Although it is one of the hardest things for everyone to admit, the people we deeply love and care and the people closest to us can also sometimes be evil. One of those people can be your significant other. You try to fight it and you are constantly justifying him and his behavior, but deep down, you know he is not a good person.

It is hard to define someone as evil, but there are some warning signs and characteristics all evil people have in common, and here are some of them.

He is jealous and envious

One of the first things that can show you someone’s true face is the way they behave when someone around them is happy and successful. If you are involved with an evil guy, he won’t ever be happy because of something good that is happening to you. Instead, it will appear that he enjoys when you are going through some kind of misfortune. When I say he is jealous, I am not talking about jealousy of other guys- he is jealous and envious about everything you achieve. This guy will never support you nor will he believe in you, because he doesn’t want you to move forward and improve. Of course, this is something he won’t ever admit, but you’ll just see that disappointment in his eyes every time you accomplish something.

He is controlling

Most evil people have control issues. They know that they can’t be trusted and therefore, consider everyone to be the same. Therefore, they can’t entrust any part of their lives to another person, even if that person is their life partner. If you are in a relationship with an evil guy, he will have deep trust issues and instead of working on them, he will try to control every aspect of your life and personality. He is very much aware of his personality traits and considers for you to be the same, deep down.

He is dishonest

Although we all lie sometimes, what differs evil people from the rest of us is that dishonesty is their life style. Everything around them is a lie and they wouldn’t know how to function if they tried being completely honest. They are constantly trying to hide their true face and therefore lie habitually and pathologically. So, if you have caught your boyfriend telling you white lies once in a long period of time, this doesn’t have to mean anything. But, if he is always lying and sometimes does it even without realizing it, he probably has some deeper issues that cause him to behave this way.

He is never remorseful

The first thing that makes an evil person is evil is their lack of consciences. None of us is perfect and we all do some things we shouldn’t have done, but what makes us human is the fact that we are aware that something was wrong and we regret doing it. But, evil people rarely feel remorse. If the guy you are involved with rarely takes responsibility for his actions and words and never shows remorse, it is time you think about whether this is a person you really want to be with. For him, it is very important to keep a positive image of himself and apologizing and taking responsibility would make him less perfect and he simply couldn’t handle that.

He plays the victim

Instead of doing the mature thing and taking responsibility, evil people usually play the victim. It is quite hard sharing your life with someone who behaves like this, because everything is always your fault. This guy won’t admit that he is to blame about anything that has happened in your relationship. Even when it’s clear that some things are his mistake, he will do whatever it takes to try to convince you that you were the one that led him to behaving in this manner. Consequently, a relationship with this type of man leads you to numerous insecurities and self-esteem issues which is exactly what he wants.

He is manipulative

Evil people can appear to be the nicest and the kindest people on the planet at first. But, their goodness comes with a price. So, if you happen to be involved with a guy who constantly plays mind games and acts like he has multiple personalities, it is probable that he is trying to manipulate you into getting what he wants- that being sex, attention, money or just keeping you around for his ego. Of course, while doing this, he won’t have any scruples. This man will gas light you, will lie to you and will deceive you in all possible ways. When you are with this type of guy for a longer period of time, you start to wonder if you are losing your mind, because he manages to distort your perception of reality.


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