Kim – No Funny Business

Met up with a girl I’ve been dating before, but not really talked to in years. A couple of beers turns into a dinner date and things are generally going smooth. We talk, catch up on each others life and stuff… all smiles and jokes and even some sexy flirting remembering some good old times we spent together.

We compare future dreams and it seems like we are both in the same place in life with mutual goals. And I guess that’s where it’s getting more serious, as we both want a serious, loving relationship.

After dinner, I invite her to my place for some wine and she accepts with a smile, but she says (half-joking?) that doesn’t mean I’m “getting lucky”. I half joke back that the thought of that didn’t even occur to a gentleman such as myself, and we get in the cab. (Bold faced lie)

Now the cab ride home starts putting her to sleep which I of course don’t want to happen – since I am clearly not that gentleman I pretended to be just a minute ago. I can see how she tries to fight the sleepy feelings herself but the conversations is drying out.

We get to my place and she seem to like it. She asks for a glass of water and I get it to her at the same time as I’m uncorking the wine. I excuse myself to the bathroom and come back a minute later finding her all curled up in my sofa.. but with her head towards the armrest and her feet towards the middle of the sofa. Eyes half closed.

Now I guess here is where I maybe screw up a little as I decide to be that gentleman after all and turn on some music videos and let her come to me if she wants to. I sit in the middle of the sofa but she does not move towards me. But also, she is very sleepy. So I let her sleep for a bit while I drink some wine, surf my phone and just minding my own, trying not to watch her.

After a bit she wakes up and I offer her to stay over the night or if she wanted me to order a cab. She says sure she’ll stay. I say we could go to bed right away if she wanted to but she answered that she’d like to stay up for a bit longer. “Sure, but why don’t you come over here, I promise my arm is very comfortable too?”

She declines, saying “I told you – no funny business” and I assure her that nothing is going to happen unless she is taking the first step.

A second goes by… another… and then nothing. She stays. She stays over, but she stays away at the same time. Ok.

She wakes up on the sofa maybe a half hour later and I suggest we go to bed. She says ok, asks to borrow a t-shirt. Gave her t-shirt, she goes to the bedroom and changes and a minute later I go in their finding her, in bed, with her fucking jeans still on.

I kind of laugh it off and say that she can do however she wanted, but I’m not planning to rape her so she could undress if she would like to sleep like a normal person. She lays still.

Now if that isn’t a hint enough that she wanted to be left alone then nothing is. So I let her sleep. No touching. No nothing.

She woke up early and left a thank you by text as she left my place. Now I’m confused what the hell happened here.

And to be honest, I think I spent more energy writing this blog post than I’m going to spend on finding out what she was thinking. A gentleman does not interogate his dates.

I’m tired of being a gentleman.


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13 thoughts on “Kim – No Funny Business”

  1. It happens at times that we just need the company of a familiar and trustworthy person, and/or we do not want to go home. A gentleman’s warm dwelling is delightfully refreshing…

  2. I’m a huge fan of the phrase “it is what it is”; and this is one of those times that there is no way you can assume anything one way or the other. Obviously, the chemistry, ambiance, or whatever wasn’t there to go beyond what it was. And maybe her “thank you” was a sign of respect…maybe she left respecting you and giving her the opportunity to decide what she wants later.

    I dunno…sometimes it’s nothing and sometimes it’s something.

  3. My take on it is that she maybe wasn’t sure if she had “those” feelings for you. Maybe she was testing her waters and/or yours….waiting to see if “sparks” happened.

  4. I am not sure what was going on with her. All the above comments could be accurate but I wanted to say thank you. It is so nice to see that there are good men out there. She obviously was safe. If it were me, that would be huge brownie points for you. She may or may not be interested but if she is, she now knows for certain that you will respect her boundaries and that is a good thing either way. I hope you fins what you are looking for. You seem like a nice gentleman.

  5. I just think that’s the kinda weird thing for her to do…. I’m assuming that she didn’t live in a great distance away and it wasn’t too hard of a task for her to get home just strange really

  6. Maybe she was going through something, a heartbreak maybe and just needed the company of another man to make her feel good/ worthy. And she is not ready to just jump into bed with you because she does not feel good about it. She obviously trusts you to go back with you and I think you did really well here.

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