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Back in the good ol’ days, all you had to do was scribble a note and wait for your crush to circle yes or no. We all knew that you never included a ‘maybe’ option. That was a kiss of death and almost always sent you to the dreaded friend-zone. That being said, majority of my […]

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2 thoughts on “Ghosting, Kittenfishing”

  1. Terrible. Absolutely maddening.

    Here’s what I’d say.

    I’m between legal age and middle age (depending on when you see yourself dying this could mean anything 😜), in America statistics say my height is average as well as my shoe size and my doctor says my weight is where is should be for my height. If you don’t like me for my inside you won’t like me for my outside and vice versa. No I won’t send a photo of any of my body parts or a selfie because the word “selfie” is something I never like hearing out of a man’s mouth. My hair is blond, eyes blue as you can see from my carefully selected picture which I happen to like of myself but I don’t always look like that because I’m human and sometimes I’m sick or tired. I have children and for a while I’m going to question wether or not you could be a pedophile or one of the other types of bad people featured on 48 hours or 20/20. Sometimes I’m a lot of fun with lots of energy and sometimes I’m chill but still fun. Other times I’m somewhere in the middle. I makes mistakes. I like good music and I’m a little…tiny bit (big time not tiny at all) passionate about this one. I’m open to hear new stuff but I’ll have an opinion about it. You might not like this. Sometimes when people talk a lot about themselves I make it a game and I’ll be completely quiet for a longer than comfortable amount of time to see how many things they will brag about. You’d be surprised at how far people go. I’ll sit and wait to see if they ever ask me a question…if you’re this type you probably won’t. It’s hilarious. I’m have a hang up with the type of shows men wear and if they are laced, how they are tied. Don’t ask. I don’t know why. Sometimes I put too many unnecessary commas in my writing and sometimes I forget to use them. I’m not sure why….just something quirky. I’m easily distracted………..

    **How many hits do you think I’d get. Hahahahaha. I should copy and paste it immediately into a dating profile, right? Nope!

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