Tara – She Came Looking For Me – Part 1

Way, way, back in 2005, I was working at a call center. I got promoted to trainer. I was in a… so-so relationship with a woman. Things weren’t incredible with her, to be honest, but they weren’t bad, per se. I was dragging my feet on dumping her because we lived together, and I was dreading the whole ordeal of changing our living arrangements.

One new training class started up, and I was set to present my portion of the training. In walks Tara.

Damn Tara.

She was stunning. Super bubbly personality, incredibly attractive, and… way friendly to me. The training I gave was 3 days long. Each day, she’d conveniently have some reason to stay behind, or to try to join my usual group for lunch. She’d laugh way too much at any jokes I made.

Ok… I’m starting to think this chick is into me. But, of course, I have a girlfriend. Even if I’m planning on breaking up with her, cheating isn’t my bag.  (lol,back then!) Since I had no idea when I’d be breaking up with her, I decided I’d introduce her to a good friend of mine.

REALLY long story short, they hit it off. They got engaged. After about a year, something happened, and they called off the engagement. She was so distraught by it, she apparently moved out-of-state.

So now it’s 2012. The relationship I was in was long over. The friend I introduced her to calls me. He mentions that Tara is back in town. He says they’ve made amends, but she was asking about me. Was I single? Would I want to meet up? He says that she seems like she’s cool now, and that he’s cool with it.

Sure! Why not?

I get her number, we connect on Facebook. She immediately starts telling me about how excited she is that we reconnected. She says that we should get together soon. So I throw it out: It’s Thursday. How about tomorrow night?

She says YES!

The next day I pick her up. She lives about 35 minutes away from me, so it’s quite a drive. When I get there, she’s looking FINE. She’s got super high heels on, tight jeans, and a top that’s almost too small for her. It’s really obvious she put a lot of time into her makeup and hair.

Is she trying to impress me? I think so, but… why? She’s way out of my league if you ask me.

We go to dinner, and things go off amazingly. The conversation is great; there’s never a lull in it. There’s some nice little bits of flirting going on.

Afterwards, we grab coffee. I casually mention that my place isn’t far from the coffee shop. She volunteers, “Sure, I’d love to see it!”.


We get back to my place. We’re just hanging out, chatting and stuff, she’s inching closer. Then she starts with “I’m so tense, I could use a massage”.

Then her shirt comes off.

Now… at this point I should mention that I’m not pushing for any of this. I genuinely liked her. I wasn’t just trying to get her home and hook up. I wanted to see if this was going to go somewhere. I’m totally willing to take things slow. Everything that has happened so far, she’s initiated.

Things lead to things, we start making out. Then she pulls back and says, “Oh, I’d better quit. I don’t go farther than this until the third date. Can you just take me home and we’ll call it a night?”

Like I said, I don’t mind slowing down, so I happily oblige. I’m just stoked for the chemistry, the idea that this might turn into something. I drive her home, and she gives me a nice kiss. I ask when she’s free, and she says, “How about tomorrow?”


Tune in tomorrow for the crazy conclusion!


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