Cherie – Chapter 27 – Afternoon Delight

I saw Cherie a week ago Friday. We keep in touch through texting. We talk about my job, and the salon, and her jobs and her son. Just daily connection stuff. So it was Sunday night and I asked her if we had a lunch date in our future this week. She said she would be able to meet me at 3:15 the next day.

I had just come from lunch with Church and we went over to Square 1682 just to sit at the bar and work. We didn’t drink anything because it was the middle of the day. Phicklephilly doesn’t day drink unless he’s out with friends on a Saturday. Plus, girlfriend is on the way and I don’t want anything to affect my hydraulics if you get my meaning.

So I get the text that Cherie has arrived at Suburban Station. I tell her to walk South on 17th street. Cherie my love has a terrible sense of direction. She doesn’t know Philly’s streets because she lives in Pottstown. But if I tell her to go North or East or South or West, she has no idea where she’s going. I take it for granted that you could drop me off anywhere in this city and I could find my way home or to any destination. Even with the incredible technology we all carry around in our pockets, Cherie can’t get it together.

I don’t mind this about her at all, I just feel bad for her getting lost all of the time. But I usually guide her to wherever we’re going to meet. She texts me that she has arrived and I told her to just walk down 17th Street. Within a few minutes she texts “North or South?” I reply, South. She says, “Okay because I just walked to Arch street.”

“That’s North sweetie. Turn around and come South. JFK, Market, Chestnut, to Sansom. That’s where I’ll be.”

Within a few minutes she appears. Church says he has to head out, and I tell him Cherie and I need to go workout together for a couple of hours.

We walk back to the apartment. “What time do you have to leave?”

“I have to catch the 6:05 train.”

“Okay. It’s 3:30 now. That gives us 2 hours until we should walk back to Suburban Station.”

We go straight to the bedroom where I proceed to ravish my lovely girl. She’s delighted and is a willing and very enthusiastic participant. We know our time together is short so we have to make the most of it.

And make the most of it we do. Cherie’s is spectacular as always and I rise to the occasion like the Phoenix.

I love Cherie. She’s like the perfect girl for me. She’s sweet, funny and smart. She doesn’t want anything from me but my love. (I still do stuff for her though) She’s low key and has an agreeable demeanor. She’s fit, and has lovely soft skin.

For a girl with such an insatiable sexual appetite she is surprisingly vanilla in some ways. But I like that. She’s a bisexual nymphomaniac but there are surprisingly some things she has yet to experienced. So that’s where I come in. We’ll slowly move forward and experiment with new things. I know it’ll be good, and maybe even I’ll experience some new things that a jaded old dude has never done.

Looking forward to the adventurous journey with my lovely lady! She’s a beauty.


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Tales of Rock – The King’s Obsession – Part 2

Elvis could have any woman. So why was he only able to form relationships with virginal girls?

This is Part 2 of last Sunday’s Tales of Rock – The King’s Obsession – Part 1

Often these star-struck youngsters were distraught that their idol had not tried to go further and Raphael had the job of letting them down gently.

‘I’d say: “He’ll call you again.” Of course he never did, but with some of the younger ones he’d be like the tooth fairy, slipping hundred-dollar bills into their school books.’

Even in those more innocent times, it seems remarkable that the girls’ parents allowed them to attend such unorthodox sleepovers. But they were as won over as their daughters by Presley’s huge celebrity and charming southern manners.

Presley became ever more paranoid about his skills as a lover – hence his fascination with virgins who would not demand full-on sex

As his friend Joe Esposito recalled: ‘Elvis could talk anyone, particularly women, into anything.’

This plausibility would prove vital in his wooing of Priscilla, the U.S. serviceman’s daughter he met in Germany during his national service.

It’s well documented that Priscilla was only 14 when she was introduced to Presley by an airman named Currie Grant. But this first encounter was far from the chaste affair that Colonel Parker had the world believe.

After meeting Priscilla at a club for service families, Grant took her to meet Presley at his home in the town of Bad Nauheim, near Frankfurt. Petite, dark-haired and with deep-set blue eyes, she was his ideal woman, not least because she reminded him of his mother Gladys in her youth.

‘Elvis jumped up like he was sitting on a hot plate,’ recalled Grant. ‘I had never seen him react to any girl like that.’

According to Grant, Presley soon had Priscilla ‘backed up against the wall, kissing her’. At 8.30pm he took her up to his bedroom and they did not emerge again until 1.30am, when it was time for Grant to take her home.

As their nights together continued, Priscilla’s concerned parents asked to meet Presley. Unaware that he had boasted to an army friend that he could ‘train her up any way I want’, they were instantly charmed by their daughter’s new boyfriend.

Indeed, he was encouraged to see Priscilla by her mother Ann. She had long dreamed of a career in show business and perhaps believed that some of Presley’s star dust might rub off on her.

Elvis Presley,

Elvis and Priscilla with baby Lisa-Marie. Once his wife was pregnant, Elvis no longer wanted to have intimate relations with her, a book claims.


While Presley assured the Beaulieus that he and Priscilla just played music together as they spent hours hidden away in his bedroom, they both admitted many years later that they had full intercourse at this time.

Bizarrely, Presley convinced himself Priscilla remained a virgin because he would stop himself continuing their love-making just before the vital moment. This vaguest of notions of her purity was key if he was to continue finding her attractive, but he considered himself free to see other women as he pleased.

Back in the U.S. in March 1960, with his military service over and Priscilla pining for him in Germany, Presley started work on his next film, GI Blues. He also began dating Sandy Ferra, the 14-year-old daughter of a nightclub owner in Los Angeles.

Chaperoned everywhere by her mother Mary Lou, 25-year-old Presley got no further than kissing Sandy – so passionately that her face was red raw – but he had other intentions. One night he asked Mary Lou if she and her daughter would consider moving to his new mansion, the soon-to-be-legendary Graceland, where he would ‘raise’ Sandy as his future wife.

Sandy’s father vetoed the idea, but Presley had a back-up plan in Priscilla. In 1963, when she was 17, he convinced her parents that she should continue her education at a convent school in the U.S., living with him at Graceland on the understanding that they would one day marry.

‘He was fascinated with the idea of real young teenage girls. It scared the hell out of all of us.’

Unaware that an identical offer had been made to another family only three years previously, the Beaulieus agreed, and so Priscilla began a strange new life in Memphis.

‘I was a prim and proper schoolgirl by day and Elvis’s girlfriend by night,’ she recalled.

Still determined Priscilla should be a virgin when they married, Presley continued with his bizarre definition of what constituted love-making. But this did not stop him capturing his fantasies on Polaroid – photographing Priscilla as she seduced him in her school uniform, or pretending to be her teacher.

Eventually these role-play sessions extended to simulated lesbian sex with another girl, a hairdresser Presley knew. To keep Priscilla awake during these long, late-night sessions, he began giving her the amphetamines to which he was addicted, ignoring the fact that she had to get up for school the next morning.

Slowly Presley turned Priscilla into a doll-like version of his ideal woman – with a giant beehive hairdo and heavy eye make-up – the look he had encouraged Frances Forbes and her little friends in Memphis to want.

‘I was someone he created,’ she said. ‘I was just a kid and I was consumed by him. All I desired was not to disappoint him.’

his weeping mother Gladys

Beloved: Elvis was close to his mother Gladys, centre, pictured weeping as he left for Fort Chaffee.


For Priscilla, the greatest fear was that Presley would leave her for another woman. Soon after moving into Graceland, she heard he was seeing Ann-Margret Olsson, 22, his glamorous co-star in Viva Las Vegas.

In a child-like attempt to win back his affection, she began styling her hair like Ann-Margret’s and copying her dance moves from the film.

‘She’d stand in front of a mirror cussing Ann-Margret and all the time trying to be as much like her as possible,’ recalled Jo Smith, wife of Presley’s cousin Billy. ‘It was pitiful.’

At one point, Presley was dating five women including Priscilla. Given that he had proposed to Ann-Margret, it’s doubtful whether he ever intended to marry Priscilla, but in 1967 his hand was forced by his ever-controlling manager Colonel Parker.

Fearful that rumours of the singer’s reckless drug use would reach the studios, he decided that a wedding would reinforce his image as a purveyor of family values.

Priscilla hoped that the marriage would stop Presley’s philandering and make him commit to her, but in fact it achieved exactly the opposite.

She conceived their daughter Lisa Marie on honeymoon in Palm Springs but, as soon as Presley realised she was pregnant, his sexual interest in her disappeared. He was first attracted to Priscilla as a virgin and her pregnancy was proof this was no longer the case.

This made little sense outside of Presley’s own drug-addled mind, but it spelled the end of the marriage, although not his interest in much younger women.

In 1974, just two years after their divorce, he began seeing 14-year-old Reeca Smith, a friend of his stepbrother Ricky Stanley.

According to Smith, that relationship lasted only a few months and never went beyond ‘sweet, innocent kisses’. It ended when she became worried about the drug use that had bloated his body and contributed to the heart attack that eventually killed him in August 1977.

He left behind not just millions of grieving fans, but Lisa Marie, the daughter whose own love life would later link the Presley name with another of music’s murkiest legacies.

In 1994, Lisa Marie married Michael Jackson, just as he faced allegations of child molestation with the involvement of complicit parents. History, it seemed, was repeating itself.

I’m stunned by all of this. I always loved Elvis and I am struggling with who he really was now.


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Dating and Relationship Advice – How To Use Psychology To Get Over Your Ex As Soon As Humanly Possible

There are reasons why a person finds it difficult at first to give up their habit. One of the reasons may be because everything around them reminds them of their bad habit which they want to give up. It could be:

1.  Tea or coffee breaks during work when he or she used to light a cigarette.
2.  The store he or she used to buy cigarettes
3.  Friends who they hang around with who are also smokers.

 Identify the anchors preventing you from moving on from your ex.

I made the comparison with quitting a bad habit because it generates the same feeling as what someone suffering from a broken heart is going through. People suffer because they keep on thinking about the person that dumped them. Right now, there are many things that cause you to think of your ex and it’s this constant remembering of your ex that is one of the reasons why it’s hard for you to move on ….and fall out of love with them.

People, in their mind, naturally develop associations or anchors between two events if those two events happened at the same time. This is also known as classical conditioning. When one association occurs, a person’s memory of the other thing will be immediately triggered.

Just like with our example of someone giving up smoking. They would, at first, find it tough at work during their break because he or she used to have a cigarette during that time. They would have already associated their work breaks with lighting a cigarette. This association would cause him to miss smoking more than what he normally would.

It’s the same scenario as relationships and trying to move on from a broken heart.When you go to a place you and your ex used to visit together (like the movie theatre or a park etc), this is what happens:

– You remember him or her.
– And all the memories the two of you had together at that place.

Your subconscious has already “associated” the place with your ex and this causes you to think of them, causing you pain.


Was this helpful? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject!


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Renegade – 1978 to 1979 – Chapter 7 – Youth Group Show

The Jets were a punk band that practiced in the basement of a church in our neighborhood. I think Larry knew them. We went to check them out one day and were asked by someone at the church if we wanted to do a concert for their youth group.

We were down.

I remember the night of the show I was super nervous. Stage fright is about as close as you can get to what having an anxiety disorder feels like. But with anxiety, it can strike at any time. But that’s what it feels like most of the time. Can you imagine having to walk around feeling that way every day? That was my life. So the stage fright hit and I just identified it as anxiety and dealt with it by not eating before I went on stage for fear of throwing up in front of the entire audience. Not going to happen on an empty stomach. Besides, we’re not the Sex Pistols.

Here’s how low rent our band was: Someone wrote the band’s name on a chalkboard behind us. My friend Michael had a silver reflective artificial Christmas tree in his attic. We had no use for the tree but there was a little lamp on a stand that you pointed at the tree. On the lamp was a motor attached to a color wheel. It rotated the wheel and made the tree appear to turn different colors. Red, yellow, blue, and green. So we took that lamp and put it in the corner of the stage and it bathed the walls in different colors while we played our set. My other friend Steve was backstage and he would work the other lights onstage. Which was basically flicking the switches on and off for effect.

My other pal, Jimmy was a wiz with gadgets. He was the only kid in the neighborhood who had business cards. He worked kids’ birthday parties as a magician and got paid for it. He was the most entrepreneurial kid I ever met. He had two magic persona’s The Great Hundini and Jimbo the Clown. He could play either character and was awesome at doing makeup. He built his own tricks and once built a wooden go-kart that was amazing. He wanted to make some effects for our show. here’s what he did. He took a soup can or a coffee can and cut a hole in the bottom of it. He ran an electrical cord through the hole and then filled the can nearly to the top with plaster. When the plaster dried the two metal points of the plug were the only part stick out of the plaster. The cord and an off and on switch on it. Jimmy ran a wire between the two poles on the plug-in the can. Then he took a small sheet of flash paper. (Flash paper is a paper the magicians use. When touched with fire or heat it bursts into flames but leaves no ashes. So it’s just a flash of flame and then it’s gone.) He put some gun powder in the wad of flash paper and attached it to the wire between the plug poles. He placed the can at the center of the stage at my feet. The gadget is wired to a battery. So when we hit the stage and opened with our first song, Jimmy throws the switch. There is a small explosion and a flash of fire that shoots up out of the can in front of me and I start singing through a cool cloud of smoke. Genius right? He wired it up for a second go when we performed God of Thunder by the band, Kiss. Jimmy loved Kiss and had all of their albums. You’ll soon find out how much he loved Kiss in another post.

My dad was probably down the shore doing his thing and my mother didn’t attend the show either. When I later asked her why she told me she didn’t want to witness if we fell flat on our faces. Meaning: if we failed or got booed or fucked up the songs or whatever. I didn’t really care and I understand. Whenever I played music it was always for me. People enjoyed what we did but the music was always for the guys playing it. We just got off on making music. I loved doing that show. Playing live in front of people and hearing them cheer and clap were wonderful.

This is a backstage pic of my buddies Stephen and Michael

I also loved that my sister Janice was there. A guy she had gone to school with since first grade was also there. (She always loved him) He was President of our high school and quarterback on our championship football team. He was tall and very good-looking. Just a beloved student at Frankford. I sat across from him in art class and found out he was a super cool dude. Even though he was a jock, he was sensitive to the arts as well. Just a true renaissance man. The guy you wished you could be but happy to have as a friend. Because of him, I got to eat at the cool kid’s lunch table. Yea! Huge!

As renegade blazed through their set onstage, he turned to my sister and said the following words: “When I’m on the gridiron I’m never alone. I’m surrounded by a dozen big guys that all have my back. What your brother is doing takes real guts.”

I never forgot that he said that about me, the meek and mild kid at school trying to make his way. For him to say that about me gave me such an incredible boost.

The show went well and we had everyone on their feet by the time we closed with the song Train Kept a Rollin’. I’m glad my friends and Sister were there to bear witness to what was the band, Renegade.

It was an incredible night and now I’ve immortalized it on the internet forever.

Sadly by the time school let out for the summer my family would be moving to the shore. I wouldn’t graduate with my class at Frankford. I would have to quit my band and leave all of my friends in Philly. Janice would go off to college, and my other two sisters and I would go to school in Wildwood, NJ.

I would have a glorious summer just like always, but when Autumn fell on the island, everything would just stop. I was about to enter a dark time in my life.

But maybe the light at the end of the tunnel would be me!


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Cherie – Chapter 26 – After Class

“Do nice girls let men touch them like this?”

I was working at the salon on my usual Friday night. Cherie was due for a visit. I haven’t been with her intimately in three weeks! We had a nice lunch last time she was in town, but lunch is certainly not our favorite part of this relationship. We just passed the four-month mark and things are rock solid. It’s basically been smooth sailing since I met her. I’m definitely not accustomed to that in my relationships. It’s just that our schedules are always conflicting. Me with the business development gig at the institute, working at the salon, and building and moving the salon to a new location in one of the best spots in town. Cherie, with classes, studying, working at the hospital and most important, raising her son.

I was closing up when she walked into the salon. Always a sight for sore eyes. She’s all bundled so all I can see is her sweet face under her hat and coat. I come from around the counter, and give her a much-needed smooch. I’m very happy to see my love. She’s such a trooper for always coming down into the city and spending time with me. She always has a lot going on but leaves whatever that is back in Pottstown. Like I always say, we are both givers, and neither of us really want anything from anybody. We just want to live uncluttered, productive lives. It works out well, because without any demands it allows the relationship to grow and flourish.

Achilles has been in and out all day, picking up things and taking them over to the new salon. We’re about to leave and she hears someone coming up the stairs. It’s 8:25 now, and it’s rare a client will roll up that late after closing to try to weasel a tanning session out of me. Achilles comes blazing in to get stuff, followed by his fiancée, Sharon. (See: Sun Stories – Achilles – 2015 to Present – The Bronze God)

If Sharon is with him, it’s usually because she wants to do a tanning session. One of the perks to being the mate of the owner of a tanning salon, you get to tan for free! So as he’s walking by I say, Achilles this Cherie, he says hello and keeps going on to whatever mission he’s on. I send Sharon into her favorite tanning bed and head out with Cherie.

We walk out into the cold night towards my house. We have a playful relationship. We’re always teasing each other in a fun way when we’re together. I think it lies in the thin veil over our mutual desire for one another. It’s been three weeks, and desire’ s been building.

We get there and head back to my room. I light a few candles and put on some music. Like any woman, she excuses herself to the bathroom. It’s almost 9pm and been a long week. I sit down at my desk and actually write the header for this chapter. Oh, the irony… Art imitates life, imitates art.

She’s been in the restroom, but I’ve been raised in a house full of women. Three sisters and my own daughter. Ladies need a lot of time in the bathroom. But what happened next blew my doors off.

Cherie walks out of the bathroom and into my bedroom. I’m sitting at my desk looking at my computer. I hear her say this:

“Hey, Mr. Dorian. I was told to come to your office.”

I look up, and her hair is in a ponytail to the side and her glasses are off. She’s wearing a crisp white blouse with some sort of little, navy blue cross tie at the collar. Her skirt is a blue and white plaid pleated skirt. She has white knee socks on and is wearing navy blue Mary Jane’s with a thick heel. She brings a purple lollipop up to her full lips and sucks on it.

I’m blinking and my eyes are nearly watering from this ripe schoolgirl standing before me. I must play along.

I love this!!!

“What’s your name, again dear?”

“Riley. Riley Thomas.”

I loved that she’s picked names for us. I must make this work. It’s a brand new day.

“Oh yes, that’s right. Miss Thomas. What infraction have you committed this time to be sent to me?

“Dress code, and I mouthed off to Ms. Simms.”

“Again? What’s the dress code violation this time?”

“Says I wear my skirt too short.”

I look her up and down. The skirt’s hem is high on her firm brown thighs.

This is so good.

“Well that and the mouthing off, you’ll have to stay for detention, and we’ll have to send a note home to your parents.”

“Couldn’t you just give me the note and I can take it home to them?”

“Come on, Riley. We both know you’ll toss it.”

“Please, Mr. Dorian. My parents will kill me if I get in trouble again. Please don’t have that letter sent home. I’ll do anything…” She sucks on her lollipop and lowers her gaze at me.

And there is was. An open invitation to take her. I decided to keep the game going a bit longer. It was all so deliciously decadent. I get up from my desk and walk over to the windows and close the curtains. I can’t have my neighbors thinking I’m doing something illegal. I walk very closely past her and close the bedroom door as if closing and locking my office. I sit down on the edge of my bed. She comes over and asks if she can sit next to me on the “couch.” I allow it and she sits very close to me.

“Please, Sir…”

“I suppose we can come to some agreement, Riley. Are you a nice girl?”

She closes in. “Sometimes.”

I place my hand on her knee and run it up her bare thigh. She moans and kisses my cheek.

“Do nice girls let men touch them like this?” I go a little further up her leg, which is growing warmer. I hear her breath quicken. She’s rubbing my arms and kissing my cheek and telling me how attractive I am to all of the girls in school.

Nice touch.

I get up and she’s still sitting on the edge of the bed looking like a bad little puppy dog. She’s really quite the good actress. I grab a thick throw rug from over by my radiator, and drop it at her feet. She looks at me.

“Get down on your knees, Riley.”


“Don’t make me say it twice, young lady.”

She complies. She looks really authentic in this outfit. These are legitimate clothes. This isn’t some shitty Halloween costume. A lot of thought was put into this to make it seem real. Her performance pulls it all together. She looks up at me with those big brown eyes.

“Unbutton my pants.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“That’s it. Pull down the zipper, and get my trousers down.”

She complies, and there she is on her knees before me.

“Okay…now the rest.”

Well, you can imagine what happened next. I’d love to give you the “blow-by-blow” of what we did, but phicklephilly is a dating blog not a sex blog. Maybe when the book comes out I’ll add all the graphic details. Our little role play was amazing fun. Cherie is such a sexually driven girl who’s up for everything. I love her for this. I never had a “normal” girl who was as hot for the action as she is. Normally chicks like that are bi-polar or just plain crazy. Sometimes crazy just translates into a dead lay. They’re all talk and then when you’re in bed with them it’s like committing necrophilia. But not my Cherie, she is deadly in the sack, and has now proven she wants some next level play.  I’m a willing participant with whatever she wants to try.

It can only get better.

So our little romp went on to midnight as usual. She was very satisfied with the results of our encounter. We collapsed into a restless sleep as we normally do. Her alarm went off early, because she had to work at the hospital Saturday morning. So she got showered and came out in her Hello Kitty scrubs for a day of rounds with the sick kids at Children’s Hospital. Quite a departure from last night’s outfit!



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