Dating and Relationship Advice – Want to Meet More Women? Change Your Routine

Humans are creatures of habit. We tend to get into a daily routine and stick with it until something comes along and shocks us out of it such as a new job or start/breakup of a relationship. We like to be comfortable. Going to new places, meeting new people, trying new things takes a lot of people out of their comfort zone. To avoid feeling out-of-place they stick to their daily routines. We’re all victims of it, it’s not a bad thing, but now that we know, we can take advantage of this phenomenon and use it to increase the number of women we meet, the number of dates we go on, and our overall success with women in general.

Think about your average day during the week. You wake up, make breakfast, read the newspaper. Around 8:30 you realize it’s time to goto work so you hop in the car, take the same route. Talk to your buddy at the water cooler for 20 minutes, take a lunch break. After work you swing by the gym for a quick session, then head home. Then the weekend comes, you and the boys get together, but you always start off at the same local bar for a few drinks, before going to the same night club, running into the same girls, running the same game, going with home with the same girl, again.

When you read this what sticks out in your mind? Everything is the same. The same friends, the same people, the same girls each week. No wonder you are having trouble meeting any new girls, because you have already met them all. So we are going to fix this problem by changing things up. We might try going to bed an hour earlier so that in the morning we can get up and run around the local park. Get to work about 30 minutes earlier when fewer people are there, so not only can you take care of some quick work but you can leave early. That 30 minutes will help you beat the rush and get to the gym when a different crowd is working out. Maybe there is an aerobics class just getting out around that time and you can schedule yourself to be in the area when the class gets out possibly noticing a new girl or two. Take a night off the gym, check out the local library, looking for a book nerd or two who isn’t into the bar scene but can get you drunk off her knowledge and insight. Instead of meeting up at the local bar with the boys, try the new club up the street. Yeah everyone might not know who you are, but you can easily change that with a round or two of quarters. Why stay in town that weekend. Pick a direction and drive. Everyone can pitch in for a hotel room and you sleep where you fall. The point is, the more you change your routine on a day-to-day basis, the more women you will run into, the more women you will have a chance to talk to, and the more women you will be going out on the town with. Changes don’t have to be big, subtle is fine. 30 minutes in either direction is enough time to see fresh faces that you may have never seen before.

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Cherie – Chapter 21 – Shark Week – Part II – Blood in the Water

“It’s okay, I can always tell how you feel by your eyes.”

I’m standing in Suburban Station, and my lady steps from the train. We embrace. I’m happy to see her. It’s cold out, so we stay underground as long as possible. I ask her if she’s hungry. She had mentioned in a text that she liked salmon, and if baby wants salmon, then salmon it is.

But she says she’s fine. She says she’d just like to lie down and rest after her busy week.

We make the painfully cold walk back to my house. I feel like I should have held her longer. Kissed her when I saw her. But I did nothing. Just a hug like and old friend. I’ll think about this.

“I’ve thought about this and I’ve also spoken to Cherie about it. I apologized to her for not being a little more intimate when I greeted her at Suburban Station.

She said, “It’s okay, I can always tell how you feel by your eyes.”

Ok. Let’s hold it right there. That’s a landmark statement. She’s already learned to read me. That’s really perceptive. I like that she sees me on that level.

We make it back to the bat cave. We go through the triple lock doors, the vestibule and into the hallway. There is a curving stairway up to the apartment. I penetrate the lock and we’re in. Lorelei’s stuff is usually everywhere a little bit. But every time I have brought Cherie, she never notices anything about the apartment. She never says anything about the place at all. Nothing. No decor, or how old it is or anything. I bring her in. The apartment is always dark. I hit the flashlight on my phone. and I tell her to follow me.

Watch your step. You’re in Rittenhouse. The building is one hundred and thirty years old. She never says anything. I take her hand and tell her to follow me. I flick on the bathroom light as I approach my bedroom.

I hit the switch and my bedroom and it is bathed in warm yellow light. I walk to the windows. I draw the blue drapes. I have these new drapes in my bedroom. It’s weird. It’s like Sinatra is coming to play at Caesars, so we need to redecorate the place because the chairman of the board is coming home.

Once I started dating sweet Cherie, I went to town. New sheets. (Dude. You have to) Curtains. (I know they are useless but they look cool) cleaned the whole cave, top to bottom, candy, candles, blankets so baby is happy and doesn’t get cold.

Cherie smiles, and gives me that little glance that tells me so much.

I take her coat and she drops her bag. She sits on the bed. “It’s so nice to be here.” She lays back. I begin removing her boots. Then her jeans. Her beautiful brown legs are slowly revealed to me.

We get under the covers and slowly during kisses and “I love yous” the rest of our garments are removed.

Cherie had made it clear to me days ago that there would be no swimming in the water during shark week. I told her I’m okay with all of those things, but she was adamant. I don’t have a problem with that. I respect her wishes and her body. I’m just happy to be holding her and kissing her full ripe lips at this moment.

But I know how Cherie feels about me, and how much she loves sex. Being the most sexually charged woman I’ve ever met, I think it’s going to be harder for her to hold up her end of the deal than me. But I will do whatever she wants. I actually was looking forward to taking it easy with her this weekend.

Instead of the usual, “It feels like I’m training for the sex olympics every other weekend” But I did make a bet with my buddy Church the other day. He said intercourse would happen during shark week. I told him I wasn’t going to push the issue, but I would offer an option.

So Cherie and I are in bed, and wonderful things are happening. I can tell that once we begin any physical contact with each other, sparks begin to fly. I tell her I have a dark brown towel. I can put it under her on the bed. We can turn the lights down, or off if she likes. I will not look down at any time. When the act is complete, I will cover up, and go to the bathroom to clean up. She in turn can pick up the towel and hold it against herself and go to the bathroom right after me.

She agrees. The sex as always, is glorious. We both keep to the agreement. It works out really well. My lady’s dignity has been retained. Nobody has to think a murder was committed in the bathroom.

During our time that evening, she does follow through with what she said she would do. There were times she was very active with me and I just laid back and enjoyed it. You never want your woman to give you the best oral you’ve ever had, because that would mean she has had a LOT of practice. But Cherie does it not like it’s a job that has to be done to please her man. She performs it like she truly loves doing it.

It is exquisite.

We’re all normally pretty good at things we like to do, and Cherie must really like doing that to me.

Instead of the crazy marathon sex every two or three hours this time, we actually have some fun and then get some sleep. I’m very pleased by this evening.

It’s just nice to sleep next to my beloved.

The next morning, Cherie gets the towel from the bathroom, and folds it a different way so we can go again. We do and it’s fire. I love morning sex. Just good raw energy. Snow is falling outside as the temperature rises in my bedroom.

After a bit we decide to get up because there are things to do. First order of business is to take this girl out to breakfast. I’m always ravenous for breakfast after a night with my Nubian queen.

While Cherie is in the shower, I get dressed and make the bed. For two years, my bed has been nothing but a place of sleep for me. Now, it’s once again a gateway to the love and magic we make.


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