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“I’ve always said, free sex always costs more than sex you pay for. The dinners, drinks, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and other things like little gifts and flowers. That stuff really adds up. Some older men have that kind of disposable income. Maybe they don’t want a wife or a girlfriend. They would rather just pay a flat monthly fee and get what they want, when they want from a younger woman.”

What’s with all of the hookers on Tinder and Clover? There are loads of them. I have swiped right on several women. They are normally between the ages of 18 and 26. I call them hookers because technically that’s what they are. Or is it something worse?

A hooker solicits men for sex. They give a certain dollar amount and she performs a sexual act. You can give it a different name like escort, but that’s the same thing as calling a strip joint a gentleman’s club. Same thing, just more expensive and better looking.

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Frankly, I’m surprised at the number of young women on tinder that solicit you for sex. At first you’re all happy that you are engaging a cute younger woman. Your stupid man brain thinks, “Maybe she likes older men, or dug my profile, etc.” But that idiotic notion quickly fades when she wants a relationship that is “mutually beneficial.” That’s when you know that she wants you to give her money and gifts. I’ve spoken to at least a dozen girls on the site, and usually they want around $2000 a month minimum for their services. Sometimes it’s not sex, it’s just dinner, gifts and companionship. A nightmare for me!

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Think about that. You could get a part-time job and no one would be the wiser. You could make a nice living that way. Well, there is nothing nice about it I suppose. But what if she gets a few sugar daddies? She could pull down $5000 cash a month or more! That is very lucrative. You probably only have to bang the guy once a week maybe. I don’t know how much action these guys need.

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I’ve always said, free sex always costs more than sex you pay for. The dinners, drinks, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and other things like little gifts and flowers. That stuff really adds up. Some older men have that kind of disposable income. Maybe they don’t want a wife or a girlfriend. They would rather just pay a flat monthly fee and get what they want, when they want from a younger woman.

I’ve tried dating my age lately and it’s not really working for me. I’m not going to give up on it but younger women are more fun. Have I ever paid for sex? Haven’t we all in some form? Men and women. It’s the oldest vocation in the world. Probably older than farming.

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I’ve never went out with any of these hookers on Tinder. Frankly I can’t afford them. Why would I want to be with a girl who doesn’t love me?  I’d be just a debtor. Just a guy that has to make his monthly payments or his little plaything goes away. I don’t think this is something new, but they’re basically escorts. Will this affect their psyches later in life, when she’s a mom with kids and a husband? Will she look back on her early twenties when she worked as a whore? There has to be some karmic backlash to this activity. Plus you can’t be a hooker for your whole life. Once your beauty fades your price has to be reduced. It’s just a downward spiral into a dark abyss.

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Maybe it’s the fastest easiest way to pay for college for some girls. With the world on social media and this generation obsessed with taking selfies and sending each other pictures of their junk, maybe it’s just easier for this group to have random sex and profit from it.

But somehow that all seems a bit sad to me. I love women. They are an absolute delight to me, and there has to be something else some of these girls could do so that they don’t have to sell their bodies for money.

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30 thoughts on “Hookers on Tinder”

  1. Livid an smiling,

    asses for cash
    whispering kiss

    with a touch
    of class…

    i leave you ladies,
    Tis a wicked blink, soft shy wink and a kiss upon each ass!

    hugs chris

  2. there are people who just want companionship… not necessarily any sexual favors. What could you loose for getting paid to give company.. just a thought

  3. Wow! Thank you for offering a refreshing male perspective on this kind of activity. It’s nice to hear that a man is actually thinking about her future—- when she becomes a wife and mom, how will she look back at this moment? The hope is that she will not stay in this kind of lifestyle forever. Thanks again for Sharing your thoughts on this!

    1. Yes! now when I come across one of these entrepreneurs, I simply write “If my daughter was doing what you’re doing, I’d know I failed as a parent.”

  4. So I wonder – aren’t there any fun women your age? I find it quite despair-inducing to see men in their 60s looking for women in their 30s. I’m still fun…and really, most women don’t really like much older men. Truth is you can’t keep up. or it up. or whatever…;-)

  5. I have read some really interesting articles on this lifestyle and honestly, there is a huge difference between girls seeking a sugar daddy and a sex worker. The primary difference is the fact that it often does not involve sex.

    Not to be too preachy but this post smacks of some serious sexism. While I, personally, couldn’t do it I don’t have a problem with women who have figured out that in a country where wages are deteriorating and that college education doesn’t get you a job sometimes you have to think outside of the box. Their parents didn’t fail. Or maybe they did. But not because they are making money.

    When I first heard about it I was like, “Eiuw, gross!” but then I started to educate myself and realize now that there is plenty more to it than what it looks like on the surface. And as far as what she will think when she’s a wife/mother? C’mon guys…

  6. Hi there! That was hilarious! I have been on Tinder too. Just as you say the girls are looking for sex and money, men are equally looking for sex as well. But I must tell you that I met a very nice gentleman in Switzerland on Tinder. We have established a friendship and keep in touch. My friend in Paris said she met many lovely guys on Tinder and they have remained very good friends throughout the years. So, I guess it’s just luck. A good friend of mine met her match on Tinder and are going to get married soon. So I guess it’s pure luck. I get onto Tinder when I have absolutely nothing to do and feel extreme boredom and lonely. But I always delete the app after a few days and get back on months later. Well, even if you meet someone in the real world, they still could turn out to be like the Tinder stereotypes. Nice read! I enjoyed it!

    1. Thank you very much for reading and your comment. This is one of my all time most popular posts. I think tinder and bumble could be the new way that people meet. If you’re reading my blog I have begun a recent series about a girl I started dating. See: Cherie. I met her on tinder and she seems pretty great so you never know.

  7. why would it be sad? would renting your wiener be sm”sad”? I love renting my slit n think its dumb to give it for free.

  8. philly, some free sex doesn’t cost.

    a colleague at work, a school mate, or a friend- sexing any of these as friends with benefit(sex benefit) can be free and costless.like i said, soe of them are costless

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