Dating and Relationship Advice – The Most Popular Way to Meet a Significant Other Has Nothing to Do With Online Dating


Is it time to say so long to swiping?

While dating apps are as popular as ever, they might not be the best way to meet a potential romantic partner. That’s the takeaway from a recent survey, which found that only 8% of people polled said that they hooked up with their significant other via online dating or a dating app.

What was the most common way for couples to meet? Through mutual friends, according to the survey, which was conducted by market research company ReportLinker. An impressive 39% of respondents replied that they met their spouse this way—just like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Meeting at work came in second place, with 15% of respondents answering that they met their significant other at the office. Next on the list was in a bar or public area (12%), through a sport/religion/hobby events (9%), family (7%), and school (6%). Just 1% of poll takers said that they met their beloved at a speed-dating event.

The poll results cast doubt on the prospect of finding lasting love online, and instead relying on friends (or your local pub) to help you find The One. When asked what they thought was the main drawback of online dating, 30% of single respondents said that potential love interests on sites and apps were “not serious” and 21% said “more lies.”

Still, singles continue to search for a significant other digitally. Respondents who said that they were currently dating online had a profile up on an average of 2.4 websites.

The results were based on replies from 501 singles and 551 coupled-up people in the U.S. Speaking of couples, the survey also found that 6% of the people who described themselves as having a spouse were still registered on a dating website or app.


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7 thoughts on “Dating and Relationship Advice – The Most Popular Way to Meet a Significant Other Has Nothing to Do With Online Dating”

  1. I think, regardless of the polls, people will continue to try to match online because we have become socially lazy. We’re used to pressing a button and something is ours, like online shopping. I don’t doubt online dating is the same. I’ve heard the laziness also extends into dating. Lots of people won’t even consider looking outside their immediate area because travelling is such ‘hard work’. The effort factor investing in a good relationship has dropped to below zero.

  2. I met my late wife at a Native American healing ceremony. If I were to meet anyone else, it’d probably be at a similarly arcane event. It would most definitely NOT be online.

  3. Unfortunately, for some, online dating is the ONLY way to meet a potential mate. Introverts who don’t go to the bar, church or have a lot of friends find it difficult to meet someone in a real world setting. They then complain that the online dating does not produce lasting results. Most people with profiles in an online dating site are just searching for ‘hookups’ or they are people who have commitment issues. People who have a tendency to have one foot out the door at all times looking for something better. Or like the above comment, there is NO effort to actually try and woo a partner or date. Everyone is just a number.

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