Claire – Loop Line Girlfriend

Philadelphia, PA – 1978

Claire was a lovely girl I met on my rise to greatness.  My friend Anthony gave me a list of phone numbers that I could call and meet girls on. This all seems insane now. But there is a thing that exists in the ’70s called the loop line.

You actually pick up your phone on your landline and call a number and in 1978 there is a bunch of kids on that phone that can talk to each other. I don’t even know what it is or how it worked.

It’s some open line in the Bell telephone system where you can dial in numbers and talk to strangers.

I chatted with a few people. Think about it. You dial in and the line could be totally quiet. Then you would hear a click and say hello. Someone would be on the other end of the line.  It’s kinda 1970’s precursor to Tinder.

It was forty years ago. Kids going on the landline phone at home and meeting other kids.

That’s where I met Clare. The pretty slender schoolgirl from St Hubert’s High school. Was this for real? We connected on the loop line and exchanged phone numbers.

We set up a day to meet. She started walking down Cottman Street south and I started walking north. She lived further east in Northeast Philly that I did. I sort of lived on the edge near Cheltenham.

It was a long walk on foot. But I really wanted to meet her. Back then you didn’t know even what the other person looked like. Before you left your house you had to describe what you looked like and what you’d be wearing.

I made it. Claire was slender, freckled and lovely. I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m fresh off of Terri and Star Wars.

She said her knees are cold in her school uniform. I loved Catholic schoolgirls and their legs. This girl is adorable. There’s something erotic about it and I always liked it from when I was a boy.

We go back to Clare’s place and go into her basement. We listen to Kiss Alive One and she gives me the record. Huge move. I am a huge closet Kiss fan and I like this baby and she just gives me the record. I accept the gift and take it home. It turns out to be an incredible record that I have loved forever.

I tell Clare I’m in a band but it’s a lie I have been telling for two years, I did it just to impress girls because it’s what I wanted to be, but was not. I was a failure. Nothing. A liar and a loser. That was me.

but I knew somehow I would become my dream. I just needed the chance to make it happen.

I would meet with lovely Claire.

we would sit on the steps of churches or wherever we could hide and make out. We would literally spend hours making out. Our teen tongues swirling in each other’s mouths. Inhaling carbon dioxide.

My hands gently squeezing her plump, ripe breasts as Claire moans in my ear.

She would turn to the side and her breast would fall into my hand and she liked it because it felt good.

I loved making out with fifteen year old Clare. Sometimes she would wear tiny shorts and the bottom crescents of her buttocks would be sticking out. I would cup them in my hands and squeeze while we kissed.

Funny, I never thought of the notion of finding out a way to have sex with Clare. It almost never entered my mind. I don’t think either of us were mentally ready for intercourse. It was just fun to kiss her and feel her up. That’s about as sexually advanced as I was. I discovered masturbation when I was around twelve so I knew the mechanics of sex, but I wasn’t ready to have sex with a girl yet.

I think time and distance broke the relationship. But now that I think about it, even back then, I liked to keep women I liked at a distance. I wanted a cute girlfriend to kiss and touch, but I think Clare got really clingy. She was coming down to my neighborhood too much and I got tired of her. It seems my best relationships are long distance.

I guess you could say she was my very first girlfriend. Terri was just a date, (I loved Terri though) and maybe a few other girls at the shore were dates. Anna Marie was just a girl I fooled around with and made out with. She turned me on, but I never considered her a girlfriend. Just a fun hookup.

We sort of drifted apart. I don’t even remember us breaking up. We were only fifteen. She lived pretty far away and maybe the summer happened and I went to Wildwood all summer.

I do remember running into her on Morey’s Pier in Wildwood, NJ that summer. I remember my sister Janice coming home and I’m with Clare in the dark on the sofa making out with her like crazy.

But now that I write this I realize that Clare was first. I can’t believe I missed that. I wonder what she’s doing today? Probably married with a few grown kids.

I hope she’s happy and healthy.

Clare, if you ever read this… Thank you for your love and affection.


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