Molly – Hot Mess

I worked with a woman who had a daughter who would regularly stop into work and talk with me about music. She seemed cute and nerdy, which is just one of my many  types. After months of dreaming about dating her I took a shot and finally asked her out. I was amazed when she said “Sure!”

I wanted to make a great first impression with this girl. Since I felt I knew her music tastes a bit, I plunked down $200 for some tickets to see a band she loved. She was over the moon when I told her about them. Unfortunately, the date didn’t go as planned.

6:00pm – We stop at a coffee place I picked and have a few drinks. After talking for 15 minutes, I noticed she seemed a bit uncomfortable. When I asked why, she commented that the place seemed “too white” for her. Note: We are both white.

7:00pm – We arrive and suddenly have to meet up with some of her friends. I hadn’t been told this was the plan prior to arriving at the venue. We find the table where her friends are located and she proceeds to talk with them without introducing me to any of them. I sit at the table for the next hour, ignored until her friends decide to leave.

8:15pm – Molly decides the show is boring, and she wants to leave. She asks the waiter for the check. When it arrives, she hands it over to me and says “Sorry, I have no money.” The check includes drinks from some of her friends. I point this out. She says “Oh, wow. They must have forgotten! You can pay it and I’ll have them pay you back.”

To avoid a scene, I pay the tab.

8:30pm – My date wants to find a place to talk. I say to myself “OK, maybe she’s changing things up here because things were kind of slow at the concert.” I give her another chance and take her where she wants to go.

9:00pm – She directs us to a corner bar that has no signage on the outside and looks rather run down. When we walk in I noticed there is a hole in the wall and the floors look like they haven’t been cleaned in a decade. She runs to the bar where a group of guys are and screams “What’s up faggots!”. They all greet her with hugs. One of them picks her up and lifts her, while I stand there awkwardly watching.

After standing there for a few minutes, she decides to find a place to sit where her guy friends are. I’m still standing because there is no room at the bar. She doesn’t even look at me, and for all anybody knows, I just walked in behind this girl and don’t know her at all.

9:15pm – My “date” finally realizes I’m just awkwardly standing there. She tells me to pull up a chair. I find one and do so. We start to chat a bit. She tells me who all the guys at the bar are, and details how she has had a relationship with almost all of them.

9:30pm – I’m hanging by a thread. A new bartender walks in and hugs my date. I’m thinking how this may be the last straw. But she turns to me and says “This is my Cousin!”. Ahh!! OK. That’s fine then. It’s family, not so awkward. We continue talking 1 on 1 and we’re actually starting to break the ice a bit.

10:00pm – I notice that she’s watching her cousin intently as he is serving drinks. Every once in a while he stops over and chats a bit. On about the 4th visit as he walks away, she looks right at his ass and says “If you weren’t my cousin, I would so take that shit!”.

I’m officially done after that statement. I tell her I need to get home. She can either come with me or stay. Thankfully she decided she would stay. Since she didn’t have any money, I’m not sure how she handled the bill after I left. Don’t know. Don’t care. One more hot mess avoided.


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