Dating and Relationship Advice – 10 Loving couples reveal the most adorable things you can do in a relationship


In a relationship, everybody has different things they like to do to show their significant other they care. Some splash out on lavish holidays and thoughtful gifts. Others are affectionate, while some like to show their love with tiny, subtle gestures. All of these activities are the backbone of any relationship, and why be in a relationship at all if you can’t show your love from time to time?

For more on the little things that makes a loving couple click, let’s talk to a ton of them on Reddit, where people have shared the most adorable things their partner does in a relationship. If you’re not in a relationship at the moment, maybe you could learn a thing or two.

1. “Having a moment”

“My boyfriend sometimes will look at me in a way, and I’ll ask what he’s thinking. His reply is ‘I’m having a moment’ Which means he’s overwhelmed with love and it makes my heart melt and my soul happy.”

2. “Lucky”

I’ll catch him staring at me randomly, and I’ll often ask “what?” In a distracted way because I’m focussing on something else, and he will just say “I’m so lucky to have you”. It’s often at the end of a long working day when I’m hot and tired and just decompressing on the couch, and it catches me by surprise every time.

3. Surprise snuggles!

“Whenever we’re sleeping and he rolls over, wrapping his arms around me. He’s so warm and smells good too, makes me so much more comfortable.”

4. What a gentleman! – leafmealone999

“Before we go to bed, he always asks me if there’s anything I need before he gets under the covers with me. ‘Water, a snack, anything?’ When I asked him why he always says that, he replied ‘I don’t want you to go to bed hungry or thirsty or without anything you need because I know you can be too shy to ask for things sometimes.’ It makes me feel so safe and loved.”

5. Falling asleep in his arms

“She’s the lightest sleeper I’ve ever met. On the rare occasion she falls asleep in my arms instead of as far away as she can get from me in the bed, I smile like an idiot the whole time and try to stay awake as long as possible to enjoy it.”

6. That’s true love right there

“The way he looks at me and smiles. I can just see how happy he is. When he tells me he loves me, there is no question about it.”

7. Just checking in

“My girlfriend wakes me up once a night and asks if I’m alright. It always makes me smile and sends me into a deeper sleep. She doesn’t remember doing it half the time.”

8. The most adorable handshake

Calls me puddin’ pop. Nuzzles his scratchy chin into my neck. Shakes my hand. Back story of the hand shaking: I’m his first serious girlfriend and when I kissed him for the first time he was so nervous that he shook my hand immediately after. It was so damn cute that I had to keep him.

9. Theme songs

“Sometimes he narrates whatever I do with a little song. ‘Now she is making grilled cheeses, cheese goes on the bread, now my girl is smiling because she likes my song, she is waiting for the grilled cheese to be ready, I love this girl so muuuuch’ sometimes he even adds in some funny dancemoves. It’s ridiculous but so cute and funny, it warms my heart.”

10. Cat conversations

“Whenever I see him with our cat and he talks to her. Makes me realize that not only am I lucky to be with him after really terrible relationships, but that he loves us both and I only want to have a future with him.”

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