Michelle – Chapter – 20 – Vanishing

To know who this person is to me you should read her series. (See: Michelle – 2007 to Present – A Brand New Day)

Ever since Michelle left for San Francisco back in 2014 she has stayed in touch with me. She got engaged. Stayed in touch with me. Got married. Stayed in touch with me. This has been going on for years. Anytime she rolls back to the east coast for the holidays we usually meet up even if it’s just for a few hours.

The thing is, her husband doesn’t know any of this.

They were boyfriend and girlfriend since the age of 15. She and Dave broke up back somewhere back around 2005. She needed something more and he liked to smoke weed. She left Delaware and moved to Philly and took a job at a local media company. Around 2007 they were obviously both out of options and were trying to get back together. I rolled into town from New York and killed that little plan. (Read her Series!) After a struggle Michelle became my girlfriend and we moved in together. That lasted a couple of years, and she being 17 years younger than me and turning 30, realized I wasn’t going to marry her or give her kids. So she was out. But she moved 4 blocks away and we hung out as friends every other weekend for another 3 years.

I get a girlfriend, (See: Anabelle 2013 to 2014 – Nice to Meet You) and she drifts back to  Dave after over a decade. He’s grown into the man she hoped he’d become and they’re going to get back together. He now lives in the San Francisco area for a major home remodeling company.

They get back together. She quits her job, and flies to California. They move in together. A year later they’re engaged and a year or so after that they get married. Happily ever after. I’m sure the pitter patter of little feet can’t be far behind.

But all of this time Dave thinks I’m ancient history. But I’m not because Michelle can’t let me go as a friend. She doesn’t want to cut off a dear and beloved friend just because her husband doesn’t get it. But I’ve looked at this from several different perspectives. Marriage is built on trust. If she’s committed to him she should cut me off. I’m fine with it. I had a great time with her. No one can ever take our memories away from us. And now that they’ve been immortalized in cyberspace on this blog. We get to live forever.

I get texts from her every week since 2014! It’s 2018! That’s Michelle staying in touch with me for years. I’m a well kept secret. Michelle is proud of her cunning. She’s technically not doing anything wrong in my book. We’re not sexting or keeping in touch to have an affair. We’re certainly not trying to get back together. We were friends longer than we were lovers and I actually prefer that. Love is sometimes based on lust, romance and passion. Friendship is built on trust, respect and durability. So there’s no funny stuff between us. Just two old friends keeping in touch and knowing what’s going on in each other’s lives.

Every week she checks in. Every week, sometimes several times a week.


Then, about a month ago… Radio silence.


Just gone. Not a peep for a month.

A few things could have occurred.

Dave found out and put the kibosh on it and they are fighting about it. So I’m cut off for good. I get that.

She’s so busy in her job now that she doesn’t have to fuck around at work and text her little buddy in Philly anymore. I get that too.

Maybe she got pregnant and realized that she needs to focus on her marriage and forthcoming child and shouldn’t be chatting with me anymore. Leave the past in the past.

If anyone reading this has any other suggestions as to what it could be please leave it in comments.

I’ve been GHOSTED!


 Have a great week!


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