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Jill has been one of our clients for years. She’s about 38 years old now. She’s a former stripper, and now that she doesn’t have the youth or the body to strip anymore she works in a nail salon. Apparently for a while she even worked as an escort years ago. Her son is black and probably around 15 years old. I’ve never seen or heard of a father.

For a while she lived with some guy, and I think he supported her. Maybe that was the kid’s father. I think in the last few years he got fed up with her and put her out. Maybe she has her own place now. I don’t know.

One Saturday I was hanging at the salon chatting with employee and neighbor, Trish. Jill comes in and she’s half in the bag drunk. It’s like 3pm in the afternoon. She’s says she’s been out shopping. Sure she’s been out shopping but it’s been a drunken spending spree. She’s flirty and mouthy like any drunk broad would get if they were loaded. I’ve never seen her like this. Normally she comes in, she’s very sweet and she just goes into the same tanning bed every time and leaves. Sometimes her son is with her, others times she’s on her own.

After a bit of chatter and laughs I decide to head home. A few hours later, I’m sitting in my chair watching Netflix. I get a text from Trish. She asks if she can come up and chat. I tell her to come up whenever she wants. She arrives and has a seat on the couch. She starts telling me that Jill stayed at the salon talking to her until closing.

After that they went to Rouge in Rittenhouse Square for a drink. Rule number three at the salon is: You’re available but not available. Meaning, don’t go out with the customers. If you do and things don’t work out Achilles doesn’t want to lose any customers because of your shitty dalliances. But I suppose it’s okay for a couple of women to hang out.

Trish goes on to tell me about how Jill got even more drunk and then started kissing her. Trish goes both ways not because she’s bisexual. She’s just confused sexually and probably lonely. So she starts crying as she’s telling me how she’s making out with Jill, and Jill is sticking her hand down the front of Trish’s shorts and fingering her vagina.

Then Jill tries to run out and leave Trish with the bill for the drinks they had.

“What did you do then?”

“I fuckin’ chased her and caught her.”

“Did you get the money from her?”

“Yea. Man… she was like blackout drunk.”

I calmed Trish down, and told her not to worry about it. In the morning Jill probably won’t even remember about what she did.”

It turns out she did remember a bit of it, because about a week later Trish told me that Jill came in and apologized to her and that they were cool.

But the story gets weirder after that…


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