Reasons Why Men Blame A Woman For Breakup

When men are in a relationship, things change for them. In fact, they change for good themselves. But at times, it so happens that a certain woman drives them crazy. Crazy and mad enough that they not only breakup but also blame her for everything. This goes vice versa as well. It is important to understand that a relationship is not everything, there is life beyond that as well. There is a reason the words personal space exist. People need to be more understanding and open about such things. A relationship will last only when both the parties are willing to put in equal effort and acknowledge each other’s work.

Reasons Why Men Blame A Woman For Breakup

1. The drama done by woman

Women are way more dramatic than men. And guys are not always able to cope with this melodramatic personality. And hence, comes breakup.

2. Exes

Yes, a woman, when with a guy hates his exes and blame them for everything. This seriously makes the guy go crazy.

3. “Let’s sleep through the problem”

The worst thing anyone can ever do. This goes for both the genders. Rather than blaming each other later, it’s good to sort out the issues then and there.

4. The game of perfection

Ladies want their guy to be perfect in ways they want. The word adjustment at times does not mean a thing. This is why guys blame their partners when things go wrong.

5. Reading between the lines

Woman, you need to stop reading between every line a guy says. Not everything is hidden. Trust them else you will end up having a breakup.

6. The blame game of putting in less effort

Sometimes, the effort guys put in are less in comparison to what a woman expects. This whole thing gets messed up with time.

7. “Your life is totally mine”

The concept of personal space doesn’t really suit everybody. And they tend to get in your life so much that you run away and blame them for it.

8. Getting completely dependent

A woman at times, get totally dependent on men when in a relationship and this freaks guys out. Which in turn leads to a breakup.

9. The clash between feminism and Chivalry

Okay, this is way more complicated than it sounds. It’s better to leave it here and let people discuss this.

10. Happily ever after

Girls believe in these things way more than guys. But when life hits hard, they don’t really are left with a choice. And this makes men mad and they leave.

11. The whole ‘The One’ thing

To be honest, most girls believe in the guy being ‘the one’ for them quickly. And men generally don’t. This leads to a clash and then the relationship comes to an end.

12. The money blame

Probably one of the biggest reason behind every fight. This does not even need an explanation.

13. The dominating nature

The headline is enough in itself. And indeed, this is one strong reason to blame women for a breakup.

14. Losing their identity

When men fall in love, they fall for the person she is. But when she starts investing too much time and end up losing herself, guys give up.

15. Men have to guess what’s wrong

Let me honest here, women are complicated and they don’t really tell what’s wrong. So, guys, with no other choice are left with the game of guessing. And when they terrible fail, the end result is a breakup.

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Molly – Hot Mess

I worked with a woman who had a daughter who would regularly stop into work and talk with me about music. She seemed cute and nerdy, which is just one of my many  types. After months of dreaming about dating her I took a shot and finally asked her out. I was amazed when she said “Sure!”

I wanted to make a great first impression with this girl. Since I felt I knew her music tastes a bit, I plunked down $200 for some tickets to see a band she loved. She was over the moon when I told her about them. Unfortunately, the date didn’t go as planned.

6:00pm – We stop at a coffee place I picked and have a few drinks. After talking for 15 minutes, I noticed she seemed a bit uncomfortable. When I asked why, she commented that the place seemed “too white” for her. Note: We are both white.

7:00pm – We arrive and suddenly have to meet up with some of her friends. I hadn’t been told this was the plan prior to arriving at the venue. We find the table where her friends are located and she proceeds to talk with them without introducing me to any of them. I sit at the table for the next hour, ignored until her friends decide to leave.

8:15pm – Molly decides the show is boring, and she wants to leave. She asks the waiter for the check. When it arrives, she hands it over to me and says “Sorry, I have no money.” The check includes drinks from some of her friends. I point this out. She says “Oh, wow. They must have forgotten! You can pay it and I’ll have them pay you back.”

To avoid a scene, I pay the tab.

8:30pm – My date wants to find a place to talk. I say to myself “OK, maybe she’s changing things up here because things were kind of slow at the concert.” I give her another chance and take her where she wants to go.

9:00pm – She directs us to a corner bar that has no signage on the outside and looks rather run down. When we walk in I noticed there is a hole in the wall and the floors look like they haven’t been cleaned in a decade. She runs to the bar where a group of guys are and screams “What’s up faggots!”. They all greet her with hugs. One of them picks her up and lifts her, while I stand there awkwardly watching.

After standing there for a few minutes, she decides to find a place to sit where her guy friends are. I’m still standing because there is no room at the bar. She doesn’t even look at me, and for all anybody knows, I just walked in behind this girl and don’t know her at all.

9:15pm – My “date” finally realizes I’m just awkwardly standing there. She tells me to pull up a chair. I find one and do so. We start to chat a bit. She tells me who all the guys at the bar are, and details how she has had a relationship with almost all of them.

9:30pm – I’m hanging by a thread. A new bartender walks in and hugs my date. I’m thinking how this may be the last straw. But she turns to me and says “This is my Cousin!”. Ahh!! OK. That’s fine then. It’s family, not so awkward. We continue talking 1 on 1 and we’re actually starting to break the ice a bit.

10:00pm – I notice that she’s watching her cousin intently as he is serving drinks. Every once in a while he stops over and chats a bit. On about the 4th visit as he walks away, she looks right at his ass and says “If you weren’t my cousin, I would so take that shit!”.

I’m officially done after that statement. I tell her I need to get home. She can either come with me or stay. Thankfully she decided she would stay. Since she didn’t have any money, I’m not sure how she handled the bill after I left. Don’t know. Don’t care. One more hot mess avoided.


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