Do Not Marry The Guy Who Has These Habits

When you are in love you can’t think of any thing other than getting married to the person you love. Marriage is the destination of love. It doesn’t matter if you are madly in love with someone but if your man possesses these habits then it will be difficult for you both to stay in a long-lasting relationship.

Some habits just aren’t good for your relationship. Keep scrolling to know about habits and find out if you should marry your man.

1. More Focused On Work:

This won’t go well after you marry him. Soon after marriage, there is a steep rise in responsibilities and if he isn’t giving time to you right now then what do you expect in the future.

2. Abusive, Disrespectful And Heartless.

This is a perfect sign to deny marriage. If he is a cold blooded man who often abuses you and even beats you then fly away from the relationship. Do not stick around such disrespectful person and do not even think to marry him.

3. Often Breaks Promises.

Although promises are meant to be broken but there is a limit. If someone starts playing with the emotions behind the promises you make then this isn’t good.

4. Too Clingy

If your man is clingy do not marry him. A clingy boyfriend will eat your entire personal space and will stick around you as a gummy bear. This kind of guy won’t stick around for lifetime once he feels you want personal space.

5. He Is A Narcissist.

In a Greek Mythology, Narcissus was a person who thought he was perfect and fell in love with his beauty. As he couldn’t even leave his reflection behind, he tried to snatch it and drowned in water. So if your man feels he is perfect so tell him he isn’t perfect for marriage.

6. Does Not Forgot The Old Argument.

This type of behavior isn’t good. If he is not letting go the old arguments then he isn’t worth marrying for.

7. Once A Cheater.

Well, forgiveness doesn’t always work. If he has cheated once chance is he will do it again and very soon. So stay away.

8. Immature And Can’t Take Decisions.

Immaturity isn’t cute when it comes to marriage. Immature guys never become good husbands as they aren’t able to take bold decisions.

9. Not Serious About The Relationship.

Why are you still into the relationship then? Run for your freedom


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What Kind Of Women Do Men Like?

In the modern world it is difficult to be a woman weak and successful at the same time. Attitude to the strong and intelligent representatives of the weaker sex of the society is twofold and often surrounded by myths.

Here are some of them:

Myth 1. Men like weak women.

In fact, men like strong and confident women. Because the power itself is sexual, and multiplied by femininity and beauty, it becomes an impeccable weapon of seduction. A decent man can fall in love only with the woman he is able to respect and at the same time feel comfortable with it! And this is possible only with a self-assured woman who is inwardly at peace and content with herself and with her life. It is necessary to demonstrate not its material independence, but to show the man his emotional and psychological stamina, the ability to behave slightly “down” in his wisdom and self-esteem.

Men do not like the metamorphosis that happens to beautiful ladies when they fall in love. Beautiful, self-sufficient women suddenly turn into clamped, anxious, ingratiating loving fools, forgetting that they fell in love with them independent and successful for their originality and strength of character. And all because there is an opinion in society that in order to please a man, one must be forgivingly kind, tender-sweet, compliant and slightly stupid .. In the hope of creating a “love nest” with a suitable male and for fear of losing a promising relationship , women start to pretend and forget that in relations the one who overacts is losing!

Of course, the role of the “romantic child” also sometimes needs to be included, especially in the period of flirting or when one wants to ask for something, to fool around, to provoke the man’s emotions, the instinct of the defender, but one must remain at the same time: a worthy woman, with an inner core, with her own principles, plans and high self-esteem.

The main thing to remember, men like not weak women, and those who know how to seem weak!

Myth 2. Strong women need weak men.

It is believed that self-sufficient and successful women need to choose themselves partners of men weaker or Alfonso, so that there is no struggle for power in the relationship. Probably, every woman should make her own choice, but any woman, no matter how courageous she did not seem to others, I want to have a reliable man’s shoulder and partner who sincerely admire. Therefore, the bar is not to be understated, but it is necessary to learn behavioral flexibility.

It must be understood that at home the iron ladies should turn into domestic cats. In communication with men, change the intellectual habits of wisdom; knowledge of intuition; and on a hard cam wear a soft glove of flattery and tenderness. Using your mind and charisma you need to learn how to be a “three in one” woman: mother, friend, and hetaerae. It’s these women like strong men – different! And only intelligent women are capable of combining incompatible.

Still remember, the female initiative of the attitude kills, namely its presence distinguishes strong women from less self-confident, so pass it to the man! Let him have the feeling that he is leading, that he is the boss! A wise woman will manage to bring her beloved to the right decision. For example, you want to go to an Italian restaurant today, which opened next to your house. You can say: “Darling, so I want pizza … By the way, did you see an Italian restaurant opened? A neighbor said that there is a great cuisine! “Anticipated reaction:” Let’s go there! “And you:” What an amazing idea! With pleasure, dear! ”

Often caress the male rumor with the phrase: “As you say, dear!” – … .After it you can do as you see fit.

Refuse the desire to prove something, persuade and justify. Forget about ultimatums, threats, “arrivals” and any manifestation of aggression: these are all signs of male behavior. Resentment, tears, sadness, ignoring – much more effective in dealing with men.

Allow yourself to sometimes pokapriznichat, especially when you are sick, ask for his advice, ask for help and favors – let your small female weaknesses awake in him a defender, a mentor and a rescuer – a strong man!

Myth 3. Men like silly women.

From time to time pretend to be a silly little one is one thing, and constantly being a fool is an amateur. And such, of course, are: complex and short-sighted men like to appear against the background of such girls educated and intelligent. But a man who respects himself chooses his partner for other parameters. He will be happy if next to him is the one with whom you can talk about everything in the world, get from her a wise woman’s advice and support, and not an infantile cute doll. Although the intellect does not exclude beauty, and beauty does not exclude grooming!

No matter how intelligent the woman was, it’s not worth squeamishly refusing cosmetics and beautiful outfits designed to exacerbate primitive sexual instincts – because an intelligent girl should use everything for her own good.


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