Nicole – Remember Our Date?

This happened a couple of years ago. I was rebounding from Annabelle.

I joined Tinder awhile ago and have had zero success finding anything longer than a few dates and some quick flings. One day, while relaxing from a hard day at the office, I was Netflixing my night away when a match alert went off on my phone. I started talking to Nicole and after some back and forth about our lives and basic small talk, we decided to get together for drinks at a local chain bar, Dave and Busters.

I showed up about 10 minutes early, headed inside and got a lay of the land. Families everywhere, ages ranging from Disney World screamers to high schoolers to adults and families. I was a little concerned about the choice to meet there, but I figured what the hell, I would see where the date went. She called me 20 minutes later, having gotten lost between the main entrance to the shopping center and the parking lot for the arc.

Whatever, the place is kind of tucked away in the back of the complex. When she finally walked in, she was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, as in the hottest person I have ever been on a date with. Awkward hug out of the way, we head to the bar to grab a drink before earlier smack talk/bragging about arcade game skills were put to the test.

Everything was going great. We reminisced about fun places and events, talked about our current lives and work, etc. The conversation was great, and she was giving all the signs that she was really into me. Hand on my leg at the bar, running her fingers through my hair. Looking back, this maybe should have been a warning sign as this all happened within the first hour of meeting each other. But at the time I was thinking with the wrong head. We finish drinks, she grabbed my hand on the way to the gaming area and by now I was asking myself how this could get any better. We play a few games, we make out in front of a giant Connect Four game, and head to the bar for another drink.

While sitting at the bar for round number 3, she left to use the restroom. I’m sitting at the bar, and I noticed she had been gone for a pretty long time. I started to realize that maybe she wouldn’t be coming back, because in all honesty I had been waiting for the other shoe to drop all night. There was just no way a girl like this existed. I noticed that she took her purse and her jacket with her. Again, I started to slowly let it sink in that I would be leaving the arcade alone. If I had only been that lucky…

I got a phone call during my stay at the bar. It’s my date. Great, she’s calling me from her drive home. Hey, at least she didn’t just walk out and ghost me. I answered, and I can hear arcade games in the background. She told me she was lost and was looking for me. Apparently it is possible to get lost in the 50 feet between the bar and the restrooms. I found her and we headed back to the bar and settled up the tab. It was getting a little late, and I was ready to head home and succumb to the after-work heaven that is Saturday night and Netflix.

I drove her to her car, since mine was close and she couldn’t seem to remember where she had parked. God, this girl got lost a lot. We said our goodbyes, she got out and I drive away. I made it out to the main road and thought to myself, what the hell am I doing? This girl was obviously into me and it wasn’t THAT late, so I turned around in the hopes that I could catch her before she left so that we could hit another bar. What happened next I swear Hollywood couldn’t make up.

I found her passed out behind the wheel of her car. Not nodded off, not resting her eyes from a long day. Completely and utterly passed out. The sub-zero windchill and the sobering reality that I can’t tell if she is still breathing snapped me back to reality. I had to open her door and shake her awake when my window pounding and phone calls didn’t do the trick.

Sidenote here, I have a very healthy understanding of my state’s drunk driving laws, and while she could have gotten off, she would have definitely been charged after the police were called by the aforementioned families in the arcade seeing a running car with someone passed out behind the wheel. I woke her up, took the keys out of the ignition and took her back to my place where she passed out again.

I put her to bed and slept on the couch for fear of her not remembering anything that happened and getting the police involved when she woke up next to a stranger. She woke up the next morning like nothing ever happened. Small talk ensued on the way back to her car, and after I left I tried to figure out what the hell had happened the night before.

I thought to myself that someone who passes out behind the wheel of her car that quickly has probably had this type of thing happen before. A quick Google search of her name pulls up MULTIPLE arrests (and a really hot mug shot) for drugged driving in a state where weed doesn’t count as drugged driving. Great, so this has to be one of the big boys (meth, heroin, pills, coke). I won’t pass judgment here because shit happens, but this girl obviously still had a substance issue and I was also a little concerned. If she did drugs in the arcade bathroom and, had we been pulled over on the way back to my place, I would have some explaining to do due to constructive possession laws in my state if she still had drugs in her purse.

Stupidly, I decide to go out with her again thinking that it may have just been nerves or a bad reaction to vertigo medicine, and I was again thinking with the wrong head. We set a time, and I wait. And wait. I headed towards where we were going to meet in the hopes that I would get a phone call while running errands I had to do in that area anyways. I got a phone call from her while in the store that I couldn’t understand. She was slurring her words and I couldn’t understand a word she said. She finally called back the next day and explained that she had been hanging out with some friends but couldn’t remember anything other that getting bombed while watching Game of Thrones.

After all of that, and an awkward conversation where I came clean about finding her mug shot, she claimed that ambien was the culprit. I got out of any further contact because I wanted no part of what appeared to be a downward spiral.

Lesson learned: listening to your little head can lead to some crazy experiences.


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7 thoughts on “Nicole – Remember Our Date?”

  1. That is some crazy date and you know what’s even crazier that she is still drop dead gorgeous even though she is clearly abusing some kind of substance….. sometimes there does not seem to be famous in this world lol

    1. I should check my fat finger that is supposed to be fairness not famous!!! Wait what am I talking about I’m not using my fingers I’m using speech to text

  2. Hi Phicklephilly,

    You should write a book. Your stories are are good. I wonder what happened to this girl? It is obvious she suffers from substance abuse. Also, shout out to you for taking her in when she was in no shape to drive.

  3. Hi Phicklephilly,

    You should write a book. Your stories are are good. I wonder what happened to this girl? It is obvious she suffers from substance abuse. Also, shout out to you for taking her in when she was in no shape to drive.

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