Sun Stories: Aishah – The Wages of Fear – Chapter 1

The tale of one woman’s paralyzing fear and how it became the greatest Sun Story ever told.

A new client came in recently. She goes to Temple University. We have so many Temple girls that come here. Aishah told me that she’s studying pre law. I’m pretty sure she’s a freshman, because she’s only 18 years of age.

She’s absolutely beautiful. Tall and slender. Model pretty with dark eyes, raven tresses and caramel skin. She tells me her father’s white, and her mother’s black and Pakistani. Apparently that’s a winning combination, because this child hit the genetic lottery.

She’s very sweet to chat with and I like her immediately. She buys a 5 pack of tanning sessions and I also sell her a bottle of bronzing lotion and a pair of protective eyewear. So she’s got everything she need to get tan!

She tells me that she just wants to get a little darker for her vacation to Costa Rica in a couple of weeks. She says despite her genealogy, she can still burn. I agree with her and ask her if she wants a stand up or a horizontal bed.

She strongly rejects the stand up and I show her to one of the lay down beds. I show her back to room 7 and explain the different aspects of the bed.

“400 watts in the face tanners, more UV A light than B to brown the face not burn it. 160 watts in the tubes. More UV B rays. The fan button’s here. You’ve got great melanin do you want to do the full 12 minute session?”

“Yes, please.”

“Okay, I put 5 minutes on the room for you to get ready and prepare and if you’re ready sooner, just hit the Start button and pull this hood down.”

Aishah grimaces slightly at the formidable machine before her. I step out of the room. “Okay, go to it Aishah. Thank you for choosing Sun Tanning Studios.”

I go back up to the counter and activate the timer for the bed.

I just go about my business around the salon. Five minutes later I hear the bed light and the fans running.

Then about half way through her session I see an abundant amount of UV light coming from her room. (They have 7 foot high walls but no ceilings. It’s to better circulate the air around the salon and cool the beds faster. So any difference in brightness you can see more light shining up out of the room than usual. (Normally means the hood of the bed has been opened mid session.)

I walk down the hall to room 7. I look up. Tons of light coming out of the room. I don’t know why the bed is opened because she’s only about half way through her session. I don’t care what the clients do in the rooms as long as they don’t break anything, but if you want really good results you keep the lid closed for the entire session.

I’m not going to say anything, and besides I’m busy doing other things in the salon to worry about it. Doing laundry, waiting on other clients, and cleaning.

When the 12 minutes are up, Aishah emerges from the room. She gives me a smile and thanks me. “See you soon!” Then off she goes.

Of course I google her and stalk her Facebook and Instagram. They are both pretty much private, but I can tell from a pic on her Facebook she’s done some modeling. She’s built perfect for modeling. I see she’s currently in a relationship. (boo hoo! Yea, like I have a chance!)

Next time she comes in I’ll have to ask her about why she’s not closing the beds properly  during her tanning session.


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