Sun Stories – Lily – Nice to Meet You… Finally – Chapter 3

So here we are on the day we’re supposed to meet up. Lily’s been on my mind. I sent her a calendar invite last week just so she’d have to lock it down in her schedule. She accepts and I assume we’re good to go.

Then I get this text this morning at 7:21 – “Hey, still on tonight? I’m not taking any naps this time.”

“Absolutely. Looking forward to seeing you.”

“Me too.”

So apparently it’s on. I think the idea of her checking in so early in the morning proves she’s serious. That, and how she made mention to her little nap last Monday. So we’re set to meet at 8:30 tonight at my favorite bar, Square 1682, home of my favorite bartender, Roman. (See: Roman – Rock and Roll Bartender)

I’ll write more when I get home tonight after our meeting.

I’m closing up the salon when I get a text from Church. He just rolled into town and he wants to see me at Square before I meet with Lily. He doesn’t know Lily. No one knows Lily.

Church is supposed to go to Village Whiskey and chat with a girl who works there. His goal is to get her phone number. So fingers crossed for my pal. (See: Church – Brand Ambassador)

I walk into Square at around 8:15pm. I see Church is already at the bar. The bar’s quiet. Just the way I like it. Perfect to get to know this lady a little better.

“Is this seat taken?”

“Hey! Great to see you! I feel like it’s been a month.”

“It only feels like that. It’s been two weeks.”

Roman comes over and shakes my hand which is followed by a glass of Chardonnay with a side of ice. My signature drink. I know Roman doesn’t approve of me putting ice in wine, because he’s a connoisseur and is the beverage manager for the hotel, but it’s what I want so he complies.

I’m chatting with Church and Roman and it’s all good. Church is busy with his work and he’s got some solid interviews lined up in the next two weeks. He’s looking to possibly get back in the liquor biz and start cranking up the sales again. He’s a seasoned phenomenal rep and I know if he land one of these, he’s be right back in the groove again. Back and better than ever!

“Is this her?”

Lily walks up to the bar. She looks beautiful as always. Her hair is straight but she still looks killer casual. It’s been unseasonably warm this week, so instead of being 10 degrees it’s been in the 50’s which is awesome. She’s wearing a faded denim jacket, a casual dress, mid-thigh and boots. A cool mix of all of the things I like. I’m sure the boys are impressed with this new beauty that’s making her debut appearance. I love bringing new talent into my favorite bar.

I do the intros and Church cashes out to go on his mission at Village Whiskey. I wish him luck and off he goes.

I ask Lily if she wants to take his seat next to me instead of sitting across from me at the corner of the bar. She wants that and moves her stuff to the seat next to me.

I want her close.

She orders a Pinot Grigio and looks at the menu. If Lily’s hungry I’m fine with it. She works at her medical job all day from 9 to 5 and has been nice enough to meet me at 8:30 at night on my schedule, so I need to be appreciative of her time as well.

“Thanks for meeting with me tonight, Lily.”

“No problem. I’m so sorry about last week. I had been coming off my hives thing, and just slept through alarm. I sent you pics right?”

“You did. You looked pretty patchy but the swollen lips looked amazing. Poor thing. Like I said in my texts. It was really okay. It’s not like we were meeting for a date, you had to alter your schedule dramatically to meet me 3 and half hours after you got done work. You’re here now. That’s all that matters. Forget about it.”

“Thank you. I’m normally not like that.”

Her eyes and lips are enchanting.

“So tell me about your life, Lily.”

“Sure, so I went to college and I have this really great job in medical research. But I have a secret life I’ve lived for a while.”

Of course I’m intrigued. “Do you want to tell me about that, Lily.”

“That’s why I’m here.”

“Go on.”

“I met this girl back when I was like 21. I’m 28 now. She was a sugar baby. She would meet with guys and do stuff for money. They would give her money and she had this lifestyle. They would buy her dinners and give her gifts and take trips with her.”

“Interesting. Did she sleep with these men?”

“Of course. She was a drug addict and not even that hot and she was getting all of this money to do this.”

“So what happened.”

“I figured I could do a better version of what she was doing to pay off my school loans.” (It’s sad that higher education is a fortune in this country and these become options for young girls in college.)

“I went on a website and registered. I was scared at first but then it got easier.”

“Tell me about that, Lily.”

“I was very selective. They had to be good-looking, rich and normal. Most… well all of them are married men. I would meet with them for dates. They would take me out to dinner and buy me stuff. They would fly me somewhere and we would go on dates.”

“Did you sleep with all of these guys for money?”

“No. That’s the thing. They were rich men, with money and power and they just wanted a classy girl they could spend time with.”

“I get that. Clean, no strings, and theses rich doctors get to hang out with a girl in their industry. You know the medical jargon so you could talk the talk, where their bubble headed trophy wives were out spending their money and living the idyllic dream.”


“What if you met a guy you liked and wanted to be in a relationship?”

“I did meet this guy and he was in the Navy. He was younger than me and he had gotten kicked out of the service for doing drugs. He had no college education, and got pissed at me when I wanted to further my education.”

“That’s just weak. Immaturity, and insecurity.”

“I know right? So I dumped him. I never do any sugar baby stuff if I’m in a relationship, so I went back to it.”

“You’ve been doing this for over 7 years. How has that been?”

“I feel like I’ve always done it most of my adult life so it’s what I do. There’s a guy I’ve never even met. He lives in another state. I tell him I’m hungry and he’ll order whatever I want from Parc (An upscale Stephen Starr restaurant in Rittenhouse) and he’ll go on Grub Hub and have it delivered to my house.”

“That’s incredible. I can’t believe he’s doing that and he’s never even met you.”

“Yea, right?”

“He loves me. He sent me plane tickets to meet with him in the Dominican Republic for a little vacation.”

“How do you feel about that, Lily?”

“I don’t like it. He sent me the tickets. I’m never going to meet with him. I’m afraid I could end up in human trafficking. I’ll just take all of the free food and presents.”


Lily is a beautiful, bright girl with her head in the right place. Women have done this forever. A young, pretty girl just letting rich men buy her things and have dinner with her. She says she never has sex with her clients.

This is an elegant, unique arrangement.

Lily has a good education. She has a great career. This is why I find her so intriguing. This is a unique lady and I find her fascinating. I’m honored she has taken the time to meet with me and tell me her story.

I can’t help but pray for her safety, but Lily seems to have things well in order.

I want to hear more so let’s continue the conversation Tomorrow.



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