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I met this lady on OkCupid. Blue Nile Diamond is her handle. I don’t know her real name yet. But I had to write about her because she seemed interesting. Here’s her profile.

61 years of age, and lives in Philadelphia, PA

Straight Woman, Single, 5’7″ Fit

My Self Summary

Just wondering about interesting friends, here.

This is canarydiamond’s other profile. If you read them both closely you will notice neither says much of anything except between the lines.

Looking for inventive, untethered original being with keen interest in self reflection interested in creating one of a kind experiences over and over.

You can read about bluenilediamond at canarydiamond’s page

I am mythological, timeless, and gentle.

What I’m doing with my life

Very mindful moment to moment at figuring out how to be creative. Violinist, gardener, inventive with spices and natural ingredients literally and metephorically.

I’m really good at

  1. Living vibrantly in the moment.
  2. Tolerating being alone when no one is available to share amazement.

The first things people usually notice about me

Smile and gracefulness

Favorite books, movies, shows, music and food

A favorite quote from the Dalai Lama: “All the world’s major religions, with their emphasis on love, compassion, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness can and do promote inner values. Nut the reality of the world today is that grounding ethics in religion is no longer adequate. This is why I am increasingly convinced that the time has come to find a way of thinking about spirituality and ethics beyond religion all together.”

Favorite Frank Zappa quote: “Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex.”

Some books/authors Murikami, Eugenides, Patchet, Uncommon Knowing and books about practical nueroscience. New Yorker. Classics.

Documetaries. “Art” films, Theater – Pig Iron, Classical music you can hear without amplifiers, American Roots Music, Singer Songwriter, jazz. Mostly vegetarian but can be visitarian – eat what’s around without fissiness although I am not a fan of all the proccessed food. Outdoors. I like the outdoors. Don’t have a TV. No interest in beer and sports except sometimes October baseball, because the expanse of green groomed earth like a triangle crop circle of harvested chreography, beneath a deep sky of autumn blue above 40,000 people dressed in red and navy, participating in a legacy of simple joy they learned from their families surrounding all that, with lake Erie beneath the horizon, jus makes me all smiley for a awhile.

Six things I could never do without

Sincerity, Loving, Kindness, Humor, The outdoors, music.

On a typical friday night I’ll am

Doing Boleos maybe. Argentine Tango sometimes. No typical Friday Night.

The most private thing I’m willing to admit

I am always lagging behind my thoughts – Le Clezio

You should message me if

You have the pre-requisites for a freindship/dating. You emphasize live interatction. You are a gentle but strong, svelte, agile aesthetically sensetive preson seriously/absurdly happily interested in creating a sense of brilliant subtlety with a pratner in an ongoing experement of energetic kindness.

Long distance pen pals – probably an ocean or at least a mountain range away.

You can manage the practical aspects of everyday life with out getting ruffled most of the time, oh dear human you.

Nay on mustaches, beards.

Looking for

Single people, located anywhere, ages 35-99 for new friends


And it ends there. That’s her profile. Sounds eccentric but a really nice lady, right?


So she reaches out to me and here is her first message to me on OkCupid:

“I just want to meet you. At last, no logistics. I work in the Wellington and have been on Rittenhouse Square for the last forever.

My mother died 16 months ago. She was amazing and I’m doing well. However, my sister-cousin double dared me, suspecting I was circling the drain, to take an improv class. I want you to know I passed 101 but flunked improv 210. It was me against 11 men age 19 – 28, one white US born, one belgium, and 9 others of various backgrounds and hood-dom that continuously dropped references to martial arts films and dry witted cartoons, (I haven’t had a TV in 20 years) I need a defibrillator every time I had to find the second beat. They all may have flunked. Who knows? The teacher was a pretty serious taskmaster! Also, I’m convinced I’ve seen you stand in line at La Colombe although I just made that up. It’s the reason I have two profiles here – That’s for hello story. There’s quite an age range between us so I’m up for being a pal (the cluck old Hen recording on Canary Diamond’s page) and I’m moving to New Zealand in the fall for a year so if you’re up for meeting a neighbor friend and perhaps helping me engage with a human, perhaps a good friend of yourself even better, outside a psyciatric office (I understand there is an improv group in Chinatown that can use me…) office you would be doing the City of Philadelphia a great virtuous deed. Oh, most people only flunk 201 once. I flunked it twice. Went on to sketch writing but decided to postpone it for a trip engaging with flightless birds as well as making Jon. 20th disappear (fly over the date line at night) checking out New Zealand since I’m going to move there for a year anyway. It must be oracular – planned it starting 5 years ago.

Anyway – would love to meet you and buy you drinks until I look like my photos. Wait… what…? Seriously, if you can make me laugh I will buy you lunch or dinner write it off as a tax deduction. I wrote off the improv stuff because I was checking it out thinking geriatric improv or couples improv would be a great way to keep off the grim reaper of divorce. I just need to figure out procedure codes to get insurance that pays for nothing to pay. I will bring my ukelele if you dare me and sing you a song Merle Haggard’s first wife wrote or something you inspire on the spot (that sounds suggestive but it wasn’t meant to be)

I’m in the Rittenhouse office Monday’s the neighborhood Tuesdays and sometimes Wednesday nights. Otherwise I live a mile into the woods 30 minutes outside the city with two Southern Vultures (Natasha and Quincy) and their newborn. I will give you the vulture cam link if I figure out how to set it up. Getting close.

I hope you are well and your creative nuerons are firing swell. I can teach you how to hypnotize yourself to give up inhaling burning dead vegetable matter if you like or if you don’t, never mind.”

All up,



There it is. That’s what she opened with. Not, “Hi!” or “Hello.” Like most women. She sounds a little bit crazy, but so interesting that I should meet with her, right?

Stay tuned…

Nah, fuck that. I’m not ever going to waste my time on that crazy broad.


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23 thoughts on “Giselle – Blue Nile Diamond”

  1. Oh come on…I think you should meet her. It would be great fodder for the blog. Besides, now we’re all interested in what she’s really like in person! LOL

  2. Not sure she’d appreciate your blogging her identity everywhere, but hey. She sounds intriguing to me. Perhaps having travelled down a path well trod, she’s taking another. It could be quite exciting and interesting….

    1. True. But I don’t use any real names and all of the photos are stock pics from the internet to protect the identities of my subjects. She is unique and it could be fun.

  3. What??! She sounds awesome! I would totally meet her. Very eccentric, a lot like us Alaskans…. I guess that’s why I like her already. She probably smells like patchouli and smokes weed. Yep, sounds like we could be friends.

  4. Oh please pretty please go meet her!!!
    I thought I was batshit crazy!! She if my freaking idol, she embraces her batshit craziness wholeheartedly
    Some great reading material will result from your date of that I am certain!!

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