Shayada – Sunday Girl

I had been texting Shayada since she got back from her wellness retreat. I was trying to set up a time when we could hang out. She’s only available on weekends, and I work all weekend. Saturday, 11-5 and Sunday, 11-4. I offered up time after work and she said Sunday would probably be better. I told her that would be great. She said she would let me know.

I know Shayada is just looking for new friends and I’m fine with that. I like meeting new people and her being a parent and an author is a good match. She owns her own business and soon so will I. She’s visited the salon and the gym so she knows I’m legit. I need to hang out with people of like mind that are entrepreneurial like myself.

I’m keeping this one completely platonic. I’m sure she’ll want that too. So I’m all for hanging out with her when she says that it could happen, and is also flexible with my schedule.

But I’ve been texting my girlfriend Cherie and she says she wants to come down on Sunday around 5pm for a few hours. So when I get the text Sunday from Shayada to ask what I want to do when she comes to the city, I tell her my friend is going through some marital problems with his wife and really needs my help, so I have to spend time with him. (Bold faced lie)

If you tell people you can’t hang out with them because you’re helping a friend in need it creates the illusion that you are a good person. They’ll be cool with letting you off the hook, and may even like you more the next time they see you because you’re such a selfless, “good person.”

So I’ll see if I can catch up with Shayada next time!





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