Dating and Relationship Advice – Rules and Etiquette When Dating

  1. Do NOT mention your EX on a date. Just.. just don’t. Don’t talk about how annoying he/she was or show pictures. It’s inappropriate and very stupid!
  2. Don’t get too personal. You want to leave a little bit of mystery and you also don’t want to overwhelm the other person. I’ve heard of guys that said they were addicted to drugs & gambling, I’ve had guys admit they were drug dealers. Just no.
  3. Don’t be on your phone the whole time.
  4. Don’t hit on or check out other girls/guys. Don’t talk about other girls or guys when you’re on a date. Instead of talking about others, you should talk about yourself & the person you’re with.
  5. Don’t make empty promises. Aka don’t fucking lie and make it seem like you want something more when we both know you don’t.
  6. Be yourself. Stop pretending to be something you’re clearly not. It’s pathetic & will make you transparent. The person will see you for what you really are eventually.
  7. Don’t get too drunk. We all know how we get when we drink. We’re nicer & more open. Pretty much the opposite of us when we’re sober. The next day when you’re both sober, you might hate each other.
  8. Pay attention to your date. If the girl is giving signs that she’s into you, give her more than just a kiss on the cheek. If she gets touchy-feely you might want to ask her to come up to your place. If the guy hasn’t made any moves toward you, maybe ask him if he’s interested in you. Or hell, just tell him to touch you & get it over with. Some guys cannot take hints & you have to just tell them because they’re so oblivious.
  9. Don’t split the bill. Not on the first date. Maybe the second date or maybe never!
  10. You can have sex with your date. There are ‘rules’ that say you shouldn’t but fuck that! If you want something, you go for it. Why wait for a second date that may never happen?


I hope this was helpful. I’d love to hear your feedback on this subject.


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4 thoughts on “Dating and Relationship Advice – Rules and Etiquette When Dating”

  1. Thanks again. Once again, you are wise. Unfortunately, it has been so long since I have had a decent date that I am about to give up.

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