Dating and Relationship Advice – Is the Number the Girl Gave You Real or Fake?

Getting the phone number of the cute blond across the room is what we shoot for each time we go out, but even after we go over and get her number, sometimes we’re left a little unsure that the number we got was actually real.

We don’t find out until two or three days later when we get around to calling that we find out she pulled a fast one over us.  Besides from making us look like a horse’s ass, it’s just a waste of our time.

Why spend the time calling up fake numbers, when you can be setting up a date with one of the many other girls whose number you got that night.  That’s why we don’t leave anything to chance.  Now it’s easy to just ask her, “Is this your real number?” but you always come off looking like an ass and it kills whatever sexual chemistry you were able to create with her to get her number in the first place.

Plus, girls lie, and they’re great at it, so they ‘ll tell you straight up to your face that it’s their number.

So next time use this little trick.  If she tells you her number and you either write it down or punch it into your cell phone, repeat it back to her, but as you are repeating the number back, mess up 1 or 2 digits on purpose.  If she really is giving you her number and really wants you to call, she’ll correct you on the spot.  It’ll look like this:

Her: “My number is 688-5170.”

You: “Got it, 688-5270.”

Her: “No, it’s 5170.”

One innocent misplaced digit, but it shows just sincere she really is.  If she doesn’t correct you, guess what, she could care less about you and doesn’t want to talk to you, so call her out on it and move on.  Being able to call her out can spark her interest and she may reward you with her actual phone number.  Also, do not rearrange the digits either, so if she gives you “688-5170″ do not repeat back, “688-5710.”  Those are to close together and it doesn’t always register in the brain that the order was mixed up because she heard the correct digits, and in a bar or club scene it can be loud in there, making it even harder for her to catch the little mix up.

If she writes her number down for you, same thing, read it back to her, purposefully messing up one digit.  You can banter her about her poor handwriting to cover it up.

One last thing, if you want to ask the cute waitress or bartender for her number but not quite sure how to do it, ask her if she has a pen and piece of paper you can borrow, they always do.  When they bring those two items to you say, “Ok, now that you got those, write your phone number down for me.”  It will get a smile out of them and it’s definitely one they haven’t heard before.

Also… if she gives you her number and you put in your cell, immediately share your contact info to that number via text. If you see she got your text, you’re good to go. (That’s my move)

I hope this was helpful. I’d love to hear your feedback on this subject.


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6 thoughts on “Dating and Relationship Advice – Is the Number the Girl Gave You Real or Fake?”

  1. You left out this twist (and what to do about it): when I was going out with my friends and a guy asked for my number…if I didn’t want to give it to him or I wasn’t quite sure, I would say “I don’t give my number out at bars. But you can give me yours and when I’m home and have time to think about maybe I’ll call you.”

  2. I actually like this. It is clever but you are not coming off as an ass. I have never given a fake number to someone. I can say no.

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