Cherie – Chapter 17 – The Fountain of Youth

Once again it has been two weeks without my girl. Between my schedule and hers, it’s just been impossible. She’s had finals at Temple. Crushing late night hours at Children’s Hospital, her job at the pediatrician’s office, and raising her son… it’s been nuts. Add in that I’ve been working nine to five at the institute, and nights at the tanning salon, I’ve been a ghost in my own life.

Throw the holidays into the mix and it’s nearly impossible to schedule anything. I saw all of my family last weekend, and she had her holiday party the same day. It was a glorious day to see all of my sisters, cousins, nieces and nephews. Cherie said she also had a blast at her work party. Her whole family will be together, and her brother and his wife are flying in from Japan this weekend, so it’s going to be non stop frivolity.

It was Friday and I worked the whole day at the institute, then on to the salon until eight. Church made a surprise appearance. It was great to see him and have some company. It always makes the night go faster. (See : Church – Brand Ambassador) I had a very busy couple of weeks and was feeling a bit tired. I took the Saturday shift at the salon for Trish so she could visit her family for the weekend. (See: Trish – The She Wolf)

I had stopped in to see Trish on Wednesday before I was meeting my buddy Spinner at the Flyers game. I had totally forgotten that I told her I’d work Saturday for her. She almost started crying right there in the salon. She really wanted to spend time with her folks. I jumped on the phone and moved a few things around and let Cherie know we had from 8pm Friday to 10:30am Saturday. I felt bad that I had forgotten about what I promised Trish, and wasn’t about to back out on a promise or a friend in need. I assume I was half in the bag when she asked me, because I usually put everything in my calendar. Anyway, it all worked out and Trish still loves me.

So I’d close tonight and then have to go in open tomorrow. I looked forward to just going to my favorite bar and maybe having a drink or two if my buddy, Tusk was working. But ultimately I just wanted to go home, sit in my chair, drink and smoke cigarettes, then sleep in on Sunday.

I’m very happy with my relationship with Cherie. I enjoy our time together, but we don’t see each other all of the time. So it’s intense when we’re together, but there’s plenty of downtime in between. I like being with her and it’s always magic, but I like not having the constant obligation of having to spend a bunch of time with her because we’re simply too busy.  She’s been great about it and I appreciate that kind of patience in a woman. Like I’ve said since I started writing about us, she’s so sweet and chill, and just easy to love. We’ve been texting, and I can see that she’s getting the itch to spend some quality time with her man. I’m tired, but I’m down if we can make it happen. She’s been texting things like, “I’m so horny I can’t think straight.” So I’d better take care of her soon.

We coordinate our schedules and obligations, and settle on tonight when I close the salon. I tell her I have to open the next morning at 11am, but she’s fine with it. So when she arrives we will spend exactly fourteen and half hours together.

I’m glad we were able to make it happen.

“I don’t think I could have waited three weeks to see you. I was ready to beg.” she says. No need to beg. But that’s hot. I’m pretty lucky to be at this place in my life and I still have the charm to earn the love and devotion of a beautiful young lady.

She arrives just as I’m about to close the salon. I tell her to come up and meet Church. He’s eager to meet her. They have some things in common. Her father and brother are Navy guys, she drives a Saab, and is studying neuroscience. Church was a Navy corpsmen specializing in neuroscience, used to drive a Saab, and loves black women.

Cherie comes in, comes right to me first and gives me a smooch. I make the introduction and they start chatting. I’ve been talking to him about how great she is, and I’m glad they finally get to meet. I’m still waiting for one of our best clients to finish tanning, close out the register, and send the credit card batch for the night.

We finally get rid of the last one and I finish up. Church says goodbye because he knows it’s game time for me and baby.


Stay tuned for Cherie – The Fountain of Youth – Part 2, tomorrow!


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