Ambria – Chapter 2 – First Date at Noon

I get to Misconduct around 11:40 just to secure my table and be in a relaxed state when Ambria arrives. I get my favorite table and chill. I get a text from her that she just got off the train at Suburban Station. That’s good because it’s only a block away. I’m glad I’m doing this. I have a good feeling about this lady.

Lunch is always a good first date. Because if it goes badly, you’re out of there in an hour. Drinks or dinner can turn into an expensive grinding nightmare. You just meet for coffee if you’re just not sure. So for this one I’m going with lunch.

She arrives on time and I can see she matches her profile pics. She’s an attractive light-skinned black woman with lovely soft curls. I get up from the table and meet her at the door. I bring her over to my table and we make our greeting.

We start chatting while the server comes over and takes our order.  I’ve been at this so long now, I’m pretty relaxed about just being calm and up front with these ladies. I tell her what I do for a living, then about the tanning salon story, and how we’re going to build a fitness center in there.

I go on to tell her when I was married, divorced and how my daughter Lorelei lives with me. I tell her about my family. I tell her I drive but am not encumbered with owning a car in the city. She agrees it would be a waste.

She tells me she’s never been married. Just focused on her career. She is an only child and lost her father to death early on and her mother in January of this year. I know that had to be tough, and I share about my late parents.

She served in the military and is pretty good with an M16 assault rifle.


I find out she is a Sagitarius. (Dec 7) I don’t really believe is that zodiac stuff, but I never met a Sagitarius woman I didn’t like. Being a Leo, I’m supposed to be a good match with Sagitarius and Aries.

She was in a relationship a few years ago and it ended badly and her heart was broken for a couple of years. (When don’t relationships end badly?)

She said that she got by on some recyclables for a while. I ask her what that meant. She said she would just recycle guys she’d dated in the past to fill in the blanks until she could get back out there again.

She got on Tinder a couple of weeks ago. I ask her if she has had any luck and gone on any dates. She said she had. I ask how it was going and she seemed non plused. She jokes how this one guy named Bob spoke in the third person a lot.

“Who does that?”

“Yea, who really does that?”

Well, apparently Bob does. It didn’t win him a second date.

We talk about some of the dates I’ve been on, Valerie, June, Scarlett, Clarice and Joyce. (Go to my COLLECTIONS tab) She asks how all of that went, and I told her there were either boring or there was just no chemistry. She agreed that sort of was the case with her as well.

But we’re having a lot of great banter right now. The conversation is peppered with witty repartee and double entendre. It’s really fun and I am really starting to dig this chick.

The check comes and she picks it up and starts looking at it. I say, “Are we looking at that right now?” She says that we are. Could it be possible she may actually help on the first date? I kind of like her so much and she’s been so great at this lunch I really want to pay. She whips out her credit card and I reach for my wallet.

“No. I got this. ” She says.

“No. come on. You’re too kind. Let me…”

“No. Next time.”

By this time I’m on my feet. I can’t believe I’m hearing this. I tell her that up to this point that has NEVER happened.

“Next time.”

I’m stunned. But I get it. She knows I’m a gentleman. I’m pretty sure she likes me, and wants to see me again. This is an investment in securing a second date. Genius.

At least that’s what I hope it is.

Our lunch started at noon and has gone all the way to 2:30. It’s been so nice, the time flew by.  I tell her I have to work at the salon tonight so I have to get over there by 3pm. I tell her I am having such a good time, that if I didn’t have to work, I’d drag this party all the way to happy hour. If it were tomorrow, I’d do that because I’m off from the salon in the evening on Wednesdays.

“What about tomorrow night then?”

“You want to have our second date tomorrow?” I say.

“Sure. After 5. Happy hour.”

Again I’m stunned. No girl has ever forcibly paid the check on the first date and I’ve never gone on the second date the very next day. Most of the time I’m relieved the date is over. But this time I’m really tickled with the idea of seeing this beauty again tomorrow.

“Sure. Let’s meet up.”

We leave the restaurant and walk east on JFK Blvd. I ask her what the rest of her afternoon looks like, and she says she’ s going to do a little shopping. She says she likes Nordstrom Rack, but not the one here in center city. I suggest Macy’s and she says she’ll go there. We get to 16th and Market and she has to go east and I have to go south to the salon.

So It’s farewell for now.

We agree to text later and I tell her I’ll find a spot for happy hour tomorrow. She leans in and hugs me and kisses my cheek. She feels right in my arms.

We say a few more parting words and I kiss her one last time. But I boldly go in for her soft ripe lips. I’ve had a small hit and now I just need one last shot for the road. She gently yields to me. It’s just one short burst, and we part ways.

I’m feeling good, light energy as I nearly skip down 16th street.

When I get to work, the salon is busy, but I want to text her and thank her for the lovely lunch and look forward to seeing her tomorrow.

So at 30 minutes in, I catch a moment, and grab my phone.

She’s already texted me the same thing I wanted to say to her.

“Too early to tell, but I think I may have met a keeper. Hope tomorrow night goes well. Wish me luck!”



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