Cherie – Chapter 32 – Loving You Sunday Morning – Part 3

It’s getting to be afternoon and she has to go after our amazing roll in the hay.

I call an UBER because I don’t want to fuck up her train ride. We miss that train and her parents will be pissed dealing with the grandkids for another hour. We’re out on the curb on Pine and the UBER arrives.

The St. Patrick’s day parade is happening, and many of the streets are closed off. It’s detour city. Our UBER driver is aware but I can’t take a chance. I know he’s struggling, so I guide him. I tell him to just go out to Broad Street and head North. Cherie can feel my stress. I don’t want her to miss her train. This has happened before and I want my girl to be on point with her family. I know what that kind of accountability means. I know Cherie has that.

The traffic is fucked. We’re slugging along. We probably should have just walked.

Goddamn it! Cherie knows I get intense when it comes to the clock. She always works to calm me. She’s seen this before when went to the movies and blew the time.

I’m acutely aware of this. When she sees me get anxiety she always goes into “calm mode” I’ve never seen anything like it. She truly is the perfect girl for me. She completely forgets about what she needs and soothes my fire. I don’t even get that worked up but I can see what she’s doing. She’s a pro at making people around her feel better when they’re hurting. I’m not even hurting. I’m just stressed to get her to her train on time, but she’s all about keeping me calm.

She takes her glove off to hold my hand.

It’s nothing. We’ll get Suburban on time, but I love holding her hand. I know it’s nothing, but holding her hand is more important than getting anywhere right now. Just to feel the soft clutch of the woman I love so much wanting to comfort me over some nonsense tells me this is a lady I could ride the river of life with.

It’s already gone beyond the mind bending sex we have. I’m not in love with the drug of love and conquest I’ve had in the past. That part of me is gone.

I’ve evolved.

I’ve grown.

I really love this woman. I’m really in a healthy relationship for the first time because of me.

I love Cherie.

It’s crazy. I swiped right and so did Cherie. Her friend got her on Tinder. She tried it and hated it. She had only been on it a week or so and we connected. She came down to Philly on a rainy Saturday and the rest is history (Read the blog!)

Next year Cherie will get her BS is neuroscience and her BA in physiology. That’s an incredible feat for a woman who has funded her entire education by herself. All the while raising her son by herself. I’m incredibly proud of her. I didn’t go to college. I took some classes but that’s a whole other story. (Maybe for Phicklephilly Phlashbacks!)

I tell the UBER driver to dump us out at Broad and Chestnut. The cops have everything blocked off for the parade. We walk to Suburban with 15 minutes to spare.

We walk to the station and we’re good with the time. The train is 6 minutes late anyway so we have time to sit on the cold platform. There is some stuff on the bench and Cherie pats the seat to her right so I sit there. She’s always looking out for me. I do the same thing. She’s the only girl I’ve ever met that does that. “Watch the glass, the pothole, the dog poop.” That’s always me. Cherie ALWAYS does that when she’s with me. She’s like me. She is me. I look out for her and she for me. It’s rare and now that I have it in another person.


I think she’s moving back with her parents. Medical school is so expensive and she’s fed up with her roommate and her boyfriend. They’ve known each other since their years at McDonald’s and I know Cherie has grown out of McDonalds girl. Totally get it. I’ve done that several times. Plus she’ll save a bunch of money living back at the parents. It seems like a great family, and they all love each other, so yes…

Great support system for her son and her education.

We find the platform and baby needs to get to and go down there. We sit on an isolated bench on this stark Sunday. Everybody is topside. In the parade, and drinking and offending St. Patrick for three weeks straight here in my fine city of Philadelphia. It’s fine. Let them have it and throw up in their green plastic hats.

I’m sitting on this cold, red metal bench waiting for the 1:05pm train with my lady. She’s bundled. I know I just made love to her baby body for the last two hours like a lion and shess happy. I know she came down to get it from me and I gave it. But come on, I took too.

Actually… we didn’t take anything. We shared.

I watch her board the train. She turns to me and mouths, ” I love you” to me. It’s expected but not necessary. I love her and I know she adores me. But goddamn it, we just had some furious love.

I see her get her seat and send her a kiss through the window. I leave the platform and head to the surface for a cigarette.

We shared our time, our hearts and our bodies and it was absolutely beautiful. I just hope we can figure out some time soon so I can take my love to a movie or meal. I know she expects nothing, but we should probably go see the Ring movie or go blow away some zombies at Dave & Busters as soon as possible!

How do I feel about Cherie?

3,339 words don’t lie.



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