13 Definite Signs She’s A Wife Material And You Should Keep Her

I used to say that there is nothing like wife material.

But then in this life we are all in a certain group where we have been categorized. We have been put into different categories because of our characteristics and that is how we choose our friends and even fall in love with our partners. It is these categories that help us know who is who and this is also where wife materials come in. These are women not girls, women that are fit to take care of a family and understand that being a woman who is able to love and take care of her future husband is not bad but precious and important.

1. She knows how to cook.

It may not seem important but food is important and good food is everything. A lady who can’t cook is not someone who can be able to set high standards even for a house help. She should be innovative with her food because you can’t always eat out.


2. She’s independent and ambitious.

She knows what she wants and she goes for it.


3. She doesn’t live in bars and clubs.

Yes, she may go out once in a while but this is not the center of her life. She is determined to use her time wisely in things like reading or investing in other hobbies.


4. She knows how to dress for every occasion.

She knows that she cannot dress skimpy in front of your family and she knows how to dress sexily for you as well.


5. She gets along with both your family and friends.

Because those are the people she will need to get along with for the rest of your lives. She may not like them but she is wise enough to be cordial with them for the sake of peace in your relationship.


6. She actually cares about how you spend your money.

She doesn’t urge you to buy the most expensive shoes or clothes. She encourages you to spend wisely and even has tips on how to do so.


7. She tries to help you overcome your imperfections.

She understands that you’re an imperfect human being and that she may not fix you but she encourages you to do better.


8. She is thankful and appreciative.

Instead of complaining all the time, she appreciates you when you deserve it and she does not let her ego get in the way of loving you.


9. She doesn’t tolerate nonsense but she is not a drama queen.

She can call you out and she is not a pushover. She is the kind of person who will tell you when you’re wrong and is not afraid to air our her opinions, you also know she will eventually walk away if you take her for granted.


10. She is responsible with her finances.

She pays her bills and plans ahead of time. This is the kind of woman who will probably have a savings account for a rainy day.


11. You have similar interests.

You both like similar things and she also accepts the differences. For example if you’re watching football she doesn’t try to make you hate it she finds something else to do at that time.


12. You have been together for a while and you want to marry her.

You actually know that she fits your standards.


13. She is your ride or die.

You know she will be there through the thick and thin.

Thanks. I hope this was helpful. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this piece.


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5 Things EVERY GUY Wishes His Girlfriend Knew


5 Things EVERY GUY Wishes His Girlfriend Knew

Girls can sit there and talk for hours, about everything and nothing; they can be on the phone for a very long time talking about the most random things, men are not like that at all. Ladies, if you have a 30 minute story about how Jessica from Accounting annoyed you today at work, I can assure you that he will listen to the first 5 minutes (if you’re lucky) and space out for the rest of the story. Just because he starts day dreaming doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you or your story is boring (or maybe it is) just means that there are certain things that men don’t necessarily care for…like Jessica from Accounting. One of the main reasons we all have girlfriends is for these stories!


5 Things EVERY GUY Wishes His Girlfriend Knew

Change it up! Guys love a girl who can be a an elegant princess at a wedding, rock the sweatpants and bun at home, and be a beast at the gym. I’m not saying it’s easy ladies, but if want to see your man drool, give it a try! Want to keep your man on his toes? Change it up ladies, try a different hairstyle, hair colour, new sense of style! Guys love it when you surprise them! If you’ve looked exactly the same for the past 10 years, it’s time to look into making a little change. Remember that it’s not just the clothes and hair but also the confidence that makes you uber sexy!


5 Things EVERY GUY Wishes His Girlfriend Knew

Whether it’s football, hockey, basketball or baseball, especially if his favourite team is playing, just let him be. For some men, sports time is sacred time, it’s therapeutic, and just wants to be alone or with the guys watching it. Piece of advice, if his team loses, he probably won’t be in the best mood, so find out what he prefers and just do it. When their team loses, some men love to be left alone to brood and others wants to be cheered up. If you want to be a good girlfriend or wife, find out what he prefers!


5 Things EVERY GUY Wishes His Girlfriend Knew

If your partner is a gamer, you should know the “playing online” rule which is, we can’t pause, we won’t get up unless it’s an absolute emergency, and please DO NOT just pass in front of the TV. If your partner is a video game junkie and you don’t know that you are definitely in trouble. Like you love your makeup, shoes, purses, or/and earrings) they love their video games and whether you understand it or not, you just have to accept it, I would also suggest embracing it! When your partner is playing his game (especially if he’s online), just leave him alone, pretend he’s not there.

5 Things EVERY GUY Wishes His Girlfriend Knew

It’s one thing if you’re having a bad day and need to talk, but pick the right time! For example, if your man is at work and you know he has a big meeting, and you’re having a bad day, don’t call him and complain and then get upset that he doesn’t have time for you. A man loves an independent woman, not one who calls him every hour to complain about how she’s having a bad day at work, or how someone cut her in traffic, or that she can’t find a parking spot, or that you’re PMSing.


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