Cheyanne – Who’s The Plug?

I met up with my lovely friend, Cheyanne at Davio’s at 17th and Sansom Street recently. The day is hot. Davio’s is on the 2nd floor of the Club Quarters. It’s nice and cool in the restaurant and it’s nice to be up off the street. Feels a little more exclusive.

Cheyanne is a brilliant business woman, life coach and motivator of people. She has a good mind when it comes to people and relationships. Whenever she’s in town for appointments with clients, if she can, she’ll squeeze me in for a drink or two.

We’re sitting at the bar. I’m sipping an ice cold martini and she’s having a glass of wine.

“Let me run a scenario by you, Cheyanne.”


I place the plug to my phone charger on the bar. “This is the woman. Then I place my phone to the right of the plug. “This is the guy.”


“There’s a woman I know who’s in a relationship with this guy. She sees him a few times a month, but sometimes less.”

“Why so little time together?”

“She works a lot, works weird hours, and is very busy with that.”

“What about the guy?”

“He lives about an hour away and works at two different jobs.”

“How long have they been together?”

“About a year.”

“Any problems?”

“Apparently none that has ever been mentioned.”

“So what’s the question?”

I pull out a pen from the pocket of my blazer and place it to the left of the plug.

“Who’s that supposed to be?”

“The pen is another man she met recently.”


“Plug girl still loves phone guy very much and is happy with him.”

“Then why is she dating pen guy?”

“They just met up one day and there was chemistry.”

“Does phone know about pen and vice versa?”

“No. She says she likes them equally but for different reasons.”

“I see.”

“So what do you think is going on there?”

“Well she’s obviously not getting enough attention from phone guy. Regardless if she likes them equally, she’s not being honest with them or herself.”

“How so? She’s not hurting anyone. She’s just enjoying the company of both of these men.”

“Is she having sex with both of them?”

“Phone guy obviously, but it seems inevitable with Pen guy.”

“If she’s seeing both of them then and neither of them know about each other than she’s never giving all of herself to either guy.”

“But why does anyone have to give their all to anyone. Couldn’t she simply enjoy both of them and when the one is around give him her all and when the other one is present do the same?”

“No, because she’s living a double life and not being truthful with either of them. She’s cheating on both of them and they think they’re in an exclusive relationship with her and their not.”

“But why can’t she simply like them both and spend time with them both and sleep with both of them if she cares for them equally?”

“Because the guys think she’s their girlfriend, and she’s not being truthful about what either relationship really is. She’s living a lie.”

“Okay… Well thank you for that. I’ll explain that to her when I see her.”

“I have to get to my next appointment. It’s been great seeing you as always.”

‘Yea, you’re awesome, Cheyanne.”

She starts to walk out the door, when she suddenly turns to me.

“You’re the plug aren’t you?”


(The plug is me. and the girls are Cherie and Ambria)


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