Dating and Relationship Advice – Men – Make A Good & Lasting Impression

Here is some dating advice for men… women love a gentleman. There are a few simple things that you can do as you prepare for your date, pick her up and how you treat her that will make a good and lasting impression on that special girl.

Preparing for your night out starts with an acceptance. Asking a special girl out can take a lot of courage, however it is worth the gamble. When you are asking her out, be confident, have a game plan and be true to yourself. It is okay to be creative, however a simple, “Would you like to go out with me?” works really well as dating etiquette.

Once she has accepted, it is time for you to get ready. Plan ahead. This is very good dating advice for men. It is so important that you decide what you are going to do and where you are going before you leave. If you need reservations for the restaurant, make them. If you need to know what time an event starts, find out. A girl is very impressed by a man that has a plan.

The day has arrived and it is time for you to get ready. You want to impress this girl right? Make sure you are clean and smell good. Get a haircut if you need to. It is worth a little bit of extra time and care. She will notice how you smell, if you shaved, and how your hair looks. Take some time also for some fashion etiquette. There are things that are important to girls, like matching clothes and nice shoes (they always look at your shoes). Your clothing and dress are a true reflection of how much you care to be out with her. Be sure to dress for the occasion. There is no need to show up in a tuxedo when you are going out for a fun dinner and entertainment.

Next, be on time. A girl may make you wait, it is in their nature. However you should never make them wait. If indeed something comes up that will delay you (traffic, work, mom calls at the last second) make sure you call her to explain. Give her an estimated time of arrival. This is good dating manners. When you do arrive, be complimentary and courteous with her. Tell her she looks nice. She will feel so special even before you walk out the door.

Always be a gentleman. Some women are not used to a man treating them with respect. You will have the advantage if you do simple things for her. Opening the car door is a great start. Make sure she is comfortable. As you arrive at your destination, hold open that door too. Allow her to go first and then help her be seated at the table. Be sensitive to each woman’s reaction. Some women are not used to men doing things for them. If they are absolutely not comfortable with it, then just be courteous.

First date conversations can be a little tricky to negotiate. Read up on current events and things that you know she is interested in. Ask just enough questions to make her feel like you are interested in who she is and what she likes. Be a good listener. It doesn’t do the conversation any good for you to ask a question and not know what she has said. It is okay to talk about sports and what you are interested in, however if she is clearly not interested, move on to the next subject. Good dating advice for men is no swearing, no arguing and no talking about other girls.  Be respectful, even if you don’t hit it off right at first.

It is so important to have fun on a date. The most memorable dates I have been on have been simple, full of good conversation and doing things that we enjoyed. Try new things. A girl loves a guy with a sense of adventure and who will step out of his comfort zone for her. Recently my husband and I attended a wedding. He is not comfortable on the dance floor, however he was brave for me and we had a great time dancing. It was a night I will not soon forget.

What if you don’t hit it off with her? Most importantly, stay true to who you are. Do not change yourself to be what you think she wants. Some dating advice for men would tell you otherwise. You will never be happy in a relationship like that. Next, don’t argue, belittle or fight with her. Just simply end the date early if it is really terrible. I have a friend who picked up a girl for a date, he found out that really wasn’t what he wanted to take out that evening, turned the car around and dropped her off. He ended up calling one of his friends (who happened to be a girl) and had a great evening with her. It is okay to do that rather than waste your time and money.

So here you are at the end of the date…what do you do? Again, good dating advice for men is to relax and be a gentleman. One time I went out with a guy, we had a great time, however the entire ride home the poor guy was gripping the steering wheel, completely white-knuckled because he was so nervous about the dreaded door-step. It was pretty funny once I figured out what was going on. Tell her you had a good time. A simple hug or handshake is totally appropriate for the end of a first date. If you are intending to call her, let her know. If not, do not say you will call! That is some of the best dating advice for men. Leaving someone hanging is not the gentleman’s way.

Dating should be a fun experience. Following this dating advice for men will help you have fun and be you. It is the time when you are finding out who a person is and if you want to spend more time with them. It is also a time of self-discovery. You will learn so many new things about yourself as you learn about a special girl. Take your time, don’t rush anything. A gentleman always makes a good and lasting impression on a lady.


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Celebrity Sightings: Farrah Fawcett – 1947 to 2009 – Life Uncovered – Part 1

Farrah Fawcett was the first female actress/model/celebrity I ever fell in love with. Later in life as Farrah aged, I was horribly unfaithful to my idol with super model Alessandra Ambrosio.

But Farrah with always be, First, Last and Always.

I loved Farrah so much I decided to write a little series in her honor. I hope you enjoy it.

Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts came up with the idea for a series about three beautiful female private investigators as a breakthrough but also escapist television series. Producers Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg first considered actress Kate Jackson during the early pre-production stages of the series. She had proven popular with viewers in another police television drama, The Rookies. Jackson was initially cast as Kelly Garrett, but was more attracted to the role of Sabrina Duncan, and her request to switch roles was granted. Farrah Fawcett was next cast as Jill Munroe, but much like Jackson, did not audition for a role. She was offered a part by Spelling after he had viewed her performance in the science-fiction film Logan’s Run (1976). Jaclyn Smith was among the hundreds of actresses who auditioned for the role of Kelly Garrett. Despite liking Smith, Spelling and Goldberg were wary about hiring her because their initial concept concerned a brunette, blonde, and red-headed woman. Smith was the only brunette that auditioned for the role and was cast only after producers liked the on-screen chemistry she shared with Jackson and Fawcett.

In 1976 I was 13 years old. Yea…puberty explosion! Charlie’s Angels comes on and of course I start watching it. I think it was the 2nd episode, it was called, Angels in Chains. That title stuck with me. The premise of that episode was that the Angels would have to go undercover and pose as inmates at a prison. I remember two scenes in particular. The first one was where all three girls are standing wrapped only in skimpy towels. The other being them trying to escape chained together. What I found most remarkable about Farrah was that it appeared she had nipples the size of pretzel bites and never wore a bra. So you had these three hot girls running around and wearing hot outfits and braless breasts were pouting and jiggling.

Who cares what the show is about. I’m 13 years old. All I want to do is watch the show by myself in a locked room, with a large box of tissues.

The show became known as “Jiggle TV” and “T&A TV” (or “Tits & Ass Television”) by critics who believed that the show had no intelligence or substance. These characterizations stemmed from the fact that the lead actresses frequently dressed scantily or provocatively as part of their undercover characters (including roller derby girl, beauty pageant contestant, maid, female prisoner, or just bikini-clad), and the belief that their clothing was a means of attracting viewers. Farrah Fawcett once attributed the show’s success to this fact: “When the show was number three, I figured it was our acting. When it got to be number one, I decided it could only be because none of us wears a bra.”

Reflecting on the 1970’s female-driven drama, Cheryl Ladd believes the series was “inspirational” to women despite the critics calling it a “jiggle show.” She notes, “there hadn’t been a show like this on the air [with] three powerful women who had the latest hairdos, wore the coolest clothes and could walk around in a bikini. We were very inspirational to a lot of young women. Young women would write us and say, ‘I want to be like you. I want to be a cop when I grow up and taking chances to be something else other than the acceptable school teacher or secretary’. Charlie’s Angels was called “Jiggle TV”, she adds, “which made me laugh, I never went braless, and I was married and the mother of a 2-year-old. The ‘Angels’ were grown-up Girl Scouts. We never slept with anyone; my most “Aaron Spelling” moment was wrestling an alligator. With the feminist movement, we were kind of half-heroes, half-goats”.

Time magazine called Charlie’s Angels an “aesthetically ridiculous, commercially brilliant brainstorm surfing blithely atop the Zeitgeist’s seventh wave”.

Camille Paglia, an American academic and social critic, said that Charlie’s Angels was an “effervescent action-adventure showing smart, bold women working side by side in fruitful collaboration.”

So there’s two sides of what Charlie’s Angels was. I loved it. If I had the opportunity I would have watched it with the volume at zero and my stereo cranking Aerosmith. I’d ejaculate twice as fast!

I joined Farrah’s Official Fan Club. And over the years I collected posters and pictures of her. I dug out this old photo of me from back in 1982 in my apartment in L.A. That whole wall is Farrah. I even had buttons pinned to my guitar strap that were pictures of Farrah! Fanboy or a shrine to my queen? You be the judge!

(Now that I look at this pic, it may be the very first “Selfie” I have ever taken!)

With an old Kodak instamatic flash camera!

I think my parents were just happy I didn’t turn out gay. (Which they thought I was for years!)



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