8 Ways Men Who Don’t Cheat Are Different From The Rest

Cheating is the eternal pain for many people who want to experience a sincere form of love and some people feel completely destroyed after being cheated on. The truth is, cheating is not limited to men only – everybody does it.

However, most commonly, the label ‘cheater’ falls onto men (for whatever reason) and you can often hear the saying “All men are the same.” But are they? Thank God not.

While there are men who simply don’t know how to remain faithful (and while the reasons for cheating can be many) – one thing is certain: not all men cheat. And those who don’t are indeed different in many ways from those who tend to cheat and scour for excuses afterward.

Here’s how they differ.

1. Evolved way beyond their primal urges

Sexual attraction, the subconscious desire to reproduce, and so on, are primal urges that have been programmed in our brains for the continuation of the human race. And you might even hear that monogamy is not a natural thing for humans.

Whatever the case though, these men have evolved beyond all that and know that sex is basic, while the connection they can create with one person is much, much better. For these men, monogamy is a choice they gladly make.

2. Grown past the need to count their sex encounters

The insecurity that is booming from the men who cheat is the same that makes them think that conquering another girl’s bed will make them manlier. This is childish, though, and men who don’t like cheating know this. They have all the self-esteem they need and they don’t need trivial sex encounters to boost it.

3. Valuing their reputation

While cheaters build their reputation on being the ‘bad boy’ and the “object of desire” of many women, this is actually quite repelling and a thing that good men see as a complete destruction of one’s reputation.

The thing is, integrity is one of the most important traits a person should possess, and these men wouldn’t ruin theirs even if they could get away with it. They will either be with the person they love, or they would openly tell them that it’s not working out.

4. Never taking the easy way out

Men can be real cowards when it comes to simply stating if a relationship is not working or that they have fallen out of love. And some choose to cheat as an easy way out. That way, the other person will have the final say in it, and they will be free to roam.

However, good men will never choose this way – they will try to find a way to discuss the issues that trouble the relationship or simply confess that they don’t feel in love anymore and that it would be better if they went their separate ways. They don’t string their partners and they don’t act single while they’re still in a relationship.

5. Appreciating what they have

Many men take their relationships for granted. Well, not these guys – they appreciate the connection and the person they are with (otherwise, they wouldn’t waste their time on it). Good men know what it means to be with a person who is ready to give their best, and they like to reciprocate.

6. Respecting themselves and their relationship

Cheating on a partner means a lack of respect not only for the partner but for the relationship as a whole. And that, in turn, means a lack of respect for oneself. I mean, why would you get into a thing you are ready to degrade?

Men who don’t like cheating know that cheating is disrespectful to every element of the relationship they chose to be in and shows just how little they appreciate their choice.

7. Valuing love over carnal pleasures

Love is the highest form of connection, and good men know that there is nothing more important than love. Some fleeting experiences that can easily turn into bitter regret for nothing? Why waste your time on trying to feel good with a stranger when you have someone who you can be most comfortable with?

Men who don’t like to cheat will never feel satisfied with a quick and easily forgettable experience, especially if that means sacrificing all the feelings they have for that one special person in their life.

8. Cheating is a waste of time

There are so many ways to spend your time, and these men don’t see cheating as one of the options. The truth is, we are all so very busy – so why waste precious moments of your time doing things that bring no lasting enjoyment?

Good men like to spend their free time with the person they learned to love and share every experience with. Time is a treasure that we need to spend wisely, not on some pointless activities that lead to nowhere.

And if you have a man like this, know that you should NEVER think of cheating on him. Not only will this break his trust in you, but he’ll start perceiving you as something he’d never like to turn into (even if he forgave you).

If there is something that’s troubling you, these men are ready to work things out and discuss the issue. These men are mature and sensible, so it’s better that you learn to communicate with them on that level.


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Ambria – Chapter 18 – Not So Easy Come, But Easy Go

“Aww shucks, I made other plans.”

After the crazy sex over the 4th of July weekend, I was sort of relieved we finally got that part over with in our relationship. I know she was really after it for a while leading up to it. When I think back on it, we were talking about sex on our second date! I was the one who wanted to wait and get to know her before I let the bullets fly. But she had been after me sexually for a while. I could just tell that when she was with me she was always wanting sex.

Now I know most of you are out there thinking… Oh, nice problem to have, pal. But think about it. I’ve already got a girlfriend. I love Cherie. But I felt and instant mental and emotional connection with Ambria. (On the very first date no less.) I mean, I guess I had that with Cherie too, but this was just a whole different vibe. But a good vibe!

But, wouldn’t a hopeless romantic write a dating blog? That’s what I do. I love writing about life, romance and love. I’m not out there trying to bang a bunch of women. I love women. I’m just not that kind of guy.

Never been.

Could I have had intimate relations with Ambria long ago? Absolutely. There was a couple of times when she asked me to just come home with her. I always refused. It’s not until she lured me to the shore that she knew it was do or die for sex, because there was only one bed and we both really dug each other, so all the sex happened.

I’d been nervous about it before it happened. New girl. New place. The moral issues? Not so much. I wasn’t so much as… should I do it? It was more, could I withstand it. Could I maintain the two relationships, and hold it all together?

I did love the thrill of it, but I also liked that Ambria filled in the necessary gaps that Cherie did not. Did I have to have sex with Ambria? Well yea, of course I had to consummate the bond. She was clear that she wanted to get it on with me.

My girlfriend Cherie is a sexual animal. Our sex is mind-bending and some of the best I’ve ever experienced, but I don’t get to see Cherie that much because of our schedules. We’re both really busy and I get it. But lately when I do see her it’s just for an overnight, or a few hours. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m fine with it. A young chick that swings down and bangs the hell out of you and then leaves? Awesome. But I wanted to go hang out and play with Cherie. Go on dates. See movies together, go out to dinner. But like I said, lately she just hasn’t been around and Ambria was there to do all the fun lunches, movies, food and drinks for a while there.


But here’s the weird part.

Last week I asked Ambria out to the movies for Monday. We’ve been to the matinée twice and Monday is our day to play hookie and do that. She tells me she can’t because she has a medical conference to attend. No problem. Saw all of her over the holiday weekend and still good with the all the hot sex. Shit happens. Even in her text she was like, “Darn medical conference!”

No worries. I can always find something else to do.

But let’s look at the texts after our little holiday together.

7/4 – Abria: “I made it home in one piece. Thank you for being my travel companion. I had a great time!!”

7/4 – Me: “Me too! Enjoy the rest of the holiday!”


7/5 – Me: Happy Monday. Hope it went well. You’re on my mind.

7/5 – Ambria: Hey there, my message didn’t send. Happy Monday. Yes I had some thoughts as well.”

7/5 – Me: “I loved my time with you dear.”


7/7 – Me: Happy Friday!

7/7 – Ambria: Happy Friday, kind Sir to you…!

7/7 – Me: “Thanks!”

7/7 – Me: “Want to do movie, and then wine and noodles at Dan Dan on Monday?”

7/7 – Ambria: I can’t I have a medical conference I have to go to (sad face).

7/7 – Me: “I’ll miss seeing you.”

7/7 – Ambria: I know. Damn medical conference!


7/8 – Me: “Happy Friday!”

7/8 – Ambria: “Good afternoon, Happy damn Friday to you!!!”

7/8 – Me: “Yay!”


7/9 – Me: “Have a Nice Day!”

This is where I think something changed…

7/9 – Ambria:  “You too, thank you.”


7/10 – Me: “”Happy Hump Day!”


9 hours later I text her a sad-faced emoji…

7/11 – Ambria: Hey there. (Emoji that just has eyes, no mouth.)


7/12 – Me: “Where ya been dear?”

7/12 – Ambria: “Been a busy week both working and being out. How about you?”

7/12 – Me: “Me too but mostly work stuff. (Bold faced lie)


7/14 – Me: Want to do movie, wine, and noodles at Dan Dan on Monday? (She LOVES the noodles at Dan Dan)

7/14 – Ambria: “Aww shucks, I can’t I have plans already.”


I didn’t respond. The writing’s on the wall.


I think it’s over.


I can understand the medical conference. But after you’ve had sex with someone it sort of cements the relationship. If on your next day off you have you make other plans and they’re not with that person, something’s wrong. We’re adults. She should have said something to me. If it’s something I did I’ll own up to it. We seemed really compatible, but who knows what’s going on in her head.

It could be one or a few things:

  1. She’s met someone else and is moving forward with them.
  2. Maybe she was just horny and needed sex, and once she got it she moved on to other prey. (Highly doubt this one)
  3. Because the train (her orgasm) never arrived at the station over the 4th of July with me, that’s a deal breaker. (That’s a stretch, because she said it was in her head and had nothing to do with me. Also, there are some women who just can’t get off with a man, they can only orgasm on their own.)
  4. I don’t pay enough attention to her. (ie: texting more often, making an effort to visit her in her neck of the woods, chatting on the phone, etc.

I’d also like to hear from my readers what their thoughts are on this subject.

So like I said, I didn’t respond. I’d be interested to find out which one of the above it is that caused her to fade out, but maybe I never will.

Here’s the thing. I guess I’ve been at this dating thing for so long I’ve become a little jaded. I enjoyed my time with Ambria, but if this is the end, so be it. I was just filling the holes that Cherie was leaving in my relationship with her. (No pun intended)

“Why chase her when I’m clearly the catch?”

Maybe based on her inability to climax during our little romp in Atlantic City last week, I should have entitled this piece: Uneasy Cum, Easy Go.



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