone much better. (I love going to the movies alone!) Been there with the UTI, Cipro is the answer! Gone in 2 days! That should be another post. Thank your for your words, support and following my blog!

  3. We usually see movies at the IMAX theater. It’s more expensive but he can choose the seats ahead of time. The price also discourages people from taking their small children, who shouldn’t be seeing anything I would watch anyways! I once walked out of the film Gladiator because this woman brought in her SEVEN kids who, after devouring a ton of sweets and running up the aisles, began puking on the carpet. Ugh!

    1. Sunny I love you and thank you for your feedback. Normally my blog is about dating and romance but I really tried here and it hurt me. Thank you so much for your support and your words. It means so much

      1. Well, you were right. If someone can’t respect the time you are giving them by being in the moment with you, then she isn’t worth your time at all.

  4. Dude, you gotta link back to references for those of us who are new. What are “flea and tick” women? This enquiring mind (inquiring?) wants to know! Also, I’m glad you abruptly kicked her to the curb. She sounds annoying. I can’t stand hyper connected people AND people who can’t focus on a movie — you’d never be able to have a deep convo with her. Right on. And… next!

    1. Hi Nancy. Thanks so much for reading and following. My friend Keila knows a lot of people but with that she draws a lot of “fleas and ticks” meaning a bunch of loser parasite type people that attach themselves to quality people and cause them irritation and pain. I’ve met plenty!

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