Dating and Relationship Advice – 6 Things That Happen When You Meet Your Soulmate

Since this dating and relationship advice column has been so successful. I’ve decided to keep it going. It’s been a huge undertaking. I’ve been doing research day and night, and have learned so much on this new journey. (I’ve even learned some things about myself!) I have appreciated all of the feedback and comments from all of my readers and for that I’m very grateful. I love that phicklephilly has evolved from just stories about my life to a way I can help others.

My writing workload has doubled but it’s been totally worth it. Thank you for all of your love and support.

I’ve decided to stop using stock photos from the internet for the advice column because it’s eating up all of my wordpress memory.

So you’ll get all of the great dating and relationship content, but you’ll have to only see my face on here from now on!

So let’s get back into it!

People more than often imagine and fantasize about their soul-mate. What is my dream person like?

The romantic connection that two souls share is one of the most important things that one couple should cherish forever.

Once this happens we have the expectation of everything to be a certain way, and if you’d like to find out the most common ways people feel when they meet their soul-mate, read below!

1. It’s a Miracle

You actually get the feeling like you’re experiencing a living miracle, which it actually is. That emotional state that you’re in is nothing less than a miracle, but not only for you but for the both of you. You feel a strange sense of fulfillment, belonging and love, and you feel like everything is going right.

Falling in love is one of the most important things that happen in your life.

2. Problem Solving Made Easy

Your partner should not only be your love interest, your partner should also provide you with the help that you need in order to grow as a person. You are going to have more space to fix other things in your life.

Writers say that a partner is someone who is not only your love, but your roommate, a joint-parent, and a financial partner who you cannot imagine your life without. Sure, being single is definitely not the worst thing and you for sure have the choice to be single if you want to, but having a partner gives you the opportunity to share a life with a soul through time becomes one with yours.

When you have someone to rely on, you feel more secure and more at peace with things. You’re going to come up with solutions and do everything a lot easier and quicker.

3. You Create Deeper and Broader Relationships with Others

Once you have finally done it and you believe that you have truly found your one true love and your soul-mate, you’re going to have more of the freedom and time that you need to devote to your family and friends, creating deeper and more meaningful relationships with them. This is because now you finally know a lot more about what love is, and what life really is about.

Make sure to make friends with the ones who support your relationship for the right reasons. Your real friends will support your love and encourage you to do the right things for your partner. They will always be realistic and constructive when it comes to giving advice regarding your relationship as well.

4. You Become a Matchmaker

Once you are in a relationship that you are growing and working on with the love of your life, you start seeing around, looking at your friends wanting the same for them. You want them to feel what sharing your life with someone looks like, and you try your best to help them out find someone.

You want to share the amazing feeling of fulfillment that you’re experiencing daily. And thanks to all of the knowledge you’ve collected throughout your relationship regarding love and having a partner, you become an eligible matchmaker, trying to find the best for your friend.

5. A Whole New World

Now that you are a person in a relationship, your whole entire world turns upside down, for all of the right reasons. You see a new reason for living life. You feel fulfilled and you just want the same for all your loved ones. Not only that, you’re also thinking about the future differently. This is all thanks to your very own soul-mate. And they feel the same way about you too.

The both of you are thinking about starting a new life together in terms of family. It’s all magical and it quickly becomes a priority for your, which is absolutely amazing.

6. Productivity

Since you’re so energized, you get the love that you deserve and need, you have a lot more enthusiasm to finish all of the errands that you need to run. At the end of the day, once you finish work you have a soul-mate to get back to! Which makes life 110% more magical.


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