Stacy – Jekyll to Hyde

Get set up by Jewish best friend’s wife with amazing girl who after 4 martinis morphs in to Hyper Sexual Jekyll and Hyde child of the Waffen SS.

Get set up by my friend’s fiance with a new coworker. We were introduced at a party then decided to go out for some drinks, etc. Stacy’s educated, intelligent, fun, gorgeous, well dressed but “can’t find a good guy” according to all sources.

We head out to this great little place (now closed sadly). First 2 hours we are having an amazing time, we kiss, it’s electric. I like her and she really likes me. We decide to order another couple of drinks and some food. We’re having a good time together, and already set up another date. I decide that I want to see where this will go, so I’m not going to let this first date wind up in bed. I want to see her again. She’s great.

Then it starts… I can’t tell if it’s the booze or she’s just been well-behaved up until then. Our server doesn’t come back with our order quickly and Stacy hisses, “That bitch better hurry with my drink. Did she get lost or something?” She laughs, then quietly mutters, “fucking kike.” I’m not sure what she says at first (note: The friend that set us up, her husband, my friend, is Jewish). Then as our order comes the floodgates appear to open. And more and more gradually her mouth spews bile, racist and other, every few sentences directed randomly at people she sees nearby or comments in general. What the hell happened to the gorgeous intelligent girl I met here 3 hours ago? I’m not drunk, a bit tipsy but well in control. She’s intoxicated so I decide that I’ve had enough. It’s getting worse, so we have to go.

We chose a place close to where she lives so it would be in walking distance and I decide it’s not safe for her to walk alone and I’ll grab a cab afterward. The walk was brutal I’ve got a super horny Ms. Hyde on my arm. Trying to get her home ASAP so I can get the hell out. She’s loud as hell now. She’s practically yelling about the fact that she wants me to do XYZ to her when we get home and she’s gonna break my dick off and ruin me for other women.

She bellows at anyone looking at her strangely because they’re a/an (insert horrible phrase here). She gets closer to me and tells me how great I am and she wants to see me again tomorrow not the weekend when we originally planned (totally oblivious that I’m certain this will be our last date).

I get her to the door of her building after a brutally long walk (should have been 10 minutes, took almost an hour because she was a total mess). A scene ensues at her door when I won’t come in. I tell her my ride pulled up out front already. I’ve got to work early and we have had too much to drink for this.

“Don’t you like me? Don’t you want to fuck this?” (she flashes her amazing breasts at me and pulls up her dress. No panties. I get to see the full show). “You don’t know what you’re missing! You can’t get it up, can you? Are you fucking gay you fucking faggot? Don’t call me you piece of shit. I’m telling everyone you have a small dick you faggot.”

This takes less than 2 minutes. I say goodnight and I escape quickly down the stairs. She texts me saying “fck ou ashol ur regret thsi” or some other bad drunk typing.

I escape home. The next two days are interesting trying to explain to my friends what went wrong, while receiving texts and ducking calls that left voice mails all indicating: Had a great time. Sorry if I misbehaved a little on the way home. Wish you’d stayed over. Can we see each other sooner rather than later? Don’t you like me anymore? Etc…

So sad. (See – Jill – From Jill to Jezebel)

What if we’d gone out and didn’t drink any alcohol? Would the night have been better? Should I go out with her again as long as there’s no booze? I’d love to know what everybody thinks about this date.


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14 thoughts on “Stacy – Jekyll to Hyde”

  1. I wouldn’t. The alcohol only revealed what’s really inside her and it ain’t pretty. Also “misbehaving” is momentarily losing your cool over something trivial, not hours of spewing drunken hatred. Eventually she would turn that on you when you did something she didn’t like. She showed you who she is. Believe her.

  2. I would pass. She seems a bit much already and that’s without you getting sexual with her. Her emotions tend to intensify after sex. Leave her be.

  3. I would not avoid her. Explain to her in no uncertain terms what went wrong. ‘Misbehaving a little on the way home’ seems like a gross underestimation of her behaviour. She probably didn’t remember any of the bad bits, but she clearly has a problem with alcohol that needs addressing. When someone who seems perfect can’t hold on to a relationship, and doesn’t seem to understand why, there is usually a massive reason for this. This was your red flag.

  4. Well they say alcohol speaks truth and beauty is as beauty does and that chick was ugly as fuck!!
    I think you should consider yourself lucky she did drink on the first date and you got to see her true colors…Damn…bad enough being rude to servers etc but I do no understand racism at all !!

  5. This post makes me feel much less bad about deciding I’m not yet ready to date. That’s just terrible. It’s hard enough finding someone who strikes a good balance for me (liberal Christian woman) and often my Christian label often brings on a more conservative suitor who is MUCH MORE socially opposite from me. Racism is a hard, hard pass.

  6. Charles, you’ve chosen a couple of absolute winners, in my book, and I hope one of them ends up a keeper. As for this candidate for Dr. C’s psychotherapy practice, I’d say it’s hell to the NO.

    1. Thank you my friend. You are right. I will continue to document all of my crazy dates and relationships. But I really think I have something with Cherie. She seems amazing. I may have finally found love!

  7. Well, that was so funny! I think it’s good it all happened on the first date. You know for sure you would not want to go out with her again. You just saved yourself some precious time, money and heartache.

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