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A target’s name is her keepsake. To know it is a privilege and a curse. If she tells you her name she’s sharing a part of herself with you, and that in itself is important. The problem most guys have is our memory. It doesn’t matter how many time they tell us their name, we just don’t remember it. Every time we forget is like a slap in the face to the target. I recommend to most guys, don’t even bother asking for her name. You won’t remember it when she asks you.

The problem most guys have with remembering names is that we just don’t hear it in the first place. The bar can be crowded and loud, so rather than being rude and asking her to repeat, we just shake our heads in agreement that we understood. There’s no need to be embarrassed about it. It can be very flattering to the target that you are making such a big fuss in making sure you know her name.

Names are easy to remember, you just need to know a trick or two.

The first thing you want to do when the target tells you her name is to repeat it. Say it out loud as if you were asking a question, so the target will respond yes or no if you say her name correctly. This allows us to start the memory process. Repetition is the most common memory technique. Now that we are sure of their name, we want to be able to visualize their name. For example, if the target’s name was Heather, I would think of a heater. If her name was Amanda, I would think of a big dumb jock going, “Duh!”Stephanie would be stuffing falling out of a knee. Use your imagination, the more crazy the idea, easier it will be to remember.

We are a visual society, therefore, it’s easy to accept that most everyone is a lot better at remembering faces then they are at remembering names. First impressions are very helpful when it comes to remembering the targets name.When you look at her face, there is always one prominent feature that will stick out in your mind. A high forehead, big nose, small nose, gap tooth, nice smile, blue eyes, big ears, birthmark, whatever sticks out first remember it. Not only does that feature stick out now, buy also every time you see again after that. By studying her face, you are forcing yourself to remember what she looks like.

Now that we have her name and can visualize the name in our heads, and we have their most prominent facial feature, we want to link the two together. Suppose our target’s name is Heather and the thing we noticed about her was a high forehead. I want to visually link her name to her high forehead. I visualize scorching heat coming out of vents located on Heather’s forehead. You want to make this as ridiculous as possible. Let’s take Stephanie, suppose she has a gap in her front teeth. Again I want to visually link her name to the gap in her teeth. I visualize taking my knee and striking Stephanie in the face with it, knocking out a tooth, in place of blood, there is stuffing coming out of her mouth. The more ridiculous the visualization the easier it will be to remember. (Stuffing? Knee? Stephanie! Got it?)

Start practicing this concept as part of your daily routine and before you know, it will become second nature.

Does anyone out there have any other sytems to remember people’s names?


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  1. The one time I had a problem with a lady’s name was when I was in an exceptionally loud bar, in Sydney. Susan was exquisite and showed considerable interest in me-until I just.could.not.hear .her. name. After she had to almost shout it, we were in each other’s rear view mirror. That was in September, 1971. I haven’t had a problem with a lady’s name since then. Luck of the draw, I guess.

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