Dating and Relationship Advice – 10 Tips On How To Prevent Cheating In A Relationship

Cheating on your partner, it would seem, has become an accepted part of having a relationship, but it shouldn’t be. Cheating hurts and it betrays a trust, and there really is no excuse for it. But, cheating is often a symptom of a deeper problem in a relationship, so here we explore some of the things that can be done to prevent cheating in a relationship:

1. Understand and agree on the boundaries

What constitutes cheating can vary from person to person. Is it OK to dance with another person, kiss a person or give them a hug? Or, to your partner, does this mean that you have cheated? There needs to be a clear understanding of what cheating means to each of you, and then there can be no mistakes.

2. Be best friends, as well as starry-eyed lovers

It’s important to be good friends, as well as lovers. You need to be able to talk to one another openly or you will find that some things are being kept a secret.

3. Learn to grow and change together

Couples need to be able to grow, in their right, and together. Everyone needs new challenges and new opportunities, so pursue those together and no one will feel the need to go elsewhere to broaden their horizons.

4. Make staying faithful a no brainer

The best defence against cheating is to make the relationship so great, that your partner has too much to lose by cheating. Communication is the key here, talk to each other about what you want, and make sure that you take account of each other’s needs.

5. Keep things interesting and try new things together

Boredom is often cited as a reason for cheating, so keep things interesting and try different things. This is not just restricted to being adventurous in the bedroom! It also means going out to different places, taking up new hobbies and even changing the channel you watch on TV.

6. Be there for each other and listen

You’ve heard it before: ‘My wife / husband / boyfriend /girlfriend doesn’t understand me’. That is as much a symptom of not listening, as it is about not understanding. Listen, when your partner says ‘let’s do something different this weekend’, or they could be doing something different next weekend with someone else.

7. Don’t take your relationship for granted or you can find yourself surprised, and alone!

Don’t assume that your partner is happy and never assume that nobody else would put with them! Just because you would never consider living apart doesn’t mean that they feel the same way. Taking someone for granted is a sure way to finding yourself surprised, and alone.

8. Don’t be too controlling

Complaining, nagging and criticising can all add up to an unhappy relationship. You are in a sharing partnership and no one of you should be controlling the other. If you are trying to control your partner, you might find that they suffer in silence, until one day, they go elsewhere for solace.

9. Be sure to let your partner know that they are appreciated and loved

You may well love your partner, care about them and would never want to be apart from them. But, when did you last tell them that? It’s about taking things for granted again, so don’t assume that your partner feels loved, tell them that they are.

10. Don’t cheat on your partner!

Cheating means different things to different people, as we have already said. Men, in particular, are very sensitive to what they might see as cheating and, even if it’s only emotional, their way of hitting back can often be cheating in revenge. In the long run, no one wins by cheating. It is far better to just be honest.

Do you have some other relationship advice and tips on how to prevent cheating in a relationship?



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7 thoughts on “Dating and Relationship Advice – 10 Tips On How To Prevent Cheating In A Relationship”

  1. I wouldn’t say cheating has become an accepted part of a relationship. It happens but no one is happy about it.

    ‘What constitutes cheating can vary from person to person. Is it OK to dance with another person, kiss a person or give them a hug? ‘….if your partner won’t let you do any of these things, leave them, they are a control freak.

    Cheating can happen because after being together for years, a couple loses the ability to have those conversations, especially as they get older – certainly that’s what I see in the people I’ve met, guys want sex and they’ve just stopped asking because their wives aren’t interested so they start looking elsewhere. It’s as if sex stops being a part of the relationship, as if it wasn’t part of what brought the two of you together, and then one or the other of the relationship is too afraid to broach the subject.

    One of my favourite sayings is ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. You can get so used to someone that they become boring, a hindrance, a pain, because they stifle your ability to be yourself, to have freedom, to be individual. You can be a couple, yet still retain your individuality. Ever noticed how boring your friends get when they get into a serious relationship? They never want to do a lads/girls night out because suddenly it’s all about the partner. This sort of thing is exactly the problem.

    We forget that relationships have be worked on continuously to keep things on the right path, interesting and diverse. We settle into routine and get so comfortable that before we know it, all the life has gone out of the relationship. And that’s when problems can set in.

  2. Hot topic! Cheating at anything is never acceptable. Cheating in a relationship means sharing intimate things with someone other than your significant other. Texting, talking,sex…what ever it is you are breaking a bond. Personally I have been with my guy for 15 years. My motto is If I’m not talking to her, you better not be talking to her. There are ebbs and flows in any relationship but respect is not negotiable and if you respect someone you don’t lie to them. It’s better to just leave than break trust.

  3. I guess that you can call me a hypocrite when it comes to cheating. It is unacceptable that another man goes into the woman I’m seeing. It’s over if I find out that she been with someone else… on the other hand if the opportunity presents itself to sample another woman then I’ll take it…my woman won’t suspect a thing…

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