Signs That You Are Dating A Perfect Guy

Signs That You Are Dating A Perfect Guy that whenever you are dating someone you have to be a little bit careful and never expect so much at the beginning of a relationship. And if we date someone we keep looking for a sign whether the other person is serious about us or not. So today I will give you some points which will tell you that is he a real keeper.

Be Yourself: You need to act fake just be what you are and be real. Don’t show off much as this can literally irritate him and there is no need to pretend fake or someone which you are not. Just show the real side of yours and just see whether you are comfortable with him or not.

He accepts the way you are: He never judges you and accept the way you are and accepts your opinions and thoughts and comforts you whenever you feel a little low. He doesn’t want to change you and won’t tell you to change your habits too. He won’t try to control you and never say that he is right.

You are comfortable talking to him about everything: Mind this if you are comfortable and easy telling everything to your boyfriend that means he is a keeper and he never judges you whatever you say and takes you as well as gives his opinions on that matter. If he listens to your problems and finds a way out with you then you are dating a real guy.


He has discussed future plans with you: If he has discussed future plans with you then you are on the right track that means he wants you to be there in future. Whenever you ask him about your future plans you guys start making more plans and if he is giving commitment never leave that guy as these days you won’t find a guy who will commit you easily. So girl doesn’t let him go.

You are happy together: Whenever you guys meet you can’t stop imagining when you meet your boyfriend and if you are happy with him and you both keep each other happy then you are on the right track. He makes you laugh at his silly jokes and compliments you.

He know how to handle your mood swings: Whenever you are not feeling good or feeling sick he will make sure that he will do every possible thing to just be with you when you need him the most and he will take care of you like his own child. He will not let you suffer alone and will be there for you. Giving you medicine on time talking to you see the doctor and making your food.


He introduces you to his friends and family: When a guy is serious for you he will make sure that he will introduce you to his family and friends after some time it can take some time depending on the comfort and bonding you guys share. You will go to the social gatherings and that time you can see how he introduces you to his friends and family and you can get an idea by then.


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