Cherie – Chapter 3 – First Date – Part II

Happy New Year!

Let’s get to Part 2…

Has our hero finally met a live one? Will this date work? Will it turn into anything? Based on his track record, it will probably go down in flames. Let’s see what happens…

It’s still raining. I ask her if she has an umbrella. She says while she was driving down here she realized that she didn’t. We leave the restaurant and walk toward Rittenhouse Square.  Even though the rain is falling, there is an arts and crafts fair going on there. We share my umbrella. I love this. It’s a classic romantic moment.

That is such a part of me.

We stroll the show, walking close together. Stopping inside of some of the tents to get a longer look. We make it about half way through and we decide we’d like to chat some more under some sort of shelter. The rain isn’t a bad thing. It forces us together. We have to find someplace to continue our date and be comfortable. I notice she is very easy-going. She would have pretty much gone anywhere I wanted. I could just tell that.  I like that in a woman. Not that I need to control everything, but just an agreeable laid back girl is choice. No drama. Low maintenance. Because I’ve had the opposite and it is a fucking nightmare.

The rain falls around us in Rittenhouse. But we’re together… and the storm draws us closer.

We cut through the park diagonally, headed back to Walnut Street. I remember she mentioned that she liked coffee so I suggest we duck into the Barnes and Noble. They have a Starbucks upstairs.

We literally got the last two seats. Kismet! I ask her what she likes. Just a regular coffee, cream and extra sugar.

Extra sugar.

“Aren’t you already sweet enough?”

She smiles. “Oh you…” So she relaxes and I get in line. I glance back and I think she maybe checking her phone. I realize neither one has pulled out their goddamn phones all afternoon. It’s a glorious feeling. It’s like dating in the 80’s but without the ridiculous fashion and bad haircuts.

I bring her the coffee, and I have a small mocha frap. I’m not really into coffee but those frappachinos are like desserts for adults.

We chat and learn more about each other. At one point I even doodled a little picture of her on a napkin. She put it in her purse. We confirm that we definitely want to go to the movies soon. Something scary or suspenseful.

I’m down. I love we’re already planning future dates. I tell her I’m not really a sports guy, I’m more of an arts guy. But I do the love the exchange of power in watching live sports.

I think I know one of the things people love about sports. It’s the one form of entertainment where you truly never know how it’s going to end. There are no spoilers in sports. She says she’s very sporty. She played basketball and ran track in high school. Oh, did I mention that I had a chance to see her well turned calves? We were on the escalator and I was behind her and, I looked. You can see were the calf is like a smooth fist with the indentation. That’s muscle. Cherie’s lean and fit. I’m sure the rest of her legs are pillars of chocolate sinew. (Note to self: Start eating better immediately.)

She doesn’t seem to care that I’m not a sports guy. I’m getting the vibe that she digs me. I noticed it a little earlier, when we handed off the umbrella. There was some gentle hand contact. I reached across the table at one point and touched her arm. Her skin was so soft. No resistance to my touch. She said her name is Arabic. Swahili in origin. It means: Truthful. (her real name, not her blog name Cherie)

She said if she wasn’t into me she would have split hours ago. It’s funny, when you feel it, it just works and it’s easy. You want to spend more time with that person. You want to remember details. You want to make plans to see them again. It’s automatic. I’ll make note of that going forward here. This blog is really helping me!

We have very busy schedules but that’s a good thing. Plus, she doesn’t live around here. I told her right now Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays work for me. I told her I would like to see her next Saturday but I promised to go to our shore house with my sisters and clean it up. She said she had to work next Saturday anyway. She said that maybe she could cut school and call out sick from work next Monday and then we could have the whole day together. (Cue up: “Walkin’ on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves.) I told her I didn’t want to jeopardize her grades or her jobs. She said she realized that, but she knew when and how she could do it without missing anything major. I said she could come down and we could do lunch and an afternoon matinée.

She liked all of that.

God, I like this girl. Smart, chill, nice, and easy-going. So we’ve been together for about 5 or 6 hours now and I haven’t even looked at my watch. We decide to wrap it up and call it a day. I help her on with her jacket.

She notices.

We come out of the bookstore and she realizes that she has no idea where she parked. I told her I have a good sense of direction. I can see she’s a little embarrassed. I tell her not to worry. We’ll go back to the restaurant and if she can show me which way she approached and how many blocks I can find our way back to her car.

She goes “I can’t believe I don’t know where my car is.” We get about 100 feet from the bookstore and I say: “Did they happen to give you a little ticket when you gave them your car?” She stops dead. Yes! and digs in her bag producing a ticket. 1925 Sansom. I know just where her car is. Right across from the Shake Shack on 20th.

It’s still raining. I’ve got her covered. I think at this point my arm may even be around her. It’s good. We get to the lot and she gives her ticket to the attendant. He says is it the silver Honda? She says, “It’s the blue Saab.”

Impressive. I’m not going to ask about the Saab.

She pays the attendant. (Look! A wallet came out on a date! Take a picture!) She gets her keys. She’s about to go. She moves in for the kiss on the lips. They are full and soft. Oh… I like this girl. She thanks me for the brunch and the coffee and the laughter and conversation. I’m happy. I say, “one more” and I kiss her again. Nothing too much. Just the same gentle way she kissed me.  I hold the umbrella over her sweet head as she enters the Saab.

I smile at her and she smiles back and waves through the soaked windshield.

I turn and head south down 20th street. I light a celebratory cigarette and pull deeply upon it. I really like this girl. I hope I can sustain this because it feels really good.

I wait until 9pm to text her. I tell her that I had a lovely afternoon with her and that I trust she made it home safe and that I hope to see her again soon. She got back to me 3 minutes later, and thanked me again and said it was an afternoon filled with fun and laughs.

She also said that she too is looking forward to seeing me again.

So it’s on.

I’m smiling as I write this and I’ll keep you posted. I hope I get to spend more time with this lovely girl.


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