Dating and Relationship Advice – True Love: Who Should Choose – Heart or Head?

Although there are more and more emotionally literate young people who find that love and love for their psychological mechanisms are two completely different feelings, the partner still chooses the heart, that is, how much a person has fallen in love.

Despite a series of evidence that love is not the first phase of love, but a minor or greater disappointment, love is celebrated planetary through Valentine’s Day. Failures arising from heart-shaping are justified by “having not yet come true”.

Dilemma: Choosing heart or reason is a dilemma between two bad variants. To make a good choice, one must connect the heart and the brain. However, this is not so easy. People will understand that there is an irrational and rational fear, but it is unacceptable that there is rational love.

What would be good criteria for choosing a partner for a serious relationship?

It is very important to assess whether a person can function well with a given partner. If a person chooses a partner for a love affair, it is not enough that someone likes or falls in love, but needs to know what kind of relationship she wants, as well as to find out what kind of relationship a partner wants.

People are attracted sometimes on the basis of diversity, and sometimes on the basis of similarity, but today we know that stable and lasting emotional connection can be achieved by those who have enough similar values ​​and views of life.

True Love: Who Should Choose - Heart or Head?

In order to evaluate a partner well, one has to know what its highest values ​​are and what the partners are.

When selecting it, it is important to evaluate how much the partner takes care of himself, and how much about the other partner. It is best when both partners have the ability to take care of themselves and their loved one. Sacrifice for the egoistic partner is not good in the long run.

Conflicts, that is, when one partner wants one, and the other does not want or wants something else, they are an indispensable part of a common life. It is therefore important that a partner responds to conflicts: when someone criticizes him when someone refuses his or her desire when someone asks for or asks for something he does not want. Successful couples are those who do not take mutual conflicts as evidence that love has ceased.

It is good when partners can express love to one another in the “language of love” that the partner understands: the language of contact, the beautiful words, the gifts, the service of the service or the language of devoting time.

Is it possible to establish an “optimum distance” so that both partners feel close, but also have enough personal space in connection?

One should not ignore the partner’s attachment to parents because, in case of excess, parents will be mixed up in a relationship or marriage.

All of this should be spoken to children and young people, and not let them hypnosis of the media and say that they will feel themselves when the right person appears.


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Cherie – Chapter 23 – Friday the 13th

“It’s all I think about. I have to masturbate everyday, just to take the edge off. I need you to fuck me.”

It was obviously Friday the 13th. I wasn’t even aware of it all day, until Cherie text me about it that afternoon. I sent her a meme of Jason Voorhees pushing people as he walked down an escalator. Cherie loves horror movies, so I knew she’d enjoy that.

I blazed out of work around 2:30, and walked over to the salon, to work until 8pm.  The night was uneventful, but it had been a bit of a hectic week. Last weekend was full of social stuff and this week had its share of challenges.

I was just looking forward to stopping at the store and picking up my favorite pretzels, (The little square cracker-like ones with peanut butter in them) two bottles of club soda, and a pack of cigs. I just wanted to disappear for one night and not talk to anyone. Just me and Netflix continuing our ongoing, intimate affair. Maybe I’ll even smoke a little grass.

Closing time rolls around and I’m just finishing up. Normally I would be off Saturday, but I agreed to switch with Trish so she could visit her family. So tonight I could chill, but I’d be back here by 10:30 next morning. I’ll take what repose I can get, now that I’m back to working sixty hours a week between the two jobs.

I’m getting my coat, and I get a text from Cherie. “What are you doing?” I am about to pick up the trash to take it out, when I see a woman standing out in the dark hallway.

It’s Cherie! I am shocked and surprised. She’s all bundled up because it’s cold outside. But shess wearing a white headband, and her glasses. I notice that she curled her hair. It’s a tangle of shining ribbons of coal. She looks like a sexy librarian. “What are you doing here?”

“We talked about this last weekend.”

“We did?”

“I mean, I think we did. I can get on the train and go back if you’re upset.”

I grab her and kiss her. She tries to turn away from me, but I know she’s just teasing me. “You’re not getting back on any train. I’m sorry, I just need a teeny bit of heads up, that’s all, dear.”

Well, it looks like of instead of sitting in a chair getting drunk with my two favorite mistresses, (Vodka & Netflix) I get to spend the evening and morning with my very real girlfriend! Great, unexpected way to kick off the weekend. I’ll chill tomorrow night after work.

We get back to the bat cave, and thankfully, daughter Lorelei isn’t home. I lock the door and hit the flashlight on my phone, and lead her back to my bedroom.

There is some small talk, but the inevitable is going to happen. When I say “inevitable,” I mean “training for the sex olympics.”

I’m getting better at this. When I was with Annabelle, Our relationship was so fractured and disjointed due to her personality disorder, I never knew what was going to happen next. Just a confused soul. (See: Annabelle – Guy Walks Into a Bar) But with Cherie, everything’s cool. She’s a calming force in my life and incredibly grounded in her sexuality. Out of every woman I’ve ever met, she is truly the best. Sexuality is all in the biggest sex organ of your body; your mind. Her head, heart, and bod are all correctly aligned. She’s comfortable with her vessel, and makes it sing.

And I love playing a Stradivarius.

She says she misses me sexually when we are apart too long. “It’s all I think about. I have to masturbate everyday, just to take the edge off. I need you to fuck me.”

Cherie is a nymphomaniac, but very loyal. She loves sex, but isn’t reckless with her mind and body. I really couldn’t have created a better girlfriend.

I’m not going into what happened in my bedroom. This is a dating and relationship blog. Things got hot and passionate till about midnight. We woke up at 3am, (or she woke me up) and some more magic occurred. We both slept again until 6:45, and more fun ensued. Cherie is a sexual animal. She’s really a good match for me. I’ve never met anyone like her. I’m just glad that at my age I can keep up with her and leave her satisfied.

The great thing is, shark week is over, and the stress and mess are gone. It’s winter. She’ll be going back to school next week. She’s only working the one job now at Children’s Hospital. It was Friday the 13th, and a pretty black kitty crossed my path. Nothing but good luck.

Our time together is limited, due to our busy schedules. I want to take her to things; like dinner, movies and events, but right now a few hours is all we have.

And we celebrate and share it accordingly, with our most precious possessions. The only thing we came into this world with…



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