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I’ve decided I’d like to feature and promote other writers on phicklephilly. I have one running now once a week but I’d like to help other bloggers promote their blogs and get more followers.

Do you write about something really unique? It doesn’t have to be like my blog. “Dating and Relationships.” But that would be a plus.

I want all voices, all races, and all genders. 2019 could be a game changing year for us all.

Love, Sex, Erotica, Health, Movies, Art, Music, Lifestyles, etc. Comment on this post if you think you’ve got something I could share. I think we should mix it up and have some really interesting content that my readers and your readers will love.

I have one great lady’s blog already scheduled for every week in 2019, but let’s get some more writers on here and build our following together!


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Ambria – Chapter 10 – Matinee Day – Part Two

I have the tickets. I’m ready to roll. I don’t want to see this film at 4pm. Uber, be earnest in your trek.

I go outside and smoke a cigarette because I’m stressed. I can’t be late for anything, especially not a film.

I’m out there standing in the courtyard looking out on 2nd street. There is a tap on my shoulder, and it’s Ambria. She’s here!

I grab her and usher into the theater. The girl tells us the movie is just beginning but we can go in now. We scramble town the dark hallway and into the theater.

“Tonight on Dealbreakers”  I say.

Ambria gets a fit of laughing because she gets the joke. The bit I just said is my father talking. It means, if you are late for a film I may dump you and date someone else. But I’ve done it in an ironic sarcastic way, and baby loves it. This way Ambria is such a good match for me. I can rip and she is tantalized by my jokes. She gets it and giggles for 10 minutes straight.

I climb into the darkness to find some seats in the back. There’s 5 people in the theater and I love it so much. I love film and cinema so mush when I am in a theater and It’s empty I am so turned on.

It’s quiet. You can sit wherever you want. No children. Empty. Just that beautiful presence in the dark that unfolds before you and who you’re with.

A handful of film lovers or old people who will remain quieter during the film. No cell phones. No texting. Just watch a big beautiful movie in a theater and feel the power of the art in the darkness. It’s glorious. I wanted this with Ambria.

She loves it. She’s ready. We’re up in the back. I don’t know what this film is about bit I don’t care. It’s Monday. Everybody is at work hating their lives and we are about to watch a great film together and we’re off.


Off is so good. She’s so sorry she was late and I’m a very forgiving because I like her and it’s not her fault and she killed herself getting down here. I ask her if she wants anything. she says she has some sort of spicy crunchy snacks which is awesome if you’ve snuck chow in. she asks me I’d want anything and I tell her I would love a small popcorn with extra butter and a medium diet coke. I’m checking and wondering and she says she’s going to get it.

I tell her it’s ok but she insists because she says she was late and I paid for the tickets. Ambria is so hot I don’t give a shit about any of that. But… greasy buttery popcorn and soda would be pretty awesome right now.

she insists and goes to the snack bar. I sit back and try to absorb ‘ My Cousin Rachel” (Great movie by the way)

Baby returns with a small buttery bag of popcorn, a medium dite Coke which is so huge I can’t lift it and a straw and napkins. I’m going to go ahead and say good girlfriend at this junction.

If you’re having any doubts about Me Cousin Rachel, let me tell you the film is amazing. Great story that will leave you guessing. So good you’ll watch it and not molest your date during it.

After the film we walked up to Market street and I showed her the Independence Beer Garden. Best beer garden in the city.

Check it out: http://www.phlbeergarden.com/

Yea… it’s God.

I showed it to her but didn’t want to hang.

Don’t worry, I’ll meet up with her there in the next episode.

The weather wasn’t murder so we walked back to center city to find a cool spot to stop.

Of course we stop at Square 1682 on a Monday, because my boy Roman is there and I know we’ll be secured. I of course go with chardonnay with a side of ice and Ambria goes with something from the cocktail list that is light.

We’re tight at the bar, chatting, laughing and talking to Roman. But when she had to go to the Ladies room, I had the opportunity to show her where is was. We went up the back stairs that brought us two the second floor. I took her into the front banquet room which is empty and dark. This is was just an opportunity to make out with her like a teenager.

I knew it would it would be empty and quiet an I knew I could rip into my love.

Her lips are that of a girlfriend. Her tongue of a lover. Yt’s like our mouths were made to kiss each other.

I can’t get enough of her. Ambria is hungry and ready, I know I have to wait. But the kettle is about to explode.


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Signs That You Are Dating A Perfect Guy

Signs That You Are Dating A Perfect Guy that whenever you are dating someone you have to be a little bit careful and never expect so much at the beginning of a relationship. And if we date someone we keep looking for a sign whether the other person is serious about us or not. So today I will give you some points which will tell you that is he a real keeper.

Be Yourself: You need to act fake just be what you are and be real. Don’t show off much as this can literally irritate him and there is no need to pretend fake or someone which you are not. Just show the real side of yours and just see whether you are comfortable with him or not.

He accepts the way you are: He never judges you and accept the way you are and accepts your opinions and thoughts and comforts you whenever you feel a little low. He doesn’t want to change you and won’t tell you to change your habits too. He won’t try to control you and never say that he is right.

You are comfortable talking to him about everything: Mind this if you are comfortable and easy telling everything to your boyfriend that means he is a keeper and he never judges you whatever you say and takes you as well as gives his opinions on that matter. If he listens to your problems and finds a way out with you then you are dating a real guy.


He has discussed future plans with you: If he has discussed future plans with you then you are on the right track that means he wants you to be there in future. Whenever you ask him about your future plans you guys start making more plans and if he is giving commitment never leave that guy as these days you won’t find a guy who will commit you easily. So girl doesn’t let him go.

You are happy together: Whenever you guys meet you can’t stop imagining when you meet your boyfriend and if you are happy with him and you both keep each other happy then you are on the right track. He makes you laugh at his silly jokes and compliments you.

He know how to handle your mood swings: Whenever you are not feeling good or feeling sick he will make sure that he will do every possible thing to just be with you when you need him the most and he will take care of you like his own child. He will not let you suffer alone and will be there for you. Giving you medicine on time talking to you see the doctor and making your food.


He introduces you to his friends and family: When a guy is serious for you he will make sure that he will introduce you to his family and friends after some time it can take some time depending on the comfort and bonding you guys share. You will go to the social gatherings and that time you can see how he introduces you to his friends and family and you can get an idea by then.


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