Dating and Relationship Advice – 7 Things You Should NEVER Feel Bad About Doing in a Relationship

There are a ton of things you obviously shouldn’tdo, like cheating or ghosting. But there are also some things you may feel bad about doing that shouldn’t make you feel that way.

1. Defining Your Relationship

Defining your relationship is a pretty terrifying thing, but you deserve to know if you and your partner are on the same page. If they make you feel bad about doing this at any point in your relationship, you need to kick them to the curb. Its not only fair to you, but to them, that you determine where this is going before you realize youre both on very different pages when it comes to your relationship.

2. Not Constantly Texting Your S.O.

Theres this weird unspoken rule that if someone isnt texting you 24/7, theyre completely uninterested. But that definitely isnt the case. Sometimes you get busy or the conversation just dies on its own, so you shouldnt feel the need to constantly force a text exchange with your S.O. all the time. If you forget to text them back a couple of hours later or dont hit them up for a few days, thats fine. You dont need to smother them with messages. They arent going to assume youre suddenly done with them. And if they do, be honest with them about your texting style.


3. Spending Way More Time With Your Friends

Your friends were there for you before your S.O., and if the day comes, theyll be there for you after. Spending more time with your besties rather than your S.O. is not at all a bad thing. You still need to make time for your BFFs when youre in a relationship. More than likely, your S.O. will understand because theyll want to hang with their friends, too. But if they make you feel bad, tell them how it is.

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4. Not Posting About Your Relationship on Social Media

Your relationship is your business and thats that. If you dont feel comfortable posting tons of snaps with your S.O. on Insta or raving about them on Twitter, you dont need to do it. Your S.O. can see this as you not wanting to tell anyone about them, but assure them this isnt the case. As long as theyve met your friends or family, theyll know that youre serious about this.

5. Disagreeing With Your S.O. About Anything

Arguments with your S.O. are bound to happen. As a matter of fact, a few minor squabbles are actually healthy for your relationship. It forces you to see each others perspectives and find a solution that isnt breaking up. So if you ever disagree with your partner about anything, dont be scared to speak up for yourself. The two of you will learn a lot about each other by doing just that. Your opinions about a topic are just as valid as theirs, so dont feel like you need to hide your sentiments if you disagree.

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6. Expressing Your Feelings

It can be tough to express your feelings in a relationship, no matter what stage youre in. You dont want to come off a certain way, so you often think its best to hide them from your partner. You should never, ever feel bad about voicing your concerns about your relationship or how much youre in love with your S.O. However youre feeling, express that to your partner. We promise this will only strengthen your relationship, as the two of you learn to better communicate with one another.


7. Putting Yourself First

At the end of the day, you are your No. 1 priority. Yes, you want to always be there for your S.O., but your needs always come first. You should never feel bad for doing something that solely benefits your overall well-being, so long as its not at the expense of hurting your S.O. Your happiness is the most important thing, so dont you ever forget that.


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  1. All of these are true, and I raised my son to look at relationships that way. The last one is perhaps the most important. My late wife was never my babysitter, and I would never expect that of anyone I might meet in the future, either.

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