Dating and Relationship Advice – Is Your Relationship Failing? Here’s Why.

You Hold Grudges

Is Your Relationship Failing? Here's Why

It is important in relationships, of every kind, to learn how to let things go. If you continue to hold grudges with things that have happened and were discussed, your partner is not going to feel like they are supported or cared about. Let things go, it is the only way to move on.


You’re Being Too Needy

Is Your Relationship Failing? Here's Why

Loving to spend time with someone is one thing, needing them to be around you all the time in order for you to be happy is another. Neediness is not an attractive quality. The best kind of relationships occur when both people have a sense of independence.


You Prioritize Poorly

Is Your Relationship Failing? Here's Why

While it is important to have a life that is your own while also being in a relationship. You also need to make sure you are prioritizing your life to make sure that the other person feels the love and affection that they deserve. Make your life your own, but make them a priority.


You’re Paranoid

Is Your Relationship Failing? Here's Why

If you tend to be the type of person who always thinks that the worst is going to happen. Make sure that does not follow you into your relationships. If you constantly think that you partner is cheating or lying to you without any sort of proof, your relationship is destined to end.


You’re Trying Too Hard

Is Your Relationship Failing? Here's Why

The best kind of advice for any sort of life and relationship type of situation is to “be yourself.” If you try too hard and try to be someone who you’re not, but that maybe you think the other person wants you to be, you fake identity will show through.


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