Sun Stories – Lily – Nice to Meet You? – Chapter 2

I’m typing away and I get a text from Lily.

“I slept through my alarm. I am so sorry. Jeez. Ugh I’m so sorry.”

” I understand. What do you want to do Lily?”

“Um not sure. I just woke up.”

“Not tonight. I’ve been home since 9:15.”

“Yea, now I owe you one. I’m not normally this irresponsible.”

“It’s okay. I got to have 2 lovely chardonnays with my favorite bartender and the bill was only $5!”

“Oh wow! How?”

“I get the hookup around the city.”

“That’s awesome.”

“Do you want to try again, Lily?”

“Yes I do. Was looking forward to it. Just have been really sleepy today and was trying to power nap before going.”

“Okay. I forgive you. Things happen. You needed the rest. Next Monday at 8:30?


What’s your email?”

(She provides it immediately. (I like that. Now I have court advantage over her.)

“Did you think I’d be mad, Lily?”

“I mean it’s just rude in general. Upset if anything.”

“Please don’t be. I knew something must have happened.”

“No. No excuse. I owe you one now.”

“Okay. I just sent you a calendar invite.”

“Okay cool. My roommate thought I was meditating, lol!”

“Lol. I haven’t been stood up since the 90’s!”

“Yea. It wasn’t on purpose though. If that changes anything.”

“Nothing’s changed. I’m fine. I don’t go out much anymore and it was really nice to chat to my favorite bartender. Looking forward to seeing you next week. You should also come into the salon and tan if you’d like!”

“Oh good. I am sorry again. Me too! I need to come in and tan.”

“All good. All is forgiven. We’re fine!”

“Okay good.”


And for now… It ends there. We’ll see what happens next week! Stay tuned. I think there’s more here than meets the eye!

She did say she had to be somewhere at 9:30 tonight. What happened to that?



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