Wildwood Daze – Summer of 1977 – Anna Marie – The Awakening – Part 1

I was working as a pool boy at the El Morro Motel in North Wildwood, New Jersey for the summer. (See: Wildwood Daze – 1977 – El Morro Motel)

I had already gone on my landmark date with Terri. Truly a watershed moment in my then brief dating life. (See: Wildwood Daze – 1977 – Terri – First Love)

Anna Marie was an older girl who lived next door to the motel. I was 14 going on 15 and she was already 16 years old. That’s a leap during your formative years.

She was an attractive Italian girl with a buxom body. Girls my age were usually slender and developing. This girl already had hips and breasts. She was more woman and less girl. Up to this point I had little romantic contact with any girls. I was still mired in puberty.

One of my jobs at the motel was to bring in the cushions from the pool area every night at 7pm. I worked at the pool area each morning till about noon, but I would go back every night at night to do that too. I didn’t mind. Also, while I was there on Mondays I would have to take out the trash. The trash cans were kept in a little area behind the hotel. They were usually filled with bottles and tourist trash. I would carry the cans down a little concrete walkway along the side of the motel and then out to the curb.

That little walkway went along the length of the property where Anna Marie lived. I started to notice her sitting on her porch at night when I’d be at the motel. She’d be just hanging out in her bathing suit or a pair of shorts and a tube top.

At 16 she looked hot as fuck.

I was but a boy but she would wave and started saying hi to me. For some reason even though I’m good with women, I never can sense when they’re attracted to me. I could go out on five plus dates with a woman even now, and I’ll have no idea that she wants me to have sex with her the second time we go out. I think when a woman decides she’s into you, it’s like a switch gets thrown.

Plus, I love romance and dating. I’m more focused on getting to know her and falling for her than bedding her. If you’re sincere sex becomes and ineviteble mutual celebration, not  transaction or even wose, a conquest.

So you can imagine what an idiot I was at 14 years old. I thought this older Italian hottie was just being neighborly. I swear to God I did.

She started to speak to me more when she would see me, and it always seemed that she was on that porch when I was taking out the trash. What I didn’t know was she knew what my schedule was and would make sure she was on the porch when I walked by. But of course I was too dumb to pick up on her vibes, because no girls liked me before this and there was no way that a girl would actually pursue me. (Especially an older girl!) I was too much of an ugly loser back then.

But all of that was changing.

I had a job. Top braces were off. Skin had cleared up. I was tan, fit and my hair was really blonde from the sun. Not a bad-looking kid now.

I was up the street one night at an arcade called Botto’s. A retired Philly cop and his wife owned the place. They were just lovely people. My friends and I would always hang out there. Practically every day. We’d play songs on the jukebox and play pinball. It was one of my favorite places on Earth in the summertime. I probably hung out there every summer for maybe a decade.

I was there one day doing my thing and Anna Marie walks in with her sister. Her sister was a bigger girl, probably 18 years of age. So to me at 14 she was basically a woman.

Anna Marie comes over and starts chatting. Of course I can’t take my eyes off my game of pinball. We just talk about local stuff and what not.

“Do you want to go to the beach with me tomorrow?”

“Umm, sure Anna Marie.”

“Can we go after 2pm because that’s when I’m done my chambermaid job at the Lolipop Motel.”

“Sounds good. I’ll come by your house around then and we’ll go.”



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