Dating and Relationship Advice – The 7 Things Men Can Do Only For The Woman They Love

Try not to guess if your man loves and adores you. Read these signs and know without a doubt.

Men demonstrate that they care for a woman in a way that’s different from how women show it. If a man publicly displays his affection for you, just know he’s not messing around.

A man that has expressed his feelings to the world has shown extreme vulnerability and that is something he will only do for a woman he cares about.


You’re not completely wrong if you sometimes think or see men behaving like kids. Most men only focus on the things they are passionate about. If they love you, your voice sounds like music so all you have to do is say something that they are interested in and you have their full attention. If a man truly loves you, he will go beyond hearing you; he will pay attention to your words. It will be obvious that he respects your thoughts and follows your advice.


Yes, that’s correct. Fights don’t always mean that your relationship is going to hell. If he’s truly invested in your relationship, he will fight, discuss and find solutions to the problems that caused the fight in the first place. It’s a sign that he wants things to work out and as such, he tries to find the middle ground where you’re both happy.


This is one of the greatest signs of love. If he displeases himself to please you, it only means he wants you to be happy and is willing to put you above even himself.


A man that loves you will be willing to take punches as they come as long as it would mean that he keeps you for himself. A man that truly loves you will make it known to you that he feels lucky to have you as well as make it known that he wouldn’t want to loose you.


A man in love will see his woman’s achievement as his own. It’s similar to the feeling a mother has when her child does something outstanding for the first time. He won’t compete with you instead he will win with you.


You will always look beautiful to a man that loves you, no matter how tough your day might have been.


A man that loves you understand that there are other people in your life; such as family and friends and because they are important to you, they are important to him as well. He will patiently listen to you as you share detailed stories about your family and or friends. If there’s a problem, he will offer suggestions with genuine interest just to ensure you are happy.


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Renegade – 1978 to 1979 – Chapter 2 – Rats In The Cellar

(Photo: Jerry Demara – 1979 playing a blonde 1976 Fender Stratocaster – rosewood neck -post-CBS production through a 50 watt Stage amplifier)

So the boys come over and start getting their gear set up. I’m introduced to the drummer Jack Dingler. Jerry wasn’t very fond of Jack but I don’t know exactly why. I think he just thought the guy was a moron that didn’t really gel with the band. (What band?)

Jack is setting up his drums and Jerry is tuning up his 1975 post-CBS blonde Fender Stratocaster. Larry is over by the bar noodling on his bass. Oh let me describe my basement. Let’s start by using the photo of Jerry above. Let’s pretend you are taking that photo and are standing right in front of Jerry.

The red triangle in the upper-left portion of the photo is the steps leading upstairs. Below that, you’ll see a black and white early promo photo of a young Aerosmith. I bought that glossy print in a shop on the Wildwood boardwalk the summer before. (I still have that photo framed behind my desk at home. (Along with b&w 8″x10″s of Farrah Fawcett, Charlie’s Angels, and Jeff Buckley) Below that is a centerfold photo of Steven Tyler I ripped out of either Creem or Circus magazine. (The two most popular music mags of the ’70s) Below that is a bookcase that held my father’s books. (That’s the first time I ever saw an issue of Playboy. He used to stash them under books at the bottom!) All the way behind him is a closet under the stairs. That’s one of the places my parents used to hide our Christmas presents. My dad would put a playing card between the edge of the door and the jam high up on the door. If he came down the basement and saw the card on the floor, he’d know some little kids were rooting around looking for presents and he would move the gifts to a safer location. Behind his guitar, you can see his Stage amplifier on a small table. I believe it had two ten-inch speakers in it. That thing could roar. He also used a distortion pedal called a Univox Super Fuzz, to get that heavy rock sound. Also behind him is his open flight case for his guitar with its soft orange plush interior form-fitted to hold his guitar firmly in place during transit. Further back against the wall is obviously a dartboard. That green-wrapped object in the foreground is the corner of our pool table. (Yea, awesome to have in a band space) On top of that looks like my vocal speaker. It’s actually a speaker that is an auditorium speaker for a movie projector. (My dad lent it to me.) That covers everything in the photo so if we move off to the right along that back wall there is an old green sofa big enough to comfortably seat four to five Catholic schoolgirls. (This is how it starts… I’ll get to that later)

Past the sofa on the right was a grey filing cabinet that my dad kept his files and papers in. He also kept his service revolver locked in there. I’d only seen it a couple of times. I don’t like guns. On the next wall was a door that led to concrete steps that rose up to two green metal doors. The classic tilted metal basement doors that you could open up and they stood open. So we could get some fresh air if we needed to or just let the music flow outside to draw in the little birdies.

Next to the basement door, was a fake fireplace. It really was just a place for my dad to put one of the speakers to his stereo on the mantle. On the next wall next to that were two translucent windows. One near his black wooden desk. (Off Limits) next to that on the right was his record player/stereo. Along the back wall was the bar. The bar had come with the house. My parents weren’t big drinkers at all, but when they were younger they’d entertain down there. It was a beautiful little bar and I remember my dad always had colored mini Christmas lights along the ceiling above it because he loved Christmas.

That’s where Larry stood and played his bass.

Heading to the front there was a bathroom with a and beyond that, the washer and dryer and a fridge in the front of the basement. So basically we had the space to ourselves and we were in the best part of the cellar.

Jerry hands me some lyric sheets and a setlist. They include: Feel Like the First Time, School’s Out, Cold Gin, God of Thunder, Come Together, Cat Scratch Fever, Seasons of Wither, Train Kept a Rollin’, and a few others I’ll probably remember as I write this.

Appropriately enough the first song we rehearsed was “Feels Like The First Time” by Foreigner. My sister Janice had purchased that record when it came out. It kind of amazes me, that My father and my older sister turned me on to some of the best rock music in my life. My dad, Iron Butterfly, Steppenwolf, The Beatles, and The Who. Sister Janice, gave me Aerosmith, Foreigner, Boston, The Cars, Kansas, and many more.

We had a lot of the music on records that the guys wanted to play, so we’d play the record first. I’d sing along and get the rhythm and feel of the number and the guys would play along a bit.

We went through a few songs and I could feel it starting to gel. It was fun and felt so good. I was the fresh blood this band needed.

I was the 16-year-old loser who never got guitar lessons because he wasn’t disciplined enough. I was the artistic kid with bad skin, and braces and greasy hair and stupid clothes, and pilgrim shoes. A living target. A joy for all of the bullies in the neighborhood.

But that was over now. The older boys in the neighborhood loved rock and I was going to make some myself. Maybe they wouldn’t pick on me anymore. My skin was clearer, my hair was growing out long and blonde, I was lean and better looking. My braces were off and I was in a BAND. I wore jeans, and boots and sunglasses. Maybe I could be cool too.

I didn’t know who the hell I was, I just wanted to do music. Music and art was the only thing that never hurt me. I could create it and it always brought me joy. Jerry and Larry had no idea that they were saving me from myself.

Things were changing.


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