Alice – 2012 to Present – Brunch

I wait by the door and after a few minutes, a dainty hand reaches out the door and hands me her dress.

I was already having a good weekend. My friend Alice texted me and asked if I wanted to join her for brunch on Saturday. (See: Alice – 2012 to Present – The Cute Recruiter) I was basically rolling out of bed and her timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Can I just say that I’m honored at 55 to be texted by an attractive 25 year old girl to go hang out and have brunch. She was making six figs in her early twenties as an IT recruiter for several companies. She got me my job at the liquor magazine to sell advertising. She made money from my hire. Alice is a deadly recruiter. That’s why she owns her own company now at 25.  She’s got the investors and they are seriously growing. She’s a good human being. She’s taken her licks and learned some lessons but she continues to go forward and kill it. I love and admire her for that. So like I said, I’m honored to have drinks with her at Locust Rendezvous and play quizzo, and eat wings and drink beer, or have brunch with this wonderful young lady.

Seriously, what 55-year-old single man is THE choice to have brunch with a beautiful 25-year-old girl?

Be an honorable man and a father and you’ll reap what you sow in this life with all of the people in your life. Young and old, male and female.


I’m just happy to be surrounded by good hard-working stable people who are building businesses like myself and going forth in their lives.

Thank you Alice, for your continued friendship. You’re keeping me young!

Oh… One more thing. Did I mention Alice has gotten an apartment in the city. She’s broken away from the suburbs and moved downtown. She can walk to work! She’s in the city! I love it. She isn’t so good at navigating Philly yet, but we’ll help her. She’s been great at navigating everything else in her life so far, so I know she’ll be fine.

We met at Marathon on 19th and Spruce. Basically two blocks from my house. It wasn’t raining at the time so of course I left my umbrella home. The place wasn’t crowded or too noisy so I was happy. I forgot that Alice had broken her foot playing softball and watched as she hobbled in walking on her air cast.

Service was on point and the food was good. Alice went on about her latest relationships. For a girl who is CEO of a recruitment firm she sure meets a lot of men. Her latest is an artist that is pretty well-known in the city. From what she’s told me, he seems very nice. She did tell me that she recently learned that he has a 7-year-old son. She also told me this guy she’s seeing smokes cigarettes. Normally, that’s a deal breaker for Alice, but she really likes him, and he says he wants to quit.

They all say that.

“You know how much I hate smoking!”

“Yes, Alice. You’ve made it abundantly clear to me on many, many occasions.” I groan.

We also discuss how her former friend and employee, Keila has been a piece of shit to her. Alice says that in their last exchange, Keila was so mean. I told her to block her on all social media and on her phone. Keila is a crazy asshole that karma is going to eventually come back around and get her for the evil she has committed against Alice. Fucking ungrateful whelps! She’s get hers. (See: Keila – 2012 to 2017 – The Gaza Stripper)

Alice says that she already has cut her off for good.

After brunch Alice tells me she wants to go tanning. We start walking towards the salon, but it starts raining. We stop at the restaurant, Parc to stand under one of their awnings. I ask one of the servers if he has a plastic bag. Alice is worried her cast will get wet and she doesn’t want that to happen.

They guy hands me a big trash bag. I rip it in half and fashion a little booty out of the lower part of the bag. I wrap it around the cast and then tuck it into it. Now she looks like a homeless cripple in a blue dress.

We make it over to the salon, and she slowly climbs the steps. (There are 30 steps to the salon) When she finally get there I introduce her to Achilles, who is working today. Her dress is soaked. I send her back to one of the lay down beds in the back. I wait by the door and after a few minutes, a dainty hand reaches out the door and hands me the wet dress. The door closes and I walk to the laundry room and throw it in the dryer.

I know when her session will finish. (12 minutes later) Which is just long enough time for her blue dress to be completely dry. I grab it from the dryer and walk back to her room.

“Alice. I got your dress. It’s all dry.”

“Awesome. Thanks!” The little hand pops out from around the door and grabs the garment.

After that she went her way and I had to get to Suburban Station to meet up with a Cherie.



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