Dating and Relationship Advice – Discovering Modern Dating Slang

I like to pride myself on keeping up with new terminology and expressions. So I was disappointed to discover that I was unfamiliar with the new dating lexicon that seems to have suddenly popped up on social media.

How many terms do you recognize?



Sending out flirty, but non-committal, text messages (breadcrumbs) hoping to lure a partner without making much of an effort.



Creating a fake persona on social media with the intention of duping someone into an online relationship.


Cuffing Season

During the fall and winter months, some singles may wish to be “cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship.


Friends with Benefits

Two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved.



Ending a relationship with a friend by cutting off all contact and not providing any explanations.



Wearing a hat to cover up baldness, bad hair days, or other unfortunate hair situations. Goal: To trick people into thinking you’re more attractive.



You r-bomb a friend when you leave a message as “read” but don’t reply.



A relationship that is free of labels. It could be a friendship, partway between friendship and relationship, may include friends with benefits…It’s complicated!!!


Thirst Trap

Sharing a provocative picture on social media with the sole intention of getting attention. An ego-feeding exercise!



An old flame contacts you out of the blue.


Any others to add?



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