Thanksgiving Tradition

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s one from 2016

My family has always celebrated Thanksgiving, but Christmas was always our big holiday. I’m always welcome at my older sister Janice’s house every year. She has a big house and we refer to her place as Holiday Headquarters. There was one year many years ago when I was invited to go to my other sister Gabrielle’s house all the way down in North Wildwood, New Jersey. Back then I was newly divorced, and I just didn’t feel like making the drive all the way down there. My daughter was little then and with her Mom and that side of the family for Thanksgiving. I was just happy that my ex-wife was out of the house and out of my life for that matter. I was looking forward to a day of listening to music, watching movies and eating and drinking. I like to be alone. I’m a very social animal, and I get my energy from those around me, but I just wanted a day of sweet nothing and solitude.

I lived in Woodbury, NJ back then. I drove over to the local convenient store and picked up a box of frozen Ellio’s Pizza. It’s a cheap and tasty treat I have loved since I was a lad. The lady at the counter says, “I hope you’re not eating that for Thanksgiving!” I coolly replied, “Oh, no. My daughter loves these things. I always keep them in for her.” (a bold-faced lie)

That night I happily sat on my sofa watching some cool movies, drinking Ketel One vodka and tonics, and eating my delicious Ellio’s Pizza. I had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving. I was grateful to have a family that cared about me and most of all that little Lorelei was in the world.

So I joked around with my sisters about that day, and of course they felt bad for me. They didn’t want me eating frozen pizza and drinking liquor by myself on Thanksgiving, but that’s what I really wanted to do that day. So it’s sort of become a family joke every year for Thanksgiving. It came up again this year, when I declined my sister’s invitation. It’s not that I didn’t want to see her, but I’ve seen her a lot lately, and my parents have passed, so what’s the point? Once the main anchors of a family die, usually the children retreat to their own little families. She understood and we’ll all get together at her annual holiday party in December at Holiday Headquarters.

I went to the Midtown Diner and had a huge breakfast at the counter. Scrambled eggs, bacon and french toast. It’s too much food, but I crushed it all and it was delicious. I went back to my house and did some writing. Lorelei escaped the clutches of having to spend Thanksgiving with her mother. She went to her boyfriend’s mother’s house. She’s a hard-core vegan and made some really creative dishes. I’m glad she’s happy and I’m sure they were glad to have her there for the holiday.

I finished a chapter, and wanted to get something to eat around 4:30. I left the house and walked down to South street. Everything was closed, but I didn’t feel like going into Walgreens where I’d have to get something to heat up or bake in the oven. Then I looked to the left and remembered there was a new 7-Eleven a block away.

I stopped in and was surprised at all of the people in there buying stuff. Maybe I could start a little Thanksgiving club with them. They could come over with a load of 7-Eleven food and I’d supply the booze. I picked up some things and headed back to the house.

The city was deserted. Dark and eerily quiet because everybody was off doing their family things. I got home, went to my desk and fired up an old episode of Columbo on Netflix. I poured myself a vodka and club soda. I don’t drink Ketel One anymore at home. Too expensive. I only have it out now in a martini, straight up with a twist. My current brand is Platinum X7 by Sazerac. A 1.75 bottle is $20. My favorite thing to mix it with is Polar club soda with lemon that I buy by the liter at Walgreens. I tore open the small bag of Lay’s potato chips. Then opened the box that contained the quarter pound 7-Eleven hot dog, and spread mustard along its length.

Changed it up this year! Wanted to send a pic to all of my sisters but decided against it.

A man who can sit in a room alone and be satisfied is a man that has found inner peace.” – My Dad



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The Law of Attraction. What Are You Attracting Into Your Life?

The Law of Attraction tells us like attracts like. What we put out into the universe is what we get back from the universe.

So if you believe this to be true how are your actions affecting your life? Maybe you need to look deeper at the things you say and believe about yourself and look at the actions you make because on an energetic level, this is what the universe picks up on.

So you might ask; why do bad things happen to me, I didn’t ask for them to happen?

On a conscious level none of us ask for bad things to happen to us, but on a deeper, subconscious, soul level there may be a part of you that wants to sabotage yourself.

To give you an example… If someone is doing good in the world and helping many people and not getting good come back to them, i.e. money is not flowing back to them, something inside of ourselves will be blocking this.

Maybe it is a subconscious belief that you are not worthy, you are not good enough, or you are not deserving. Maybe you have a belief that money is bad.

Whatever it is, it is your subconscious mind and your beliefs that is stopping the flow coming towards you.

So the next question is; Can you change this?

The answer is YES and we need to find out the beliefs that are stopping the good things from flowing to you and change them.

You need to be fully active in your desires of what you are attracting. What I mean by this is your conscious, subconscious mind and the universe have to be congruent. You need to want, believe and know you deserve the good things and then TAKE action to get the good things.

When the book ‘The Secret’ came out it taught us the law of attraction and it lead us to believe that all you had to do was say positive words and tell the universe what you wanted and you will have the life you dream of.

Unfortunately this is only half of the story. I would like to give you an example;

If I sat in a room and meditated every day for a week and asked the universe if I could win the lottery on Saturday, do you think it would be possible? I would sit 18 hours a day for 7 days. How likely it is that I would win? The answer is ZERO. Just sitting meditating on its own will put me in a better vibration to be able to attract the money BUT did I take action? Did I actually go to the shop and BUY the ticket? Did I really show the universe what I truly wanted? What was my mind telling me? Was it saying I am wasting my money? Was it telling me that I never win anything? Was it saying that I am so unlucky?

So knowing this is how the universe works, what would I need to change?

I would still have to get into the right vibration, I would have to buy a ticket to have a chance to win, I would have to believe that I deserved the money, that I was worthy, that money is good etc. I would have to FEEL with EVERY cell in my body that it is going to happen. I would have NO self sabotage going on and then maybe this will be my time. You see the universe is not ruled by time like we are.

We think that if we do some good today, we will get good come straight back to us today. This is not how the universe works. This is why doing as mentioned above does not guarantee you a lottery ticket. What it does guarantee you of is, if you practice this daily, abundance HAS to come into your life.

It means you have worked through your abundance blocks and at some point you will get an abundance of money coming to you.

This works in all areas of your life. Money, Love, Relationships, Career, Friendship, Family etc. Good things can happen to ALL of us if we work towards getting rid of the blocks that are holding us back.

Do you want to release your blocks? I would LOVE to help you. If you need to get some clarity about what your beliefs are saying about you, and what you are attracting into your life, I will be happy to work with you and we can uncover them together.


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Tara – She Came Looking For Me – Part 2

Saturday rolls around. We have dinner again, same great conversation. She asks if we could go back to my place.


Same thing– shirt comes off… we start making out, she backs up and mentions the “3rd date” policy. No problem! Let’s call it a night. She says she wants to see me again… Next Saturday. It’s a date, I say!

(For me the 3rd date rule is absolute ignorant nonsense, but given the circumstances I’ll let this one slide.)

Next Saturday rolls around. It’s raining. She says she doesn’t want to make the 35-40 minute drive out to my place. Can we push to Wednesday? Sure… No problem.

Wednesday arrives. She’s sick. Can we push to Saturday? She says, “I swear, we’re going to get together on Saturday! Don’t hate me!”

Ohhkay. I’m starting to get a bit bothered by her kicking the can down the road. We stay in touch that week, and I mention that I’d like to cook for her. She says that sounds awesome. That Saturday morning, I go to a Farmer’s Market and buy a bunch of top-notch produce and steaks. I think I drop probably $100. I wind up scoring a couple of nice bottles of wine, too. I text her around noon, and let her know I’m excited about tonight. I’m supposed to pick her up at 5:00.

No response. I wait an hour and text again.


Wait another hour, text, no response. WTF?

Finally, at 4:30, she calls me. She says she’s not ready for a relationship, and she wants to cancel the date.

…Gee, thanks. You couldn’t have told me that maybe a week ago, or at any point before you said you’d like me to cook for you, and I spent over $100 on stuff to do it?

This sucks. I wind up inviting a platonic friend over, cooking for her, and we wind up playing games. The night wasn’t a loss due to Tara cancelling, but it certainly wasn’t the night I’d hoped for. I was a bit miffed over the way she cancelled, so I unfriended her on Facebook. I thought that was going to be the end of it. I didn’t hate her or anything, but I wasn’t really interested in staying connected to her after her abrupt cancellation and lack of an apology.

A few months later, she messages me. Not even a “how are you,” or anything. She asks if I happen to have a cell phone that works on the Sprint network. As a matter of fact, I did. I tell her that if she can make the drive down to my neck of the woods, we can meet up, and I’d give it to her. She says that the doctor changed her glasses prescription, and she can’t really drive at night, the only time she’s free. I tell her that I could mail it to her if she wanted to send me the money to mail it. She says, “I would, but I’m flat broke right now.”

Fine… whatever. It’s $5 to throw the thing in a box and send it to her. I’ve already got bubble wrap and stuff, no big deal. I’ll get to it when I get to it. She proceeds to pester me every day for the next few days:

“Is it in the mail? What’s the tracking number? When am I going to get the phone? I really, really, really need that phone.”

Damn… chill out! I said I’d get to it when I get to it. Finally, I mail the damn thing off. She gets it the next day, according to the tracking number. Do I even get a “thanks”?

Hell no.

Okay, so she’s starting to turn out like she’s a user. She’s not getting 3 strikes with me. I block her on Facebook, but I forget: I still have her number, and she has mine.

About a year later, I catch wind that she got pregnant by a guy who bailed. Sucks for her, I guess, but then out of the blue I get this gem of a text message:

“Can you send me $25 via PayPal? I really need to buy my baby diapers.”

Uhh… how about no? I don’t want to be ugly, but I tell her that after that cancelled date and not even getting a thanks for sending her that phone, which I didn’t have to do, I have a really bad taste in my mouth from her. I said I didn’t appreciate it how the only time I hear from her is when she needs something.

She has the nerve to get indignant and say that I’m heartless for not helping her with her baby. I’m not having it. I just block her number and get on with my life.

So much for all of the excitement of a missed connection from several years ago, eh?


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