Dating and Relationship Advice – How to Make Your Relationship Stronger with 15 Simple Methods

Learning how to make your relationship stronger is all about working together. You’re a partnership. That means you each have to put forth the same effort in order to make it strong and successful.

When it comes to longevity, knowing how to make your relationship stronger certainly helps. Here’s how you can make your relationship last forever.

Not all relationships start out on great terms. You may be happy at first and then after that honeymoon phase ends, you’re left struggling to keep things together. But if you really care about that person, you want to know how to make your relationship stronger so it can last.

You’re not alone in feeling this. A lot of people have to work hard to figure out how to grow as a couple. Relationships are hard work in general. The fact that you’re trying and putting forth an effort to make things better already shows so much.

The key to a healthy relationship is trying

That’s it. It’s simply trying. A lot of people will say communication saves a relationship, and while that’s completely true, making an effort is the very first step. As long as two people are trying, progress will be made and the relationship will improve.

Those who don’t try have already lost. Without putting forth any effort, nothing can get better. Someone who isn’t trying is a person who doesn’t care. And when one person doesn’t care, the relationship is already over. [Read: 20 ingenious ways to keep a relationship exciting]

How to make your relationship stronger so it can outlast anything

You will have to go through tough times together. That’s just the reality of relationships. But the stronger your relationship, the better chance you have of making it. Here’s how you can bond more, delve deeper, and make your relationship as strong as it can be.

#1 Talk to each other. I know you do talk to your partner. I mean to talk about more than just the weather and how your days were. Ask for details and really listen to them. Usually, people mean an awful lot more than what they say and by talking regularly, you’ll learn to read between the lines. [Read: 15 things to talk about in a perfect relationship]

#2 Show how much you care. Don’t just say it. Words hardly mean anything if there aren’t actions to back them up. So do nice things and show your significant other they’re in your life because you really want them to be. They’ll be grateful and happy to see it.

#3 Talk about the important stuff. With this, I mean you have to talk to each other about the deep stuff. Discuss how you feel about major issues and make a point to dig deep. Staying strong is about staying close and this is how to do that. The more you talk about difficult things, the better.

#4 Always work to improve your sex life. Sex is a major part of any healthy, happy relationship. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. That being said, you’ll have to work hard in order to keep it fun and exciting.

If you’re both always trying to improve and make things better, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be unhappy with things. Talk about what you both need and then follow through with your plans to make it better. The better your sex life, the stronger you’ll be together. [Read: 30 ways to keep your sex life the best it can be]

#5 Stay playful. Keep your fun, flirting attitude alive throughout the relationship. It’s usually present for the first few months and then fizzles out. Don’t let it. The more you’re able to sit back and laugh together, the stronger your relationship will be.

#6 Be romantic whenever you can. Romance is needed in all relationships. Once again, this is something that’s usually really strong in the beginning but goes away over time. The key to learning how to make your relationship stronger is finding new ways to be romantic and loving toward your partner.

#7 Always show your appreciation. It doesn’t have to be a big display, but a simple “thank you” can go a long way in making your relationship stronger. When your partner’s actions are appreciated and they know it means a lot to you, they’ll keep doing them.

Plus, the more they do for you, the more you’ll want to do for them. It’s an endless cycle of both of you giving to each other. That can never be bad for a relationship. [Read: 16 ways to show your appreciation for someone you love]

#8 Fully discuss your arguments. Arguing and then forgetting about it is pointless. In fact, it makes things much worse. The more you fight and then don’t figure out the real issue, the further apart you’ll grow. Meaning, your relationship will be very weak. Fully talk about your problems and come to a conclusion about them.

#9 Try getting to know them more every day. We change a lot as time goes by. The person you were when you first entered your relationship might be different than who you are today. The same is true for your partner.

#10 Laugh at the embarrassing, silly stuff. When you’re in a long-term relationship, stuff can get messy. You get very up close and personal with many things about your partner.

You have to be able to laugh off those embarrassing moments and move on. Your relationship will be really strong if you can always do this. [Read: How to smile and laugh more to improve your life and relationship]

#11 Always go on dates. Date night isn’t really an option. You have to have them. Even if you can only go twice a month instead of once a week, it’s important that you both carve out time to be intimate with one another.

Making it a priority is essential. Don’t back out on date night unless your reason is really important. And even then, make it up to them.

#12 Do things they love but you don’t. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices. They might really want to go see that new action movie you think looks awful. Take one for the team and go ahead and do it. They’ll do the same for you. The more selfless you are, the stronger your relationship will be.

#13 Acknowledge when things aren’t okay. Every relationship has hard times. That’s okay. Be the person who decides to open up and talk about it. Most people have a hard time with this and will end up holding everything inside. That’s the last thing you want. So discuss when things are bad and you want them to be better. [Read: 10 big problems in relationships and how you can fix them]

#14 Stay patient and learn how to forgive fully. Holding grudges really isn’t a great thing for relationships. You have to be able to forgive and then mean it. You also want to work on staying patient with your partner. Everyone has issues they might need to work through before they can make a relationship stronger.

#15 Always try to impress them, no matter how long you’ve been together. This is one of the best pieces of advice for learning how to make your relationship stronger. Keep trying. Always work on impressing one another. The more you do this, the happier you’ll both be and the stronger your relationship will become.

[Read: 34 ways to build a stronger bond in your relationship]

Learning how to make your relationship stronger is all about working together. You’re a partnership. That means you each have to put forth the same effort in order to make it strong and successful.


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Cherie – Chapter 16 – Brief Repose

Cherie is off for winter break from school, so she has some flexibility. Not much, but a little. She was able to come downtown today to meet me for lunch. If my daughter Lorelei was working the lunch shift instead of dinner at her job today, lunch with Cherie would have been a completely different experience.

But I’m always happy to see my love. Cherie had an appointment in the morning. She texted me to say she was finished and available to meet. We met at 17th and Chestnut. It was raining today and I remembered my umbrella this morning, but forgot it when I left the office for lunch. So this time, instead of me sharing my umbrella with her like on our first date, she was sharing her purple one with me. I’m holding it over her head. She doesn’t seem to mind the rain as usual.

We arrive at Devil’s Alley. It’s a little after 11am, which is brilliant because the place is dead. The food at Devil’s is great, but the service has always been a little slow. It’s been that way for years. But… if you get there early it’s a whole different story. The place is dead.

The host gets off the phone and asks us where we want to sit. I say upstairs and up the steps we go. We get a nice quiet table in the back. Our server is on point with the specials, but we know what we want. We order the amazing dry rub wings to start. I think they’re the best in the city. She goes with the blue cheese burger and I get the pulled pork sliders. Mine comes with coleslaw and hers with fries. She likes slaw and I like fries, so we’ve got the perfect share plate.

It’s really nice to see her. She’s wearing her glasses today and she looks sexy smart. I tell her than I noticed she wore her contacts last time we were together. “That’s so I could see you!”  she says. I tell her that men are visual animals and it’s always better in bed when we can see our partner.

“I know, that’s why I woke you up at 6am last Saturday to fuck me again, so you could see me.” she says.

I just laugh as the waiter approaches. She loves to play with me like that. It only makes me want her more. But we’re in a restaurant, and our next intimate encounter is a week away.

We’re chatting about the holidays and life. She finally got a new phone from her dad for christmas. She loves it. I don’t know what she had before, but she didn’t like it. It seemed like it was always going dead. She whips out the iPhone 7 and it is brand new. My phone seems old in comparison. (As long as it works I don’t care what kind of phone I have) It’s lean and slim like her.

I’m happy to be having lunch with her. Just sitting across the table from her is wonderful. Looking into her eyes and holding her hand. She never wants anything. She didn’t even want anything for Christmas. I had a glorious Christmas with her, but the gifts we exchanged didn’t come from a store. She says she really doesn’t want things. She’s happy with what she has. If she wants something, she’ll work and save for it. I asked her if she and her son’s father ever exchanged gifts at Christmas. She said they did, but it was no big deal. She said that she would rather see him put the money for her gift towards something else for her son. That’s really sweet and selfless.

It’s a good week for me to spend time with her. Work is slow. The rain has stopped, so after lunch we head down to the store to get a case for her new phone. I can’t believe how expensive some of these cases are now. That’s a cottage industry unto itself. I saw cases that were over sixty dollars! For a hunk of plastic? That seems like a ripoff to me, but if you drop one of these new elegant phones on the pavement…

The sales girl who was helping us showed the strength of  the case on her phone. While talking to us, she literally tossed the phone like twenty feet away. It bounced against the front of the counter. She goes over and picks up the phone and it was fine. We were sold. I found it a brilliant sales tactic and I congratulate the girl.

Cherie picks out a winner and it’s the same make as mine. (Otter Box)

The rain has stopped. Cherie says she has to use the restroom. I know where every liquor store and clean bathroom is in Philly. “Follow me.” I take her to Sofitel. They have super clean and very private bathrooms. It’s the only place my buddy Church will go for an ‘away game!’ The Ritz Carlton has my other favorite bathrooms in the city. You gotta know stuff like this when you live in a city.

Cherie’s been working so many hours at her two hospital jobs, that I can see that she’s just tired. I think between finals at school, raising her son, and all the hours she works, it’s taking a toll on her. She says that she may have to leave the one job once school starts again, because it’s just too much. Sometime you have to choose between money and health. I really care about her and her well-being is far more important to me than anything else. She did really well in school this past semester, so she’s moving forward with her education.

She said she walked past a place called the Velvet Lily earlier today. I know the place and the owner. It’s a high-end sex shop down in Midtown Village. They sell all sorts of toys and what not. I tell her we’re too far to go back down there, because I have to be at the salon at 3pm and she has a 2:38 train to catch. But there’s a place on Walnut called The Passional that has stuff like that. I have never set foot in the place, but Cherie loves sex and I may get some ideas based on what she looks at in the store.

We go in, and it’s downstairs from a head shop called Wonderland. First thing I see is a bunch of silly bachelorette party crap. Which I find sort of obnoxious. Cherie isn’t interested in it either. I point out a wedge-shaped pillow that improves the angle of things during sex. “As if you don’t twist me and flip me around every which way enough?” She smiles. I laugh and move on. The store isn’t that good, and I wonder how they stay in business. Don’t most people buy all this stuff online now? I’m thinking about getting some things, and I can probably just go through Amazon.

It looks like Cherie is unenthused in regard to this store, so we leave. I think it’s cute that she always asks where we’re going because she doesn’t know her way around Philly. I always assure her where we are, and where we’re going, and when we’ll get to where we have to be. I don’t mind it at all. She makes so many decisions every day, that she likes relying on me to do all of that when we’re together.

We know it’s coming. The time when we’ll have to part. I take her into the BNY Mellon building to escape the damp chilly day. I know the whole Suburban Station network like the back of my hand. I can even tell you at any point where we are in relation to the street level when I’m down there. Like my father before me, I’m an explorer. My dad could always find ways to locate things and shortcuts to everywhere. That’s when having anxiety and OCD are a good thing. You’re always looking for and angle or an alternate escape route.

I take her to her train platform and we sit down on one of the red metal benches. I’m close to her. I take her hands in mine. The train is coming soon. I kiss her neck, and whisper to her:

“I miss you already.”

She whispers back. “We’ll be together soon.”

A slight breeze. It’s coming. A light appears down the track, and the train roars into the station. We rise and I walk her over to the door.

We kiss, and she’s gone.


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