Tales of Rock – Almost Happened – Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix & Miles Davis

There are supergroups and then there are could-actually-rule-the-galaxy-groups. In 1969, three of the greatest musicians who have ever wandered the earth were poised to come together and make mythical music. But cruel fate would stop them from actually reaching groovy critical mass, taking the form of an overly long vacation in Scotland.

In 1969, Miles Davis (the legendary jazz musician) and Jimi Hendrix (the legendary Jimi Hendrix) had plans to record an album together. For over a year, Davis and Hendrix had been jamming together in an apartment before getting serious about forming a group.

They already had a drummer in jazz genius (and Davis’ bandmate) Tony Williams, so all they needed was a bassist. Hendrix proposed asking Paul McCartney to join them — because if you’re Jimi Hendrix, you have the power to snap your fingers and summon a Beatle like he’s a genie in a submarine-shaped bottle.

In order to get McCartney on board, the trio sent out a telegram asking Paul if he might be gracious enough to put in an appearance in the recording studio.

Hendrix and Davis received a swift answer from The Beatles’ personal assistant regretfully informing the duo that Paul was on vacation in Scotland. And that was it. They never heard from McCartney or anyone in his camp after that. Though Hendrix and Davis were still serious about logging some studio time, the project hit a lull after McCartney’s snub. Hendrix died not soon after in September of 1970, forever robbing the world of a bunch of awkward looks between him and McCartney as the latter tried to pretend he never got his message at some red carpet event.


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    1. Back then, he probably would have! I’m currently watching a new documentary about the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper on Netflix. It’s very interesting. Check it out! Thank you for your comment!

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